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I can't explain this

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She gathered herself, and on weak knees turned back to face from where she came from, and as the last drop of tear fell down her cheek, she took a deep breath and walked away too. She and he, would never forget that day, where their relationship started was where it ended. Where it started in happiness and hugs, it ended in tears and parting ways and like a wise man or woman once said,what has a beginning has an end and what matters is not how it ends nor much on how it began either rather what was done in between the beginning and the end. She hoped she'd be kept alive and hopeful, holding on to the memories they made together, she vowed not to forget.

The other broken heart however, regretted the day he met her, his decision to confess his love to her and as much as he hated her, he hated himself more. He remembered the words said to him by his dying mother, "be careful son," she said, "love isn't pretty, it's ugly, selfish, heartless all the worst you could think of, and at the same time love is sweet, caring, honest and all the good you could think of. Just be careful on which side of it you fall." He turned his head towards the window of the moving bus and looked back to the town he called home all his life.

He was leaving now, unbearable it would be for him, running into his ex everyday of his life, for where he was she was too. You may think she stalked him, but no she didn't, just circumstances and situations. He let out a frail sigh and moved his back closer to the back of the seat and tucked his arms, letting sleep overtake him and he hoped whatever dream he'd have would be worth facing than the reality that sat right Infront of him.

written by Alvin .....

end of part two ....

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