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Sam & Diya are strangers with different personalities. Diya is a very sweet & sensitive girl where Sam is totally different. He is a very rude guy. These two are strangers to each other but they are broken and damaged & lost their love of life. This is a story of how two people met the love of their lives. Fate gave them both a second chance of finding love. Let's see what happens in their lives. And a beautiful love story begins

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 Uncontrollable rage

Soft music is playing in the car. Sam is with a random girl enjoying his personal time.


After my office hours I feel extremely exhausted so I called a call girl to release my stress. I parked my car in a parking area and the girl also arrived on time. I touched her cheeks softly and indulged in a soft kiss. I never enjoy doing sex with any random girl. It’s just to release somestress I do such things. During our kiss my phone started ringing and interrupted us. It happened for a few times and I got frustrated, so I booked a cab for that girl.

“I’ve booked a cab for you, and it’s arriving in 5 minutes.” Sam said to her

“What the hell you are saying?” She asked Sam.

“ just step out of the car. “ Sam yelled at her

“Why? We just met few minutes back. “ she asked sam.

“Get the hell out of my car now…” Sam said in frustration.

“You bastard. What’s your problem?” She said angrily.

“I’m not interested anymore. “ Sam told her.

“Open the door. FUCK OFF YOU BASTARD” she said angrily.

She was yelling at me but I drove out from there. I can feel her anger, but still I don’t care.

I lighten up my cigar and start smoking. Suddenly, I saw a car was about to hit the girl, I pushed the break and came out from the car in anger.

“Come out”

“Come out “

“Come out of the car you bastard can’t you see a girl. “

“you were about to hit her “

I started beating him very badly. I can’t control my anger, frustration, rage.

Ahaana told me many a times whenever I feel exhausted take a deep breath in and out. To make myself calm but I’m not able to control my rage. It’s not like that I don’t try to control my anger, but the problem is I can’t control my rage . She told me when I feel frustrated count till 10 to calm yourself. Counting goes on in my mind but, my hands still doesn’t stop.

She says that I’m suffering from post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD). Symptoms- frustration, anger , uncontrollable rage, no human contact, hallucination. Cause - after very extreme tragic incident or any incident that disturbed mind.


“ Doctors treat those physical injuries that appeared on the body. But what about emotional trauma, heart break, pain of losing someone you love the most. These internal injuries pain feel by one can’t be repaired or treated by any doctor, physiotherapist. Sometimes people whose suffering from heart break, emotional pain are right infront of you but nobody can see their scars, pain. To repair these scars one needs time. Healing requires time. Healing requires help and to ask for that help one needs a lot of courage. But one need to understand or expect that they are broken. “


I left that place and drove my car to my home. Aahana said that I’m suffering from PTSD that’s why I never try to connect to any other person. Even I don’t even enjoy others company. When I reached home Daisy is waiting for me. Daily is my best friend and my wife’s cat. Daisy is the only one with whom I spend some time with rather than fake people around me.

Ahaana called me many times but frankly speaking I don’t wanna talk to anyone. She’s trying from one week but I never answered her phone calls. She is very judgmental but as usual she’s right as well. I was resting at my place and talking to my beautiful wife.

“So was the evening pleasant ?” Mona asked him

“Carppy. Actually it’s all because of you. You spoiled me for everyone Mona. Nobody matches up to me.”

Both sat on the couch.

“Sam. It’s been three long years damn it. What are you thinking about? Why are you so stubborn? “ Mona asked him politely.

“Times up. I don’t wanna talk about this anymore. “ Sam said frustrated.

He puts his headphones and trying to calm himself.

“People use headphones to listen music and for fun but you…..” Sam cuts her in middle

“To avoid people and their talks. “ Sam completed.

“You know I can’t understand your behaviour. You are just out of this world.” Mona said

“Just stop it. Don’t spoil my mood.” Sam yelled

“You are crazy “ Mona said

“Please yaar. Love never comes with any expiry date. Was the expiry date of our love last for only three years?” Sam asked her.

“No, Sam love has no expiry date, but people come and go .” Mona answered politely.

“Please don’t start this again. “ Sam said.

Sam’s phone rings again and again. Ahaana was calling him. He’s just ignoring her phone calls. Ahaana is Mona’s elder sister and She’s a psychiatrist.
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