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Strawberries And Cigarettes

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During the spring, when the nights are cold!

I feel as if I'm not bold.

The darkness unfolds,

Or perhaps my eyes are closed.

The lonely memories of not being alone,

Afraid of the demons under the floor.

Yet, unaware of the demons inside a man.

From the nature of existence, I ran.

Living the best of my days,

Oblivious of the universe that was looking for ways.

Opposing me from its core,

Making my heart sore.

I knew it from the start,

You were not safe in my arms.

But I was made of greed,

So, I let your soul bleed.

The flavor of strawberries and cigarettes,

Dancing on the tip of our lips.

Those beautifully painful memories,

Reprising in a series,

This was all that I could make,

But the irony of fate!

As it plays its game.

Lying on the cold cement,

Waiting for my last moment.

Is it acceptable? If I challenge the universe,

Call you mine and make it worse!
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