When the wolf cries

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A vampire, a wolf and a panther shifter walk into a bar. And they befriend a bear shifter.

Romance / Adventure
Laila M.
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Chapter 1 - Dream

I have the same dream every night. And my parents decided something was wrong with me and sent me to therapy, not knowing what to do with me and my dreams anymore.

I dream of a place where I am free.
There are some things that are different though. Sometimes I get to play in a meadow with a big grey wolf, sometimes it's a sweet, cuddly bear and sometimes I just sit and enjoy the sun, going to sleep with my panther friend.

The place looks the same, a meadow with grass as soft as cotton candy. It really feels like you are on a soft blanket filled with goose fluff and I am surrounded by an orange light, just like when the sun goes down, it is peaceful. The music isn't bad either, because I can hear birds singing and little animals running and going about their life.

I love that place. And I love my friends. I just wish it was real. They always seem to know in what mood I am. And I am not pressured to tell them about my day. They're just here for me, waiting for me, waiting to spend some time with me.

I have been having these dreams almost every night since I can remember. I am 16 now, highschool is okay, I guess. I still go to therapy and that is because my parents think that it is helping me. Truth is, I just stopped telling them or the therapist about my dreams.

I am an average student. I like computers and technology. I have friends, just not close friends. I help my class-mates and they are friendly to me.

I am very excited though, today is my sweet 16. I am going to have a small party with my family, some cousins that are a few years older. I like this kind of party, not sure why but I feel better celebrating with just my family. I feel safe.

Can you remember your 16th birthday party? What did you do?

Because all I can think about is that I have a chocolate cake waiting for me, my favourite. It also has some strawberries and raspberries and that is because I love them, even though my family thinks that those fruits don't match with chocolate cake. This is what I have in common with my bear.

Wish I could share it with my dream friends. I don't know why but I keep wishing I could meet them. And I keep imagining them being shifters. And this only got me more interested in reading and looking up anything about shifters and mythology.

The party was nice. Loved my cake, hope I still have a slice in the morning, I hate how dads wake up in the middle of the night and eat whatever they find in the fridge. I guess I'll find out in the morning if there is any left.
Now I just have to pick out my pijamas and get ready for bed. It is late, and I want to get ready fast so I can dream about my friends.

I fall asleep fast, no problems there, considering how tired I am. I was afraid I was not going to dream about them. But something feels different. I am not in the meadow. This is a room and there is someone in here with me, I can feel it.

"Now there love, you know better than this. My room is forbidden ..." A sweet voice but stern. To my ears it sounded like music. And even though I know I should be afraid for coming here. I am curious and very happy to get to see him, the one speaking.

He looks at me and stops talking and like he is glued to the spot he is standing.

"Hi" I manage to get out with shaky and happy voice. Looking into his eyes I can see so many ideas swimming in his head.

"You ... Are dreaming, love?" He manages to say after what felt like hours of us just looking at each other.

"You are in my dream! Who are you?" I tell him with fire in my voice.

"My name you will find later. I am here, in the goddesses dream real to wait for my mate. And here you are, love." He looks at me with something I can't read in his eyes.

"Okaaay ... My name is Alex. And I just turned 16 today." I was honestly waiting for him to say something, but he was looking at me with wide eyes.

"Maybe say a happy birthday or something. Don't just look at me like that." Tears were gathering in my eyes. And for some reason I felt hurt, like I was less in his eyes than when he saw me, now that he knows who I am.

"I appologise, love. You took me by surprise... 16 huh? ... Well then, 'Happy Birthday', love." He comes closer to me and puts a finger under my chin, tilting it up so I am looking into his dark eyes. "Oh, love, you are more than you think of yourself. You are my mate and I am yours." He smiles at me.

I open my mouth to say something snarky, but nothing comes out.

"Alexxx ... may I kiss you?" He looks at he while rolling my name longer than it should be. Waiting for my answer.

I try to say something but my heart starts beating faster in anticipation. Who knew that thinking about kissing someone in your dream can make you feel like this, because for me it feels like this is real, like it is my first kiss.
I open my mouth to say yes but nothing comes out. Instead I nod my head yes.

He is taller than me by one head, so he has to bend to reach my lips. I wait for him to come closer but he doesn't, only his head moves so he can kiss me. Not thinking to much about this I take a small step and wrap my arms around his neck and move closer so I can feel warmth coming from his body. This makes him go numb and stop moving, he is just looking at me with eyes wide.

I guess this is my choice now.

Should I kiss him or not?
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