The Boss' Mate

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Killian,an Alpha and the head of the Mafia gang,Black Dragon. He's a man devoid of emotion,cold and ruthless.Love is clearly not on his mind. Beryl is an Omega living off his earnings, a kind and sweet person,the complete opposite of the Alpha. A past Martial artist.He owns a coffee shop and his life hasn't been better.The thrill of the chase is a thing of the past in his case. What happens when he meets the Alpha? Of course,polar opposites do tend to attract.

Romance / Fantasy
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*Beep Beep*

*Beep Beep*


Beryl glared at the alarm clock and groaned, banging the snooze button.He'd usually just take a minute and come back.Today,he wasn't in for that.He sat up and stretched,yawning in tow.A sharp pain pierced through his skull and he winced.

“Best game ever”he mumbled sarcastically.

Three bottles of whiskey was a pretty dumb plan.No one would've thought of an idea like that with a clouded mind and drunk ass.Unless that no one was Mason.

I'll murder him.Beryl thought

The omega decided to sleep the headache off.The pulsing pain was something he couldn't stand.His thoughts reflected to the cafe.Who’d take care of the place?

Sure he had employees but,their capability is doubted.

With a final decision,Beryl decides to head to the cafe,despite the hangover.A bottle of aspirin could do the deed.Groggily,Beryl walked to the bathroom.

Passing by the mirror,he retreated to spare a glance.

His almond brown hair was frizzed and crow's feet appeared beneath his greenish orbs.


To cut it short,he was the living aftermath of a party freak

Figures he'd look wretched.A sigh escaped his lips.

The omega stepped in the shower,warm water cascading down his back.

Pure bliss.

Beryl stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel loosely on his waist and went to his room.His alarm clock blared 5:35 AM

At least he woke up early this time.

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