Westyn (Broken Angels, MC Book Four)

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Brighton Borders is the only daughter of the Mayor. She’s also been the butt of everyone’s fat jokes. Especially in high school. She’s only got a few more weeks left of her senior year and is more than ready to graduate. Being nineteen and a senior isn’t why she gets bullied. No, she gets bullied because she’s overweight. It wasn’t as bad when her brother was in school, but that all changed when he graduated two years ago. She has had a constant in her boyfriend, or so she thought. No matter what her family does, she still has her self-doubt. Especially after everything hits the fan in her personal life. Westyn is the President of the Broken Angels, MC. It’s not an easy task, but he loves the club and his brothers. He looks around and he sees his brothers settling down and couldn’t be happier, but it does make him want the same thing. However, not just any woman will do. She has to be strong and able to handle being a Queen. When he runs into the Mayors daughter, his life changes. He sees her strength, but she doesn’t. Just because she’s not what society calls ‘skinny’ she thinks she’s just as good as scum on a shoe. He plans to show her the opposite and she will be his.

Romance / Drama
Riki Leigh Bishop
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Westyn: January


One Month Ago

Being the President isn’t easy but being the President over all of the other charters, along with your own, is even harder. Watching as my brothers find their ol’ ladies, makes me wish for one of my own, but being the ol’ lady to the President isn’t going to be a walk in the park. I’m constantly being called away to fix something. The woman I need is going to have to be strong and able to handle being the Queen. She’s also going to have to accept the fact that I have a son. We’re a packaged deal and I won’t settle for someone who won’t accept him. He’s my world, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I found out about Royal, I was in denial. I knew that there wasn’t a way that he could be mine because I always wrap my shit up. Savannah used to be a club girl. She was kicked to the curb when we found out she was using drugs. We don’t allow that shit to happen here. So, when she confronted me before we went to St. Thomas, I just knew she was yanking my chain. I denied it the whole time we were talking until she told me what she did to my rubbers. She said she went through and poked holes in each of them. I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about other women doing the same thing because the only club girl I’ve been with since Savannah arrived was her.

She wanted me to make her my ol’ lady and I told her that wasn’t going to happen. I also told her That I wanted a paternity test just to make sure he was mine. I know how the club women can be. They want to snag one of the members and become an ol’ lady, even if that involves trapping them with a baby. I wasn’t about to fall into that trap. So, we waited for the baby to be born and had the paternity test done. He ended up being mine. I didn’t want to take him away from his mother, but I had to. After I got back from the trip, I went to the address that she had on file only to find out she didn’t live there anymore. I had to hunt her down and when I found her, she was living in a homeless shelter. I offered to help her get a place, but she refused since it wasn’t going to be my house. Royal ended up with Savannah for the first couple months of his life living in a homeless shelter.

During court, I asked for full custody. I found out that she relapsed after she gave birth and I wasn’t going to have my son around that. She didn’t have a home, a job, or any means to raise him. I offered to send her to a rehab center so she could at least of some contact with her son, but she refused. The judge granted me custody and I brought him home. My mom and sister weren’t very happy that I didn’t tell them right away. Mom whooped my ass like she hadn’t done since I was a kid for keeping this from her. Aliana gave me the silent treatment for a while, but eventually came around. I’m just glad she didn’t put a bullet in my ass again. She said she would have if she wanted to lose a bet she had going on with Axyl.

When I got the call a few days ago about Posey, I had just gotten to sleep after getting a very fussy and sick Royal to bed. He hadn’t been feeling well for a couple days, but Hannah said it was just a cold. Even the OB/GYN at the clinic said the same thing. He hasn’t been sleeping very well, so that means that dad hasn’t been sleeping well either, but when duty calls, I get up and handle my business. I took Royal over to Aliana and Axyl’s and went to the clubhouse. When everyone showed up, Eliot informed us all about the text that Alanis, his ol’ lady, had gotten. We planned and took off. The only thing we found there was Megan, Trigger’s ex, beaten to an inch of her life. We’re waiting for her to wake up to see if she can give us any information. Until then, I’m on my way to Mayor Borders’ home to see if he can help. He’s not in the office today, so I have to go to his house. The MC and Mayor work closely together. We all help to plan the charities and keep the town safe for the families that live here.

“Come on buddy. Let’s get to the Mayors house.” I tell my nine-month-old son. He just coos as I pick him up and carry him to the truck. I’ve found it’s easier to just leave his seat in the truck and carry him in. I make sure to grab my keys, phone, and the diaper bag before walking out the door and locking it. I’ve had the truck running to get it warmed up so it’s warm when I put him in his seat.

“Dada!” I smile because it melts my heart every time he says it. He’s my entire world and I wouldn’t change him being in my life for anything. I would be lost if anything were to happen to him. I can only imagine what Alanis and Eliot are going through right now. I’d lose my shit if the roles were reversed. I shiver at the thought of anything happening to my son. I may have not wanted a kid with a club girl, but the minute I saw Royal, everything fell into place. Not enough to make his mom my ol’ lady, but enough to want to help her get better for the sake of knowing this awesome boy. However, there isn’t much I can do if she doesn’t want to help herself.

“Let’s get going little man. We’ve got a long day ahead of us.” I shut his door and climb into the drivers seat. He babbles his baby talk the whole way to the Mayor’s house, leaving a permanent smile on my face. There are so many babies popping up in the clubhouse and it warms my soul to see them all. My sister has the most out off all the women. She may complain about being pregnant all the time, but I know she secretly loves it.

I didn’t go into detail of why I wanted to meet with the Mayor. I just called him and told him I’d be by today to discuss some things. He didn’t complain, he never does. He and my father were in boot camp together. Mayor Borders didn’t go as long as my dad, but they were still friends when they both came out. That’s why we work so close together. Plus, he knows that we’ve only done good with the community. Pulling into his driveway, I take in his house. You’d think that the Mayor would want to live in a big, fancy house. Not Mayor Borders. He always jokes that if he had gotten a bigger house, his wife would have thrown a fit. She doesn’t deny it, but we all know they’re long game. She wouldn’t go anywhere, and neither would he.

His house is your typical two-story home. It’s white with gray shutters. The porch is closed in and wraps around the entire home. They have a balcony on the second floor that wraps around too. I wouldn’t want that, but that’s just my opinion. Inside the porch, there are the ceiling fans with lights, headed floors for the winter months, and it’s surprisingly warm when it’s cold. I’m not sure how they did that yet, but I will figure it out when I have more time to do so.

I barely get Royal out of the truck when the front door slams open and Mrs. Borders is rushing towards us. “Give me that baby young man! You haven’t brought him to see me since you got him!” The short, round woman is someone you don’t want to go up against. I guess that’s why she fits in with the mom squad so well. I chuckle and let her take the squealing baby out of my hands. “Such a precious boy. Looks just like you.” We walk towards the house while she fawns over my son.

“Westyn! How’s your parents liking the vacation?” Mayor Borders asks as we make our way into the house.

“They’re having the time of their lives from what they tell us. Who knows exactly what they’re doing on this trip. They deserve it though, so as long as they’re having fun, that’s all that matters.” We make a few more minutes of small talk before the front door slams open and the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on runs through the room in tears. I know she’s the mayor’s daughter, but I’ve never seen her before. I’ve only visited in the mornings if we meet at his house. Otherwise, I’m meeting at his office in town.

“Brighton! Sweetheart. What’s wrong?” Mrs. Borders asks. Brighton keeps running and Mrs. Borders takes off after her with Royal still in her arms.

“She’ll be fine. Her mom will help her. She’s had a tough time in high school. She graduates in May, so she’s looking forward to it. Let’s get down to business.” I follow the mayor into his office and sit in the chair in front of his desk. “I’m not telling him yet. If that’s what you’re here for, then you’ve come for no reason. It’s not the right time for him to find out.”

“That’s not why I’m here. You need to tell Ink before it becomes too late though. He deserves to know the truth.” I tell him. There’s some things that I’ve found out over the past few months about one of my brothers. It’s not my story to tell, but I know that when Ink finds out about this, all hell is going to break lose. “Eliot’s daughter was kidnapped three days ago. We’ve tried everything. We’re waiting on his ex-girlfriend to wake up to see if she can give us some answers, but it’s not looking like it’ll happen anytime soon. I was wondering if you could help us out.”

“I’m sorry to hear that son. I know how they must be feeling right now. I will do everything in my power to help get her back. You know I will. I have since your dad and uncles started the BAMC.” I nod. I weight lifts off my shoulders at knowing he’ll help. He does know what they’re going through because almost thirty years ago, he and Mrs. Borders lost their son to a kidnapping and never saw him again. Until recently that is.

“Thanks Mr. Borders. I really appreciate this. I ran out of ideas. I’ve got Kai looking into it as well. Alanis is losing her mind. She lost one of her babies and then her daughter two months later. Her and Eliot are on the outs. Tension is running high between them and I don’t know what the fuck to do. Being President of the club is hard sometimes.” I blurt out.

“Your dad wouldn’t have put you in charge if he didn’t think you could handle it. You’re doing a fine job. You’ve expanded the club in ways that your father only dreamed of. You’ve got this. You just need to find a strong woman to keep you grounded. Your dad has that in your mom. The other men have that in their wives. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without my wife. You’ll get there son. Keep your head up and you’ll be just fine.” I know he’s right, but it’s just hard sometimes. Especially at times like these.

“Thanks sir. I should probably get Royal and head back to the clubhouse. Who knows what the others are getting up to with me gone.” I joke. He lets out a chuckle as we both stand.

“Not a problem. I’ll put some feelers out to see if I can come up with any information for you. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do, but I’ll try my damndest.” He walks me out towards the kitchen. I look over to the windows to see Brighton out on the porch with Royal. Damn that’s a sight if I’ve ever seen one before.

“Don’t even think about it. She’s still in high school.” Comes from behind me.

“So, after she graduates, I can make your daughter my ol’ lady?” I question.

“Fuck. You haven’t even met her and you’re already wanting to make her your ol’ lady?” He questions.

“I can tell just by looking at her that she’s the woman for me. I can see what she’s hiding. Don’t worry, I’ll wait until she graduates to move her into my place, but until then I plan to get to know her.” I tell the mayor. He lets out a deep sigh, knowing how our world works. Mrs. Borders is like his ol’ lady. It was love at first sight for them.

“She’s got a boyfriend. Don’t go breaking that shit up. If she wants to get to know you then that’s a different story. Don’t push my daughter. Even if you are the son of one of my good friends, I’ll still make your life hell for hurting her.” He says.

“You don’t have to worry about that. She won’t be with that boyfriend long. I won’t push her to break up with him or anything, but I will get to know her.” I walk out onto the porch without another word to the mayor.

“Then, he looked right at me and said that it was just a joke. That no one would want to date a fat cow like me.” I hear Brighton telling my son. My blood boils and I don’t even know what’s going on.

“You’re not a fat cow. You’re fucking beautiful and shouldn’t let a man talk to you like that.” She lets out a surprised squeak and blushes bright red. She has the brightest golden eyes I have ever seen. I’m entranced. She’s it for me. I know it down to my bones. “You look good holding my son.”

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