The Billionaire's Wife

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The handsome young man was boarding the plane until a call from his father came. "Who is this woman,who is claiming you the father of her child?!" What happens when a waitress at a lousy old Cafe gets drunk and sleeps with the billionaire that everyone in the country fears. Will he accept his baby or leave it as a mistake? ⚠️ Warning⚠️ •Language •Violence •Sexual behavior

Romance / Drama
Aylisha Singh
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Chapter One

There were too many people in the cafe that kept the young lady busy. Moving here and there with the small tray of ordered drinks.

"Waiter! Over here" one shouted as some men sat at a table. "I ordered a latte and it hasn't arrived yet" a woman complained.

"I'm sorry,ma'am. I'll get it right away" she said and walked to the men for the order. Giving the woman her latte,the waitress earned a slap.

"I waited for an hour and now I received my latte? Are you kidding me? Thanks for just wasting my time!" she yelled until the manager came.

The young lady stood behind the manager with her head down and gave out a little sigh. This was her life,working in a small lousy Cafe.

"So I heard that crazy woman slapped you" Emily said another waitress of the cafe,who was also doing a night shift. "Yeah..." the woman said.

"Hmm? Oh come on,Melissa! It was her fault. Don't worry" Emily said. "Now look at me and smile. Whenever I see you it's like someone killed your little soul inside" Emily said with her cheerful tone.

The woman looked up at her and tilted her head. Emily tilted her head too, imitating Melissa. Not long the woman gave a small smile with her closed eyes.

"I'm sorry. It's just I'm worried about my mother..." Melissa said and stopped mopping the floor. "Ahh I see. How is she?" Emily asked calmly.

"She's fine..." Melissa said and continued to mop the floor.

"Ok then I'll take my leave. Goodnight!" Emily said parting ways with Melissa as they reached a two way path for home.

Melissa saw the lights on in her house and there were chattering. 'Guess papa is home...' she thought.

She walked inside to find him with some business partners. "Ahh Melissa. You're home! Please if you don't mind serving our guests" he said with a smile.

'Pretending again,huh?' she thought. Melissa walked in the kitchen and took out a bottle of wine and some glasses. She laid it on the coffee table and felt something behind her.

A cold hand on her shoulder. Standing straight up with her head bowed,she faced the men that were her father's guests.

"This is my daughter,Melissa Anderson. She's 20 and works at some cafe" her father said to the men. Melissa saw the men in disgust. They were looking at her at places and smiling like devils which made her uncomfortable.

"U-uh papa? I have some work to do. Shall I go?" she asked and he nodded. She bowed and went to her room, locking the door.

"Disgusting..." she said referring to her father's business partners. She put her things aside and stripped herself into the bathroom.

'I should go see mum tomorrow morning before going to work...' Melissa said in her thoughts. Not long she was drying her hair dressed in a robe on her bed.

"So you heard? Aiden Dalton is looking for a personal maid. Anyone would take the chance for that!" Charlie said, Melissa's friend from high school. "Hmm..." Melissa hummed and fell on her bed. "Come on,Melissa! You can be rich! You won't have to deal with your father-" suddenly a knock at the door came.

Melissa's eyes widened and quickly got up. "I'll call you later,Charlie" she said and ended the call. "Coming!" Melissa said and quickly got changed.

She put her robe and towel away then opened the door for her father. "Hmm you don't look busy as you said earlier" he said and Melissa panicked inside. "I was. I just finished cleaning my room and-" "And what?" he asked a bit harshly that made her flinch. Melissa looked down "and I was going to start with my book..." she said and heard her father chuckle.

"You really think you will become a author? You can't even do a thing right!" he said. Melissa frowned slightly and looked up. "Was there something you wanted?"

"Ahh right! I'm having Claire over so I want you to go to the basement. I'll beat you while we're there" he said and left.

Melissa looked down with her hand on the wall. Her hand was shaking a little and her eyes became watery. "No matter what happens...I'll stay strong. For you,mum..." she said to herself.

Not long she heard the door bell and knew it's Claire. "Mum will hate you when she finds out" she said and left to the basement.

"Ahh Richard,it's nice to see you!" Claire came in with a smile. "Same here, darling. How have you been?" Richard, Melissa's father asked. "Good now that you're here but..." Claire's eyes searched the house. "Where's the brat?" she asked.

"Oh she's in the basement" Richard said with a smile. Claire giggled and moved her hands to Richard's chest. "So let's start" she said with a smirk.

"Come on,come on. Work you stupid wifi!" Melissa whisper screamed in the basement with her phone. The network was slow and she was looking for something before her father came.

"Uh ha!" she said and searched the site when the network came. "So Aiden Dalton IS looking for a personal maid!" she whisper yelled.

Melissa kept the phone in her hands and stared at the number that was provided for people who were interested in the job. She stayed idol for 5 minutes,biting her lips.

"What if papa comes? There are others who might be chosen,the ones with money and" Melissa said "I have a chance and I won't lose it" she said.

She kept rambling and was about to push the call button until she heard the basement door open. She quickly looked at the time. '9pm?!' she mentally yelled.

Melissa put her phone away and saw her father with a whip. The night in the basement was filled with sounds of whips and slaps and painful moans. The man abused his daughter till she fell to the ground helpless.

The woman woke up and found herself on the cold floor. She got up to see no one in the basement. "It's-it's over?" she said to herself.

She quickly took her phone and walked to her room to clean up. Her legs were weak as her hands and her head ached so bad that she didn't want to think about anything,anything at all.

She fell on her bed and surrendered to the restless body. Not long she was sleeping soundly with her father at the door.

"She won't be bad at making me money" he said with a smile and left the room.
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