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Death wish

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" sometimes everything doesn't always seem the way they are , but what they are made to be seen as " . Micah Forbes moves to the States with his mother and brother following the wishes of his father before his death. Ken has always been in the shadows fulfilling the last wishes of a dying man . Maybe Mr.Forbes' death wasn't natural as they deemed it to be ... but what they couldn't see past the normal eye . What happens when the successor and the protector meet at the crossroads of destiny....of course the markings weren't there just for fun.

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The sun rays seeped into the room kissing me on the lips , filling me with vitamin d .Mom says I should get a tan for my pale skin , urg.. but I hate exposures , okay not really ... I'm just lazy .

This morning would have been perfect if we weren't going to the states permanently.
Today is Dad's anniversary and i'm most definitely trying not to be sad. I glanced at the picture frame on the bedpost , I miss him so much .

Sadly I have to hurry or else mom's gonna freak out if she finds out i'm not getting ready. I waddled into my spacious bathroom and stood in front of the mirror . I always wondered how I had my very , and when I mean very , my very feminine face and body despite mom being a model and all it always didn't suit right since I was a guy .

" Micah , you coming" ... and that's my cue .
"mom in a giffy " I replied to mom.
" You better hurry honey the fact that our flight is private doesn't mean you can laze your ass off " she grumbled , okay now she's in my room .

" Yes ma'am " I shot back.

" Princess you know I hate it when you call me ma'am " of course I knew , giving the number of lectures she gave us when a guy called her that at the annual festival at Madrid. O man she really gave it to him...it was so funny what that guy had to endure with my mom's rant ...but I guess that didn't deter him cos he tried to hit on her after and that resulted to a burst lip from Liam...that was so funny , ugh at least I think so ...

I hurried and brushed my sensitive teeth , maybe I'll use the floss later ...or maybe not . I entered the shower and sprayed my body with the cold water , I always had an affinity with the cold water , never got why cos everyone loves the hot water . As the water snaked across my skin I traced my markings across my neck to my belly .

When they started to appear I freaked out , it was a couple of weeks after dad's death , they started from my right shoulder blade to my side spreading across my lower stomach. The first marking hurt like a bitch , but the funny part was it made me moan from the orgasmic pleasure when I traced my fingers on them after they were made.

I didn't loath them actually , I strangely liked them , they were like thorns wrapped around me ... beautiful .

Okay if I don't stop this poetic bullshit mom's going be pissed .

I wrapped the towel around my chest and stepped into my room . " Micah you know you're a guy right " Kris , my younger brother said laying on my bed reading the latest Vogue magazine ."

Fuck off Kris , who said only girls could wrap towels around their bre.. well chest .I always feel half naked whenever I wrap my towel around my waist leaving my chest engraved with my markings exposed.
I took a seat in front of my vanity and started to get ready .

" Kris I hope you've heard of privacy" I asked applying the lotion to my legs .

" Nope , princess " he rolled his eyes , getting up .

" Well you better search for it and leave me to dress " I shot back .I got a smirk and that evoked a smile out of me . I love my brother a lot even though he acts all grown up on me . I guess he was taller than me at 5'8 whilst am 5'7 , yeah just an inch difference which he makes sure to remind me of every now and then.
I got myself black jeans with a blue turtle neck and vans. I brushed through my shoulder length platinum blonde hair and applied some mascara . I moistened my lips and stood up . I looked at my room for one last time , fuck I'll miss this place a lot .

I have tons of memories here , sleepovers with Candace, Cameron and Lauren, a lot of hugs and other emotional rides , right here .

I'll miss my purple vanity the most and my spacious bathroom , hell it's so spacious . But I guess Thomas our butler can manage till we come for vacations here and other holidays.

" I can't wait to see Liam " I muttered to my self ,smiling as I descended the stairs to the lounge . Mom was on a call and Kris was nowhere to be found .....okayyy .

" Princess , finally !" Mom exclaimed coming over to place a kiss on my forehead . Why do I always have to be the shortest in this family , even mom was quite tall for a woman at 5'9.And Kris is not done growing .

" Madam please we're all set " Thomas announced his presence .I reached over and hugged the life out of him , he's been a father , grandfather and brother figure in our lives.

" Thomas i'm going to miss you so much " I croaked out , my eyes shut to prevent the tears from flowing .

" Aye lad i'm just right here whenever you come to England" he smiled at me and I returned it despite the sea of emotions flowing through me . I nodded and detached myself from him . When I turned to mom Kris had returned . We headed outside and got into the car our chauffeur already in position .

Well I guess this is goodbye I thought looking at my home for like ... all my life . We had other houses in the States , Madrid and Milan...but this was home it always has been .

Q : So what's your zodiac , mine is Sagittarius.

Feel free to point out mistakes , you can privately text me too @ _a.nettie on my Instagram. I can also be an ear to rant your problems to . I've gotten a lot of friends from that , so feel free . Till the next update ..bye .

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