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Chapter 2 Memories that never last

After Mona’s death Ahaana ’s the only one who takes care of Sam and looks after him. But whenever she try’s to make him understand that Mona is no more he gets frustrated. This is the reason why Sam is ignoring her calls. But still she never gives up on him.


I called Sam many times but he didn’t even care to answer my phone calls. God knows what to do with this guy. After my sister’s death he is suffering from PTSD I tried to explain this to make him understand about the whole thing but he doesn’t want to listen anything. Sam never accept the fact that his wife (Mona ) is no more. But he feels he is talking to her.

I have spare keys of his house so whenever he try’s to avoid me I come to check on him. When I opened the lock I saw he was talking to himself. This was not the first time, this is his normal routine. According to him, Mona is always there with him and they both have their personal time also. But in reality these are hallucinations. Only Sam can see her and talk to her because of hallucinations. Mona is alive only in his visual world.

“Is your sister mad or what? How many times a day she called me. ” Sam asked Mona angrily.

“She cares for you.” Mona replied politely.

“You have my house keys “ Sam asked Ahaana surprised.

“Yes, I have spare keys of your house because I know that I need it some day. You cannot be trusted you crazy moron.” Ahaana answerd angrily

“What have I done ?” Sam asked in puzzlement

“Seriously!! You are asking me. You have beaten a man, just because Rahul ( Ahaana’s husband) is a lawyer that doesn’t mean you can commit crime very often.” Ahaana yelled at him

“Hello, hello, hello, wait a minute. Just because you are Mona’s sister that doesn’t mean you can say anything to me. “ Sam said in irritation

“I’m done with you Sam. You haven’t called me from last one week. And why aren’t you going to the office from last 5 days?” Ahaana asked in frustration.

“ I was about to call you but then you arrived“ Sam clarified

“Okay. And why are you not going to the office and please give me a good excuse.” Ahaana says

“Because I don’t need to go to office. I can do my work from home also. I’m good at my work so if I don’t go to office it really doesn’t affect me. “ Sam clarified

“Oh really! So you are doing work from home seriously. “ Ahaana asked in a doubtful way

“Actually, I don’t need to work. “ Sam replied

“Great, may I know the reason. “ Ahaana questioned

“Well, I’ve enough money to survive.” Sam answered

“ which normal person in their right mind would say that he has a lot of money ?” Ahaana asked angrily

“Well, the one who’s not greedy. “ Sam replied with a smirk.

Ahaana sat on the couch in frustration. And trying her best not to lose her temper.

“Sam you need to live a normal life. From the day of accident till today, you are just punishing yourself. “ Ahaana trying her best to make him understand. But it’s of no use every-time I try to explain Him he gets frustrated.

“You both sisters are same. I mean you both make your own theories. “ Sam answer sadly.

“I’m worried about you Sam. You are in a relationship with a dead woman, and you still talk to her. “ Ahaana sound worried

“Damn it , I know this you don’t have to remind me every single time. “ Sam cried

“You know this, still you talk to her every time or I say most of the time. You don’t even have friends. You avoid having contact with anyone. Most of the time you ignore me as well.” Ahaana yelled

“Hello, hello,hello let me tell you that tomorrow I’m going on a date. Okay.” Sam shared a forceful smile.

“Ohh really!!!! So tell me her name, where are you going tomorrow, timings, everything related to your date. “ Ahaana asked in a disbelief way.

“Yeah…. Wait I’ll tell you hmmm hmm hmm” Sam said

“What happened can’t remember anything?” Ahaana asked in irritation

“Nope!!! I know everything it’s just slip of mind nothing else.” Sam says looking here and there

“Stop it Sam . I know you are lying you are not going anywhere. You spend meaningless one night stands. You have totally lost it. Totally lost it. You are going on a self destructive mode. You are scared of doing commitments that’s why you avoid everyone around you. “

“It’s not like that Ahaana. I’m trying yaar. “
Sam answered sadly.

“Listen Sam , Mona was my sister also but she’s not there anymore. Do you even realise that you are living in an half constructed house. Why?” Ahaana asked

“Because I like it. “ Sam answered

“Nope,because Mona started working on this house. She designed everything here. You are holding on to your past. Sam just let her go don’t hold her anymore. “ Ahaana clarified


Sam and Mona were on their way to home. As usual sam picked Mona from her office. Mona get inside the car and both shared a warm hug and sooner both shared a passionate kiss. After a soft kiss on her forehead Sam start driving. Both talked about their day in the office.

“You know I’ve done 5 files single handedly. You’ll be happy to know that sooner I’m promoted to a manager.” Sam told her excitedly

“Nice, congratulations. “ Mona replied coldly.

“That’s it. What yaar I’m telling you such a big news and you’re giving me such a cold reaction. What happened are you not happy. “ Sam asked little disappointed by her behaviour.

Sam’s phone started ringing he was about to pic his call by the time Mona cuts the call.

“What’s this Mona it’s an important call and I’ve to answer that. Why did you cut the call ,damn it?” Sam yelled

“Okay, listen I want to decorate our room in a different way. It’s not like a normal one. “ Mona was telling about her plans.

“I want a bookshelf in my room where I can spend my time. “ Mona told him excitedly

But Sam was busy in his phone and didn’t pay any attention to her. It made Mona frustrate and she opens her seat belt in anger.

“Are you even listening to me Sam.” Mona yelled

“Yeah. But why did you disconnected the call.“ Sam yelled

“You are never there Sam. You’re always focused on your work and future but what about our present. “ Mona argued

“Oh stop your childish behaviour I’m fed up of your this type of behaviour. “ Sam yelled.

“Ohhh so now you have a problem with my behaviour as well huh. Fine, I’m done with you. Be focused on your work and future. “ Mona yelled.

“Just stop yelling Mona and wear your seat belt. “ Sam yelled

“Stop yelling at me. Just stop the car.” Mona said while opening her seat belt.

“No , I’m not stopping. You just wear your seat belt and stop behaving like a stubborn child. “ Sam yelled in irritation.

Sam was trying to put her seat belt again and at the same time truck came in their direction. The driver was completely drunk so he lost his control as Sam was busy in putting her seat belt he didn’t look on the road and the accident happened. Mona was not wearing her seat belt so her head bumped up on the dashboard so hardly that she lost her consciousness. Sam’s head bumped on steering wheels his head was bleeding but not as much as Mona’s. He tried his best to collect all his strength to touch her head to talk to her but heis vision was getting blurred. People saw the accident and started running in their direction they called ambulance, and the very next moment they were in the hospital.
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