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True Arrangement

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18 yo+ sex, adult situations and scenes… Randy spins around to look at me when I stare in shock. I never even thought they would be negotiating for this marriage. I feel so sick to my stomach I grab my stomach and start to turn pale. I just whisper while tears start to slowly fall down my face. “Please whatever you do don’t believe this! I know he is lying! I can’t do this!” “Jenia I swear on everything I will get you out of this! I am not letting a little gorgeous thing like you get away from me. It might get dirty though!” “I’m always up for slinging mud!” Before I knew what happened he spun around landing a punch square on Sam’s jaw making him fall backwards. I stand there stunned when he grabs my hand and pulls me to run. We ran out of that club so fast I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t care where we went just as long as I was with my cowboy.

Romance / Adventure
Melanie Gomez
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Farm life

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Ch 1

Jenia pov

Waking up early, I’m excited to start the day. We are getting some new cows in, and having the vet check them over one at a time while we let them into a holding pasture. We can’t have them with our usual herd until they are done with their quarantine time. I’m sure you can guess by now that I’m a farm girl born and raised. I am turning twenty five this year, and my parents are always on me to settle down. Every guy around here is nothing but trash. They sleep with every girl around, and think they are God’s gift to women. It’s always a constant pissing contest between trucks, horses, and family farms.

I’m a down home girl that has standards. I may have high standards but they are standards. I just want someone that will be my other half. Someone that doesn’t mind getting dirty. These guys around here all have ranch hands to do the dirty work for them. I am a hands-on kinda girl. I like getting in the middle of the action so I know what to do. My mom and dad understand why I don’t like the boys around here, but they always say ‘beggars can’t be choosers’.

I quickly jump up throwing on my jeans and boots running outside to get all the morning chores done. Rusty, my trusty Australian shepherd was already waiting for me at the door when I went running out. We race off to the barn to let the chickens out, and race out to get the cows over to the other field to make room for the new arrivals. Once the chickens are out I run over to where my horse’s stall is. I have a gorgeous paint quarter horse that was my sixteenth birthday present. I got him young and trained him myself.

We took to each other like we had known each other our whole lives. I throw the bridle on and quickly brush him down, throwing my pad and saddle on his back cinching it down. I lead him out towards the fence and quickly get us through the gate letting him run around me to relax so I can adjust the saddle. Once he is nice and relaxed I jump on and we are off running full speed across the back fifty acres with the wind going through both our hair.

I run off full speed to the fence in between the pastures and swing it wide open. I take off to where I hear the bells ringing coming and when I come over the ridge I see the herd. I slow down to a stop and look down with Rusty panting right by my side. I smile because he knows it’s working time. I let out a whistle and Rusty goes racing off when I start seeing the cows quickly start moving towards me. Rusty is definitely good at his job!

Within minutes they are heading full speed towards the opening and soon they are running through the open fence. I quickly jump down and shut the gate, but don’t see Rusty. I jump back up on Angiano yelling for Rusty when I hear him barking. It isn’t his normal bark but an urgent bark. I race to where it’s coming from and soon we make our way towards some trees and see a cow is clearly in distress. I jump down off of Angiano running over to the cow. She isn’t doing good and can tell she needs help with the calf she is trying to deliver.

I toss my jacket to the side and roll up my sleeves reaching in and can feel a leg bent backwards. The baby is sucking on my thumb so I know it’s at least still alive. I move the baby to the side and carefully unfold the leg and wrap my arms around right above the hocks slowly pulling on the calf. It takes a few tugs but soon the calf comes out. I quickly clear its mouth watching it slowly gasp for air. I turn my attention back to mom and see nothing but her uterus and blood gushing out.

I run over to her head and quickly check her gums and they are pale white. I quickly grab her baby and drag it over to her so she can lick and bond for what moments she has left. Her uterus has torn and there is no saving them then. I watch her rub her head on the baby and lick it. I just sit next to them when she lays her head in my lap, licking my arm. We stay that way until she passes and I just rub her head. I hate when this happens, but it’s part of the country life. That was a lesson I learned very young.

I let out a sigh moving her head down to the ground when I picked up the baby in my jacket and got it onto the saddle. I may not be overweight but I do have some muscles on me. You have to if you wanna work on a farm. Gotta be able to move shit around! I use the stirrup and climb up behind the heifer holding onto it racing with Rusty back towards the barn. We will have to put her in the nursery off the house and hand raise until she’s big enough to join the herd.

When I ride up I see the vet and his son John talking to my dad. The herd still hasn’t shown up yet, but that’s ok. My dad runs over grabbing for the calf and when I tell him what happened he pulls me in for a hug. He hollers at a few of our hands to go take the forklift and trailer to go retrieve the cow and get it buried. I jump down carrying the baby calf when my mom comes running out with a bottle. I set the little one down and it latches straight onto the bottle.

My mom smiles patting me on the back and soon takes over with it’s care while I hand Angiano over to another worker. I go and stand by my dad looking over the paperwork when John stands next to me smiling.

“Jenia let me take you out on a date!”


“Jenia, now come on! Why won’t you go out with me!”

“I don’t want to! That’s a good enough reason for me!”

“Well it’s not for me!”

“Well that’s a you problem not a me problem. I never want to go out on a date with you ever!”

I see my dad look my way out of the corner of his eye, and just sighs. I know they want me to settle down. I understand that. They are getting older and want me to be settled with help to run the farm. I know the right guy is out there, I just need to find him. I know he isn’t local, that’s for sure. We live in a very, very small town. Everyone knows everyone’s business. I have thought about even going to the next major town hours away to just visit and see what I can find. I just want a good down home boy who isn’t afraid of work or getting dirty.

I’m pulled from my thoughts when a horn blows and we see a couple large trailers pull in. I whistle for Rusty who comes over sitting by my side between me and John. John goes to pet Rusty when Rusty snaps at him baring his teeth making him yank back his hand. I smirk when John looks straight at me pissed off.

“Sorry, but he doesn’t like assholes!”

Before he can say anything I walk away starting to put up the corralling fence to guide them into the holding area. The moment the back gate opens the cows go running and Rusty is right there barking to keep them moving. Once everyone is off we check for stragglers, and that trailer pulls away so the next one can get into place. Once the second is unloaded into the little holding area we start moving them into the chute for exams and blood work.

It takes a few hours but we get through all twenty-four heads of cattle when we pay the doctor and they leave. I know what is going to be the topic now, and I’m sure my dad isn’t very happy.

“Jenia, John is a very good possibility for a husband. He is training to be a vet and would be very handy on the ranch.”

“Dad, please I know what you think. Just let me find the right guy, that’s all!”

“Jenia you turn twenty five this year. If by your birthday you haven’t found the right guy we will choose for you. We will interview people and find the most suitable ones for you to decide from.”

“What the hell dad are you serious! That’s in two months! I turn twenty five in two months!”

“Then you better find someone!”

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