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El diablo

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She was a package and he was the devil. And the devil always deliver. Hired to deliver a package within a week, he was up to the task but he never expected unforeseen circumstances to delay his efficiency in his work. Vowed to live up to his reputation, he was ready to go through anything to see that he delivers but what would happen when he started getting close to the package? Or the fact that he started going beyond his belief wondering what would become of her when he let's her out of his sight? This was wrong, he is El Diablo, he has no heart, no emotion. He doesn't feel, he is not compassionate. What he does is accept jobs, deliver and gets paid and if you cross him? He doesn't hesitate to put a bullet straight to the head. His name is feared all around, he is neat, he is never crossed, even his employers fear him. Parents tell his story to scare children and the ground shake at the very mention of his name. He is El Diablo and no one challenges him, no one except her that kept defying his orders.

Romance / Action
Goodness Shadrach
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The shower was running until a hand reached out and turned off the tap, the pitch black hair in view was wet with water and hands smoothens it back before the head was raised up and the hands wiped the water from the face. The eyes opened to reveal pitch black eyes that was devoid of any emotion. The face was oval with sexy cheekbones and chiseled jaw with few weeks’ old stubbles, a well defined pointed nose and thick black eyebrows with beautiful, long eyelashes that were dripping water and a small thin pink line as lips. The eyes closed once more and a tongue poked out and licked the lips.

A sigh left the lips before the owner reached for the towel that was hanging on the hanger and wiped his body, a muscular chest with flat strong tummy with sexy looking six packs, the water beads made it sexy to look upon and he slowly dabbed the towel on his skin before tying it around his slim waist. He opened the glass and stepped out, then walking to the door, he opened it and stopped, looking at the woman dressed in nothing but red lingerie.

She winked at him and bit her lip seductively, “hey handsome,” she purred, “want to have fun?” she twirled her waist sexily and pressed the remote she was holding for a soft jazz to start playing on the stereo. The man looked at her, then at the stereo and back at her, there was a small smile playing on his lips but he made no move of approaching her. The woman moaned and licked her lips then took slow and sexy steps towards him, “I hope you don’t mind me letting myself in, but if you must know, it wasn’t hard,” she walked her two fingers on his chest and looked up at him, fluttering her lashes with a sexy smile, “the door was unlocked.”

The man just stood by the door and let her do whatever she wanted, her fingers climbed up to his face and she rubbed her thumb on his lips, “come on sweetheart, I can give you what you want,” she purred, closing up their distances that their bodies were rubbing against the other, the heat was transferring from her to him. She stood on her tiptoes and whispered in his ear, “I promise you, it would be good,” she licked his ear and then looked into his eyes, “trust me,” she mouthed and then kissed him.

At first, he didn’t return the kiss but soon, his hand wrapped around her waist and she moaned as he deepened the kiss. He picked her up soon and carried her to the bed without breaking the kiss and she giggled in his mouth. They fell on the bed with him on top her and he wasted no time in taking off the little clothing she had on while her hands worked to help him.

Few minutes into their bliss, he looked at her after pouring his seed into her and smiled softly, her eyes were still half closed and her lips were panting softly from her orgasm. He suddenly reached under the pillow and pointed his hand behind him, everything happened so fast that the next thing she heard was a gunshot and then the sound of something dropping on the floor. All he did without looking away from her. He chuckled seeing her shocked expression, “surprised?” He asked in a soft sensual voice, almost taking her back to the bliss they were in only but a few seconds ago but she knew better than to try to seduce him now.

“Or scared because you realized that you just gave up your body for nothing?” he continued in the same voice and leaned down and kissed her slightly opened lips, leaning back, his eyes were closed, “it was fun while it lasted,” he looked down at her bare chest before him and licked his lips, “Ah, dulce, y usted fue muy divertido. Es una pena que toda esta dulzura tiene que ser comido por los gusanos ahora,” he replied and shook his head softly, “Ah sweet, and you were so much fun. It’s a shame all these sweetness has to be eaten by worms now.”

She looked at him with fear clouded eyes, understanding immediately what his words meant, “don’t look at me like that, you should know this would happen,” he smiled and then brought his hand to her temple only for her to shudder at the coldness of the metal she felt, “tsk tsk tsk,” he shook his head, “send my greetings to them okay,” he smiled and she opened her mouth to say something when another shut was heard, spilling her brains all over the bed and headboard, her blood staining the white sheets. The man still on top her spitted out, turns out some particles of her brain entered his mouth, he sniffled and wiped out the blood that spilled on his face.

Looking at her deformed face he shook his head once more, “what a waste, I would have loved having you around a few nights more,” he whispered and then slipped out of her. He didn’t bother covering his nakedness and just strode to the body lying on the floor, he stared at the dressed in black assassin for a few seconds before bending down to search him when a phone started ringing. He found out the ringing was coming from the dead man and brought out the phone, staring at the number calling with the name Padre (father) he scoffed. Walking out to the balcony with no care that he was still naked, he answered the call.

“Hijo, ¿está muerto?” A man’s voice asked immediately the call connected, “Son, is he dead?”

“Sí, y él viene por ti,” he answered, “Yes, and he is coming for you.”

The man on the other side grew quiet that only his labored breathing could be hard before the call disconnected. The man look at the phone and smiling, he closed his eyes and let the night breeze wash all over him before he turned and entered the room. Staring at the mess he had made, he sighed and walked back into the bathroom, washed up, came out and strode to the wardrobe and got out his suit and his briefcase. He had thought he would have good night sleep but now he needs to take care of an unfinished business and then check into a new hotel.

Done dressing, he walked to the intercom to call room service and give his room number, then he looked at the faceless naked woman on the bed and shaking his head, he left the room before the room service could arrive.


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