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Death wish

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Chapter 2 Here

We made it to the airport in record time because of mom's colleague Amanda and Brandon , my love , my favorite uncle , calling him uncle has always been weird since he looks so fucking young .

They were traveling with us , which Kris hated very much but couldn't say much about.

I looked at the empty runway and the private jet and wondered to my self if I really wanted to leave England ... absolutely not .

I hated changes ..more like startovers , I hated anything that didn't go according to my plan .I wasn't a perfectionist for sure but i'm damn sure I loved to know how things went , for short ...I loathed uncertainties.

And that's what you mostly get with new places , they're just so full of uncertainties and somewhat surprises ...which i'm also not a fun of .

Brandon and Amanda were already waiting for us , Amanda was in a burgundy suit with black pumps , her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail , damn this woman is so confiscated with her dressing which is in a very contrasting pose to her behavior ... she was very friendly.

" My Isabelle you're looking amazing as always" she grinned strolling to my mother's side .

" O please , just look at you dressed like you're going to close a deal or something " mom said returning her hug .

" Well micah and Kris are going to chew me alive if we don't get in now" Brandon snagged out finishing his phone call . He came over to hug me , and I returned it happily ,

Brandon was a very interesting character but I love accompanying him to his shopping sprees whenever he's going through a break-up , and honestly they're a lot .

" Broer hoe gaat het , het spigt me" mom said to Brandon (brother how are you , i'm sorry ).mom came over to Brandon .

Brandon lost his latest and serious boyfriend to a drunk driver . It was actually sad when we heard the news cos Brandon was sure this guy was the one to make him settle down finally.So his death came as a major shock and that drunk driver .....well God save him.

" It was that guy's fault Isabelle , even though I knew James for a short while , he was everything I ever wanted in my perfect hunk of a man " Brandon stated , he smiled bitterly and waved it out ,but it wouldn't take a genius to see he was trying to prevent himself for crying.

Okay now that's serious, we've known Brandon for all our lives and never have i seen him shed tears over anyone even his so called massive breakups were just an excuse to go shopping ,...that much I knew.

Mom just hugged him as he shook with tears. Amanda was sitting on the seat opposite to them , trying to keep a calm face , but I could see she had wanted to get more charges to the guy .

She was mom and Brandon's lawyer and friend . They definitely had that bond . I'm sure she hated that she couldn't get a death sentence for the guy .

I didn't know what to say to Brandon so I just held his hand . Kris was also fidgeting in his seat , wanting to do something but didn't know what. Our flight took off after a few minutes and I closed my eyes to draw in a breath.

" Wow we're actually going " I meant to mutter to myself but I guess everyone heard .

" Well snag it out bitch , a lot of new places to explore and a lot of shopping sprees " Brandon beamed trying to come back to his old self , yeah trying , he never cried about break ups but I guess we all know why this made him sad , because he thinks he caused his death , if he hadn't insisted on going to the club , but things meant to happen will always happen , I would feel guilty if I knew I'd caused someone's death too , but It's not his fault , he didn't push him Infront of the car , but still he'll feel bad whenever he'll think about it .

Well more shopping when we finally get there .

I smiled I just love shopping a lot . I just thank goodness we have the resources to support that , my cravings.

I glanced to my right , Kris was passed out .I always wondered why he's so tired these days , mom said he's going through a phase whatever that is .

" O Christ i'm going to be the new kid ..urg " I groaned .

Amanda chuckled " it won't be that bad"

" have you practically seen how the new kid attract unnecessary attention , it really sucks " I shot back .

She just laughed" yeah when we moved here for the first time , high school was fun " she smirked looking at Brandon.

" Brandon had a lot of cocks , just to keep it short " mom grinned trying to suppress her laughter.

brandon choked on his wine " Isabelle for fuck sake what was I supposed to do when you meet new hot guys with that British accent adding to the sexual tendency "

I grinned at Brandon's comeback .In short Brandon was hot and very pretty for a guy with his gold blonde hair and striking emerald eyes , strawberry lips and a body to die for , he always says I took after him which I found funny whenever he brought it out .

"But here we are now already with that accent " Amanda laughed out .

" I remember when Jamie and Noyle agreed to make us set up a date for Isabelle and Lucas " mom smiled at that probably thinking about dad .

Noyle is Lauren's dad and Jamie is Candace and Cameron's mom. They moved to England with mom , Brandon and Amanda in their teens which I found really sweet but strange ... they moving together like that and they're still best friends even now which has affected their children too.

" England has done us good , it was a fresh start , it gave us the opportunity to forego certain mistakes and start anew I hope the states provide the same for you Micah " Amanda turned her attention to me ,

Brandon nodded mom just smiled . " Of course princess is going to nail it, no matter what we're here for you mmm" I nodded at mom . I don't know if i'm ready for additional friends ,I seem to attract a lot of attention too with my features and family name .

Liam is running the company in America , I just can't wait to see him again even though it has just been two weeks since he was here. Speaking of America" mom don't tell me they're all moving because of us " I grumbled staring at mom.

I was referring to uncle noyle and aunt Jamie along with their families , they moved to the states one week prior .

" You know we always stick together Micah " she smiled me her eyes squinting a bit . I just got the time to look at my mom properly despite the makeup you could see she had bags under her eyes which shocked " haven't you been sleeping " I asked .
She showed a tad bit of surprise at my change in direction . " I have been busy with this movement but it's nothing serious , I just wanted to make it more like our home , so that you wouldn't notice the difference much " she smiled sadly looking at me .

" Izzy you know Micah doesn't really bother much about those stuffs " Brandon scoffed and I nodded .

" Mom i'm okay with this , since dad stated it's necessary so I have no problem with that " I placed my hand on top of hers and placed a kiss on her cheek .

"I appreciate that princess ...I really do " she kissed my forehead.

"okay guys i'm gonna doze off , wake me when we land " Amanda yawned .

" Fuck i'm beat too never realized till now ,i'm heading to bed ... doei " Brandon stretched , patted my head and headed to the cabin .

" doei " I replied snuggling into mom .Mom rested her head on top of mine " I love you guys you know that mmm" mom mumbled

" I know mom ...I know , I love you too " I snuggled further into her . Well it's not too late to sleep right , no worries.

" Maybe you'll catch one or two hot guys to play with " mom called out , I could feel her smirk .

" Mom please we haven't even landed yet " I laughed horrified at that idea.

''A mom could always dream " she counted back .

" Mom we know you , you never give up when trying to set us up, for that much i'm sure " I turned to the voice , guess Kris just woke up.

" Guys i'm gonna join Brandon this jet has pretty comfy beds " I winked and left , let's pray we end safely and start this journey

Q: what's your birthstone , well mine is turquoise.

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