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right person, wrong time

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this story is about two women falling in love mid 40’s and are forced to marry another man then spend their lives with eacother.

Romance / Other
oliver <3
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the beggining.

Mary and Maria grew up together and always spent their extra time with each-other. It was late 40’s, so lesbians weren’t respected or treated well. They both pushed away the fact that they were deeply in love. And this is their story. “Maria where are you? we will miss church.” Mary told Maria, Maria was writing instead of getting dressed for church. Mary stares at Maria as Mary laughs repeatedly. “okay i will get dressed, may you please tighten my corset?” Maria asked in a very gentle and calming voice. “i shall but remember Mary if we get caught-“ Maria interrupts “it’s not like we have feelings for each other” Maria says in a shaky voice. “yes i understand Maria, but our town doesn’t take things easily and i don’t want to loose you” Mary says in a soothing voice. “ all done, Now Maria put on your dress and let’s head to church.” Mary says. They both go to church, and after they both do their daily jobs. “hey Mary can you please come here? i wanna ask you something.” Maria says in a soothing but shaky voice. “yes Maria?” -- “i think i've been putting this off for a while but i’m madly in love with you Mary. i know it’s wrong but i feels so right.” Mary says on the verge of crying. “i love you too Maria, i’m in love with you as well. but we would not be accepted, we can’t be seen either. we shall keep it secret.” -- they both get back to work eyeing each other the whole time, desperately wanting to share a moment together. after work Maria heads to Mary’s house, it was around 5:30 so Mary’s mom and dad were both at church. — “Mary? please come down.” Mary heads downstairs confused. “hello Maria, shall i help you with anything?” — Maria having no response leans in to kiss Mary, But before doing so Maria gives a very calming smile. “ive been waiting to do this Mary. i love you” Maria says then kissing Mary. “i love you so much Maria. i’m glad we shared this moment, come upstairs i’d like to give you my favorite accessory as a symbol of my love.” Mary says happily, Mary gives Maria a beautiful hair clip as a symbol of her love.
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