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Chapter 3 In the hospital


When I saw Mona lying on dashboard I tried my level best to wake or move her but I felt so vulnerable that I am unable to do anything. My vision is getting blurry slowly but I can hear that people around our car were trying to take us out of the car and shouting “ call the ambulance”. After that I lost my consciousness and very next moment I found myself lying on the bed.

When I opened my eyes I saw Ahaana ,Rahul and my parents are standing in front of me with their watery eyes. I can clearly saw pain in their eyes, they all are worried for us. The first thing i asked is where is Mona?, Is she all right? Nobody answered me, so I gained some strength and asked again where is Mona? This time Ahaana couldn’t control herself and tears found there way out of her eyes. This scared me from inside, I tried to sit but failed. Than Rahul came to me and told me that she is in next room and under observation.

“Rahul how’s she?” Sam asked worriedly

“She’s also fine. she’s resting, you also take rest we all are here. “Rahul told

After 3-4 days doctor told me that I’m fine and I can start my normal routine. After getting discharged I asked doctor about Mona.

“Doctor where is my wife? Is she also being discharged?” Sam asked

“Who’s your wife ?” Doctor asked little confused

“The One who admitted the day I got admitted. Her name is Mona.” Sam asked

“Ohh, she’s your wife. Her condition is not good at all. “Doctor said worriedly

“What happened to her doctor ? Can I see her ? “ Sam asked worriedly

“Yeah, sure. “Doctor led the way.

When we both entered in room. I saw she’s laying on the bed. Needles were pierced in her both hands , few wires are attached on her head. I wondered how her glowing skin turned so pale. She almost lost her beauty. I turned towards doctor and I wanted to know so many things that were going through my mind.

“Doctor why is she unconsciousness ?”sam seems worried

“Actually she’s not my patient. Doctor Diya is operating her, she can tell everything about her condition . “ doctor explained

“So ,where is doctor Diya? I wanna meet her right now.” Sam in hurry

“Come with me.” Doctor said

Doctor showed me the direction and me being his sincere patient followed him. Finally we reached doctor Diya’s cabin. Doctor told me that she’s inside so go and talk to her. I thanked him a lot and asked the assistant for the permission. He allowed me to go inside when I entered in the cabin I saw a beautiful lady sitting on the chair. She’s like angel ,very calm and polite. I almost grunt her meanwhile she noticed my presence in her cabin.

“Yes, who are you? And what you want?” Diya asked

“Hmm. Yeah, actually I want to meet dr. Diya” Sam said in panic.

“Yes, I’m dr. Diya. How may I help you?” Diya asked

“Dr there’s a patient named Mona. I’m her husband and I wanna know about her condition.” Sam asked

“Ohh, please come and have a seat.” Diya said

“Thanks dr “ Sam said

“Actually, when she arrived in the hospital by that time she had lost a lot of blood. We tried our best to arrange blood of Ab negative but we didn’t get blood on time. Due to loss of blood, there was shortage of oxygen to the brain so, her brain stopped responding to any medical treatment. Because of this she went in coma and now we can’t say anything when will she gain her consciousness back.” Diya explained the matter.

After listening this bitter truth I can’t believe what I heard. It seems like that the ground slipped beneath my feet. I stood from my seat and without uttering a word left the cabin. I’m standing all alone infront of the cabin then suddenly Ahaana and Rahul came in the view. They both are coming in my direction and I’m standing blank faced. Ahaana saw me and she’s surprised to see me there . Actually she didn’t expect me there. She came running in my direction and asked me about my health but I didn’t reply her.

“Are you listening Sam, I’m talking to you.” Ahaana shook me

“Hmm” Sam replied coming back to reality

“What are you doing here?” Ahaana asked

I could not utter a single word but tears started rolling out from my eyes. When Ahaana saw me crying she understood that now I know everything about Mona. Without saying anything she just took me in her embrace, to make me calm down.

“Sam she’s not well.” Ahaana said in crying tone

“Why did you all hide this from me? Why did you do this ?” Sam said angrily

“Because you were not well at that time and we didn’t want you to take stress.” Ahaana says

We had a little argument, then left the hospital area and came back to our house. My parents went back to their place, after some time life is becoming normal but, as usual god had planned something else for me. After two months, I was doing my work on my computer then suddenly my phone started ringing it’s from the hospital. It gave me goosebumps, I picked the phone with shaking hands. It’s dr. Diya who told me to come to the hospital as soon as possible, tears rolled out from my eyes. The voice from the other side called my name again and I said I’m coming that’s what I said.

When I reached the hospital Ahaana and Rahul were present there. I walked to them and asked about the matter but they also don’t know anything. They were waiting for doctor to tell us about Mona. After waiting for 15 minutes doctor came out from the room.

“Doctor what happened to her ? Is she alright?” Ahaana asked worriedly

“Please come with me, her condition is getting worse.” Doctor said little tensed

We entered the room and saw how she’s breathing.

“Since early morning she’s having trouble in breathing. I examined her and done few tests but everything thing seems to be normal. I can’t understand why she’s having breathing problem, we have put her on oxygen but still didn’t get any results. I don’t think she will survive you all can do prayers maybe god can do some miracle.” Doctor said and left the room

“Ahaana, what is she saying? My Mona can’t leave me like this. You know how much I love her she’s my life I can’t live without her.” Sam bursted out in tears

“Sam sam please calm down. It’s been two months she’s not with us and it’s better to let her go. she’s in pain.” Ahaana replied while crying

“No no no. I can’t let her go like this, let’s change the hospital. I don’t this she’s a good doctor she can’t handle her condition.” Sam says crying

Suddenly a weak sound grabbed their attention. It’s Mona’s voice, she’s trying hard to open her eyes.

“Mona are you alright.” Sam asked worriedly

“Sam it’s very difficult to live like this. And I feel like my times up. I’m going Ahaana please take care of Sam.” Mona said in shaking voice

Before we could say anything she left us. Her body is calm now she doesn’t have trouble breathing. Ahaana closed her eyes and we cried a lot. Rahul did the formalities of the hospital.

We came back with Mona’s body which has no motion her dead body. After doing her last rites everyone went back to their places. Me and Mona’s memories were together. Her death gave me such a shock that my mental health affected a lot.


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