The Wanderer 2

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18 yo+ adult themes, sex I smirk at him with a little chuckle. "What would happen if you don't make it to report back?" He just looks at me as I can see the men behind him start to question what I am talking about. We stare down each other when he spews at me. "You're bluffing!" I let out a loud laugh as he backs up to the other men. They stand there I assume trying to leave when they start panicking. They look at each other when Trinity snaps her fingers and silver cuffs appear around their wrists. I hear them seethe in pain as it burns their skin. "See you may have assumed we were only training as warriors, but we kept a little ace up our sleeve. The moment you stepped foot onto our territory my mate cast a spell so you couldn't leave. So now what we decide to do with you ten I haven't decided yet. Except I have a feeling you aren't the leader. So we will wait till the time is up and you will bring me your leader. Until then you will have some lovely accommodations in our dungeon. Oh and by they way if you try to call for help it won't work. My mate knows how to block that also!"

Romance / Adventure
Melanie Gomez
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The start

Ch 1

Max pov

We walk towards the stone structure and it’s surrounded by a stone wall. The Moon Goddess called it a kingdom, but that doesn’t explain the building itself. Maybe we can call it a stone hut? I mean that’s about all I got for right now. When I open up the metal bars I am in shock as I have never seen anything like this. Everyone touches everything in awe while we walk up to the main door. I push it open and there are stick furniture, and pelts all over the place to walk on. The kids all run off no doubt to explore when the parents just gather around.

I look back out the door and there is so much space between the other door and this one. Then it hits me that the warriors can build huts here so they are safe also. The women run to explore when I slowly head up the stairs. I see the kids have staked their rooms because they are all taking naps with their mates. I wondered why it was getting so quiet around here. At the end of the hall I see a set of doors and slowly open it to a large room with a super large sleeping spot with blankets and pelts. Through one door I see a tub like I made for Lacey in our cave but much much bigger.

Then a large bowl to I guess maybe to sit on. The Moon Goddess couldn’t give us instructions or something? I turn to walk out of the room and she is standing right in front of me. She scared the crap out of me that I grab my chest.

“Sorry I guess I should of told you about everything inside. Ok so this is I’m sure you guessed a spot to bathe. If you pull the lever water will come in. This will be for hot and this for cold. This is for going to the bathroom in. You can choose to go outside but with all the warriors that will be coming there wont be much privacy. There are also ones located on the outside for those warriors to use. The kids all have their own rooms and same with the parents. You already have some guards showing up and more will be coming. You need to train them. You have the knowledge to train the warriors in hand to hand combat and wolf on wolf combat. You need to start training Maximus and his mate Trinity. She will need to know how to protect herself. I will warn you now if she gets to mad her powers may come out, and since she doesn’t know how to control them yet. It can be a little dangerous. Also as people arrive and pledge their loyalty to Maximus bonds will start forming so you can talk to each other through your minds. Like the mate bond thing but way better!”

She smiles disappearing when I walk out of the room and head back downstairs. I give everyone the info and see the smiles on everyone’s faces. I feel a tug on my arm and look down seeing Maximus holding Trinities hand. He points to outside so I start walking back out. I see an enormous amount of men standing at the first gate when some of our men are talking to them. I walk with everyone with Maximus leading the way. Poor Trinity is trying to keep up but stumbles down crying.

He quickly stops and instantly goes into protection mode searching her for what is wrong when he sees her knee scraped up and starting to bleed. He leans over kissing it and her scooping her up to continue walking. When we arrive at the front he motions for them to open the door. The moment it is opened he lets out a ferocious growl having everyone drop to their knees bowing. Trinity lets out a little giggle looking at everyone when he actually speaks.

“Do you pledge your loyalty to me Maximus the Alpha King!”

We all say ‘I do’ in unison and feel something weaving in our head. Many are shaking their head and within minutes it’s all over. We all look at each other when a voice pops in ‘Now you are linked to me and each other by mind links’. With that we all look at each other when he turns around carrying Trinity heading back to the stone hut.

We all get up and start helping everyone inside and get settled building their own huts. I explain to everyone where the bathrooms are and what they are used for. There is also a stream that runs through the property so everyone can bathe also. I’m sure that will be appreciated with all the training that will be happening.


Maximus pov

I have to remember she is smaller than me, and can’t walk that fast. I just get going and don’t pay attention. Now I caused her pain again! I walk into my kingdom and take her to our room. I look in the room with the bath and get a bath set up. I place her in it once I know it’s not to hot and slowly clean her knee up. I feel tears fall down my face that I hurt my mate. I made her cry and bleed.

I feel a hand on my face when I look up at her pressing my forehead to hers. She let’s out a giggle kissing my cheek, when I kiss her head. Once she is all clean I pick her up and just hold her. I bury my face inhaling her scent to calm myself down.

“I’m so sorry mate. I hurt your knee. I will try and be more careful next time!”

“Maximus I ok. I better now. Tank you!”

I smile down at her when I walk back downstairs to go outside. We need to start training, but she can relax today. Her knee is hurt and don’t want to make it worse. Although it looks like it’s almost healed already. I walk out setting her to the side and soon I am training with Niko and Michael watching what our parents are doing. We train for hours until we are ready for bed. I walk over scooping up Trinity and walk inside where the women have been preparing the food for everyone. I sit down at a little table for us kids and have Trinity sit on my lap.

I see her pick up some food and turn to give it to me. I motion for her to eat and she takes some then hands me the rest. I motion my head no and just relax when I hear a growl come into my mind. I look directly at her wide eyed and quickly start taking the food. I may be the Alpha King but she is my Queen and can make me drop to my knees. I take the food she is giving me and all the parents are laughing hysterically. Oh yeah laugh all you want for now.

I continue to eat until I just can’t eat anymore. I don’t know where she is putting her food because she is still going. She may be little but her appetite is something else. Once she finally finishes she snuggles against my chest and starts to fall asleep. I take that as my cue to get us upstairs before I pass out also.

I pick her up and carry her upstairs and get to the cot and climb in with her. She snuggles against me, and I quickly kiss her head and we are sound asleep. Tomorrow will be more training and we will continue for the next thirteen years. It seems like forever from now but I have a feeling it will go very quick.
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