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Broken Beautiful

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Life was never easy for Heather, with a broken past and an uncertain future; she has to struggle to survive in this cruel world. Coming from a poor family and making ends meet when you have a cute little four years old daughter was impossible in the big city of New York. But when fate decides to take matters in hand and collide the two souls that are so different from each other, sparks will fly; OR will it destroys the broken pieces of her heart, she has saved all along?

Romance / Drama
Alisha P.J
Age Rating:


Heather's POV

I will love you forever,

Till death do us apart...

Help! Help! Help!

Help me!


"Wake up, mummy. You are scaring me again." I jerked up when a tiny pair of hands shake my sweaty body from the nightmare that has cursed me for five years. "You were shaking and shouting in your sleep again. Should I call 911?"

I wiped the sweat and did my breathing exercise, shaking my head. "No, sweety. Mummy is fine. It's just a silly dream that scares mummy." I stepped out of the small bed we share in our teeny tiny apartment. Holding her hand, I made her sit on the only chair we


"But I don't like when you cry. I will bit the bad guy with the bat you got me last month and scare him away. Then you can sleep in peace, right mummy?" A tear almost left my eye listening to her words. Wish, I could tell you, that's not the bad guy I dreamed about. It's your...

"I don't want to eat bread again. Can we have bacon, today? Please mummy." I signed, ready to disappoint my daughter just for something small like food.

"We ran out of it, sweety. But I promise I will get you something better when I get back from work." She nodded her head and munches on the bread with half heart. "I will take out your pink frock for today." I tried cheering her up.

"I don't wanna go to the playschool," Sage whined putting the half-eaten bread on the plate. She never has complained about going to school. What happened now?

"Why is that? I thought you love going to school." I asked, lifting her chin, gazing at her deep brown eyes. Just like his.

"There is a new girl at the school, she pulled my hair and when I told her to stop, she laughed at me. I hate her." She shouted at the end and ran from the kitchen to the bedroom. Jumping on the bed, she hides under the comforter.

"Sage!" I ran after her and sat beside her on the bed. "Hate is a strong word. You said she is a new girl right?" I saw her nodding her head under the cover. I smiled at my adorable little brown eye kitty. "Maybe she wanted to be your friend but didn't know how to approach you. So, to get your attention, she bullied you." I threw the cover and pulled her over my lap. "I know what she did is wrong, but you remember what mummy told you about forgiveness," I asked, running my fingers over her long light brown hair, same as mine.

"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the att..ribute of the strong." I chuckled when she stammered with pronunciation and she also joined.

I can't believe it's almost five years that I lost everything. I was depressed, broken, miserable. But then I got Sage. She gave me a new motive to live. Without her, I would have been miserable.

When I first moved to New York, holding little Sage in my arms, I got nothing with me, apart from few dollars. Walking a block to block, asking for a job was horrible. That's when I bumped into Alicia, my only best friend right now.

She was working in a café and when she saw me with Sage in that poor condition, she cried. I never saw a person like her who would shed tears for others. She took me in and gave me a warm meal, which I didn't, have for two days. When I told her about me, she cried even more. Since then we are inseparable.

She got me a job at the same café and helped me raised Sage at the beginning. Alicia is a beautiful girl with brown skin and dark brown eyes. I have met her family and they are the sweetest people I have ever met. She is a year younger than me, she hated studying and dropped out in the middle of her college year.

I don't remember when was the last time, I opened a book. I never got the chance to pursue college. We work at the same café till now. It pays and that's all I need.

I quickly clean the dishes while Sage wears the clothes, I took them out for her. She is very independent in most of her work. That makes it a lot easier for me so, I can't complain. Cleaning this one-bedroom, kitchen/ living room is not a big deal.

This neighbourhood creeps me out, but beggars can't be choosers. My pay roughly makes it to the end and this is the only place I can afford.

"Ready, Sweet." I held my hand out for her to take. We get out of our place and was locking the door when I heard the most irritating voice ever.

"Good morning, Heath." I closed my eyes in rage, hearing the nickname only the close ones were allowed to utter.

"Morning, Mike." I ignored his perverted eyes that always set on my breast. He is an ugly pervert in his early forties. Unfortunately my landlord. I want to pull those creepy eyes out but I can't do it. Only I get a pay raised.

"Leaving early. Hey there kiddo." Sage hides behind me, scrunching her nose. This man smells horrible. Ignoring him as usual I left the building, "Don't forget the rent you are due for two months." I avoid the staring eyes of the people passing the building when they heard Mike.

After dropping Sage at the playschool, I rushed to the café, where Alicia was changing at the locker room.

"Hey! there. When did you get here?" She mostly arrives after me so, it must be something.

"Don't 'hey!' me. I called you last night and you didn't pick up my calls and when I thought I will see you here, you arrive late." She yelled, scaring me. She never yelled at me, I must have pissed her too much.

"I'm sorry, Cia. My phone broke when it fell from the bed. And Sage was a little upset about going to playschool so, it took me a few minutes to talk to her." I answered, changing my clothes as well. "Anyway, what was the reason you called and didn't even wait till morning?"

All of a sudden, she screamed and showed me her hand I gasped. "Oh My God! You're engaged." I shouted, jumping and hugged her tightly. "Finally! Jacob proposed." She nodded her head and I admired her ring. It was a small but beautiful ring that fits perfectly on her finger.

My eyes filled with tears staring at the ring, "Hey! I'm sorry." I shake my head, wiping the tears.

"No! I should be the one saying that. I just ruined the moment with my silly tears." I chuckled but she stared at me with sympathy in her eyes and I didn't like it. "When is the wedding?" I asked changing the sour mood.

"We have that yet to decide. But I want you to be my maid of honour." I stayed dumbfounded, blinking my eyes. "I thought you would scream to that." She said in a duh tone.

"I...I'm speechless. Thank you but, I think you should consider someone from your cousins. I can't even afford a decent dress for the wedding." I mumbled the last past but she heard it.

"I don't want to hear any of that. You are my bestie and you will be my maid of honour. Case closed." She stated and left me in the locker room. I can't win from her.

The day went as usual and soon my shift for the day ended. "Nice work girls." The owner, Miss Torrey a middle-aged woman said and we left the café.

"Give my wishes to Jacob and set a date soon," I said and hugged her goodbye.

"I will. See you tomorrow." I waved and left to pick Sage from her school. I promised her something on my way back.

On the way to school, I saw a beautiful Barbie dress, displayed in a shop. It was pretty and would look even more pretty on Sage.

I can't afford it, but my feet had their own mind and lead me to the shop. "How may we help you, ma'am?" The sales lady asked but the look she gave me was enough to know that I don't belong here.

"I..How much is that dress?" I asked pointing at the Barbie dress.

"Oh! You can't afford it." She blurted out and I avoided the stares from other customers.

"I didn't the standard of the shop has stood so low even a low class like her are coming around," One of the customers said in an irritated tone.

"Ma'am, I have to ask you to leave. Our VIP customers are getting uncomfortable by your presence." She begins to push me and I bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry, Mrs Knight. I was asking her to leave just now."

"More like pushing her. I don't want to shop in a place where they can't respect an individual." The sales lady and the few others looked shameful and went away to resume what they were doing. "Are you alright, Miss?" The polite lady asked me. She looked so beautiful in her pantsuit, must be in her late twenties.

"I...I'm fine. Thank you for that." She passed me a warm smile. I can't believe women like her would be so humble.

"That's completely alright. Everyone deserves to be treated right. And you are no different."

"I'm Heather, by the way. Heather Katz. Nice meeting you."

"Nice to meet you, Heather. My name is Anna. Anna Knight.


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