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How to Seduce a Man

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A sweet and shy girl who one day decides to bluntly ask for help from one of the most desired men in the city. Initially it's all about teaching her how to seduce a man, but then the feelings come into play and everything gets only more complicated. Because he's the father of her best friend.

Romance / Erotica
Space Lizard
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Chapter 2

The last evening Kate had not been able to fall asleep easily, after talking with Michael that morning, a strange weight on her shoulders had not left her alone even for a second. She had tossed and turned around under the covers until four in the morning, mulling over her decision and especially thinking about the fact that she didn't want to say anything to anyone. How would her best friend look at her if she would tell her everything? Kate was the emblem of the perfect girl, at least the one that every parent would want, the one who never fails and always makes wise choices and the best decisions in life. But she didn't feel like that girl. She needed to escape, to discover herself and really realize who she was. She was simply tired of making decisions that pleased others rather than herself.

Needless to say, she was unable to get up in time, thus arriving late, for the first time since the beginning of the school year. That day had started very badly and what could make it worse? Two hours of physical education. Sports. She hated that subject, thinking she had no talent for sport at all and although it was evident, the teacher insisted on letting her play in a team with the others. She was already nauseous at the thought that in a few minutes she would have to dodge the ball a million times to not get hit, but above all she would have to be careful not to fall.

"Kate, how long do you need to change that shirt? They are all out already!"

Her best friend was ready and euphoric for the upcoming volleyball match, she was waiting for her with her arms folded, while she stamped one foot on the ground, leaning against the door jamb of the room.

"Just... Just go ahead... I need my time to change and I'll arrive, don't worry."

Obviously Kate was trying to waste as much time as possible; in return she heard only a snort from her friend and she was alone in that room once again. With an exasperating slowness she finished changing and decided to go out, ready to show once again to all her classmates how uncoordinated she was.
She had time to take a few steps towards the outside of the building, when she got grabbed by the wrist and pulled back. Quickly Kate leaned against a wall that she found behind her and her eyes met another pair, blue and adult ones who looked at her amused. Michael. He smiled at her and Kate barely realized she was pulled into the men's locker room. Instinctively she looked away from his face, feeling her stomach tangle with emotion that she almost regretting asking for her help the previous day.
She heard him say something in a tone of accusation towards her and knew he was very close, feeling his breath on her face and in her hair. She was still stuck with her back to the wall, while she kept looking at her shoes so as not to let him notice how much she was blushing.
She felt him come closer again as he released her arms, previously folded, now at her sides.

"Kate. Watch me."
His tone sounded calm and tremendously sensual. But maybe she was just thinking about it a little too much...

"I said watch me.", he repeated in a low voice, but this time in a much harsher tone, which almost made her jump.

Slowly she looked up, hoping with all of herself that he would not see all the embarrassment that was immobilizing her. Kate felt her heart beating faster as he watched her in silence, almost scrutinizing every detail of her face.

"You would never seduce me with such a look."
He was absolutely serious in saying those words and hearing them say aloud was like getting punched in the stomach.

"You pulled me here just to insult me?", she said, after a few seconds of silence while the shame did not seem to vanish.

Michael bit his lower lip with a short smile and crossed his arms over his chest again.

"Lesson number one... No matter where we are and you did ask me you want to learn, right? Well, if I decide to give you advice in the middle of the road or in a desert you must listen to me. And anyway I was not insulting you, I was just ascertaining the reality of the facts."

He spoke with decision and certainty, which made Kate feel even more incapable than she already was. She remained silent as she thought about his words...

"We are missing physical education...", she said serious, looking him in the eye, since he didn't mention a word.

She waited a few more seconds, convinced that he would answer her, but no, nothing happened. He kept biting his lip in silence and she was tired of only staying there. So she snorted and pushed him a little further back to pass him, placing a hand on his chest. But she ended up slamming her back against the wall once again, only this time he was too close and kept holding her hand with which he had not allowed her to leave.

"Kiss me." He was looking her straight in the eye again.

"Wait... What?"

"Let me see what you can do.", he answered, getting even closer: "Come on, kiss me.", he said in a whisper, still looking at her, so close that a simple movement would have made her brush his nose with hers. He was testing her, trying to figure out if she had the courage to kiss him, or...?
Kate narrowed her eyes and instinctively leaned towards him, her lips immediately found his, so warm and soft that they left her breathless. She felt as tense as a violin string and yet ... kissing that man there, her best friends father, in the middle of the men's locker room and knowing that anyone could walk through the door and see them, seemed to her to be the most normal and logical thing in the world. His lips moved fast and expertly on her, not even giving her time to get oxygen and automatically she brought her free hand to his face, enjoying that kiss more. As soon as her fingers touched his cheek, she felt his on her side and him even closer than he already was, busy deepening that kiss by touching her tongue with his, playing with it and enjoying the taste.

When they walked away, embarrassment came over her again... How she hated it! She couldn't go from kissing him passionately to being shy in less than some minutes!

She stood silently looking at him, he still had his hand on her hip and looked definitely surprised.

"It looks like you don't need to learn how to kiss.", he said with a lopsided smile on his lips, now a little more red and swollen from the kiss they had exchanged just before. Underneath this statement he flattered her... But Kate did not answer him, she simply continued to look at him without letting her pleasure show in hearing him say those words.

Spending time with her best friend outside of school was becoming almost a ritual, she kept telling her that lately she was acting strange, that she found it hard to recognize her and that she was sure she was hiding a secret from her. How can you blame her? Especially after the kiss with her father that morning... Kate wished she could tell her, but she would surely have sent her to hell because the Kate she knows would never do such a thing...

When she got home, she let out a sigh of relief as she crossed the threshold. She probably shouldn't have paid attention to every facial expression of herself so as not to give her friend any doubts.

"Kate, why don't you offer your teacher something? I don't really understand today's mathematics either or I would've helped you out, I'm sorry."
Her mother looked at her smiling as she sat at the table reading who knows what.

"What are you talking about?", she asked in amazement, with the half-empty glass in her hand.

"But yes, I don't remember his name... He said he was a bit early and so I made him wait in your room."

Kate's jaw dropped almost to the floor. Without further ado, she ran up the stairs and entered her room as quickly as possible.

"There you are! What were you doing? Not that I was bored..."

Michael was sitting comfortably on Kate's bed holding a pair of panties between his thumb and forefinger, with a mischievous expression on his face. With a quick gesture she took them from his hand and closed the door behind her.

"Are you crazy? Don't you dare rummage through my things!"
She wanted to scream, but if her mother had heard it, it would have been more difficult.

"Your mother told me I could wait for you here.", he chuckled, taking another look at her panties scattered across the bed.

She gritted her teeth and took as many in her hands as possible and put them back inside the drawer.

"What do you want? Don't you have to be home?", she asked nervously, as she tried to make her underwear disappear in a few seconds.

"Needless to worry so much."

Kate crossed her arms under her chest, trying to ignore how embarrassed she felt, and walked over to the bed.

"Please leave.", she told him firmly, looking him in the eye.
Michael pulled himself up, leaning on his elbows and smiling at her.

"Oh no my dear, you and I have a pact.", he said with a certain look in his eyes.

"So?", she asked him in an arrogant tone but still firm.

"So we should continue, right?"
He got to his feet and approached her confidently; she instinctively tensed and he noticed it.

"By the way...", he sighed, running a hand through his hair. "You can't tense up like this as soon as an individual of the opposite sex approaches you."

Kate snorted and didn't say a word, still trying to relax her muscles a bit.
She saw him tighten his eyelids, as if he wanted to look at her better. His eyes were sifting through every single inch of her, causing a shiver down her spine.

"You need more confidence..." His look in uttering those words made her feel a little fearful, she knew that he was up to something.

"I already am confident!", she exclaimed opening up in a smile, then bringing her face closer to his to look him straight in the eyes.

"Undress me then. Come on.", he said, spreading his arms in an automatic movement. "Or do you want to find yourself unprepared, insecure and afraid when the opportunity arises?", he asked her with a half smile, aware that he had reached a certain point. And for this very reason he convinced her.

Michael took off one shoe and then the other, a serious and relaxed expression on his face, as if what he was doing in front of her was a completely natural thing. Kate stopped clutching her arms to her chest and took a few steps closer to him.

"Come on now."

Hearing him speak again interrupted the flow of her thoughts, bringing her back to reality. She took a deep breath and reached out to him, taking a bit of his shirt and lifted it slightly, but needed to use her other hand to take it off. She didn't dare look him in the face, feeling terribly embarrassed and maybe he would have burst out laughing at any moment because of her inexperience.

"Kate, watch me while you do it."

Was it possible that his tone was really that calm under this circumstance? The expression he had on his face was indecipherable but still he gave her an almost inhuman confidence. Without adding a word, he raised his arms to help her take that shirt off for good.
She tried not to look too much on his body, and concentrated on what she should do now. Without noticing the growing agitation, she went down with one hand to the height of the belt; slowly she unfastened it and looking up in his direction, she took it off; throwing it on the bed behind him.
Now the critical phase came. The pants. Kate felt her cheeks inflame within seconds, but she decided she had to continue. Slowly she opened the button with her index finger and thumb, being careful with her touch and pulled at the zipper. She didn't dare look at him even for a second, she was just thinking about pulling those jeans down once and for all so as to put an end to that kind of 'challenge'. Holding the fabric of his pants firmly in her hands, she began to pull them down. Underneath he wore a pair of tight black boxers.

When she came to mid-thigh, Michael's hands blocked her wrists, leaving her surprised. Maybe she had done something wrong and had decided to stop, yet Kate was convinced that it had not been too bad...
Automatically she let go of the fabric and retracted her hands, while the man, with a quick gesture, finished undressing completely. She was forcing herself to look out the window to her right, even if the temptation to look at that man only with those boxers on was really big.

"Do I have to repeat it all over again?"
His voice was loud near her ear, making her realize that he had approached her.

"Watch me.", he said again, making her understand that he was tired of repeating those words; so she decided to take her eyes off the tree she saw from her window and move them over him.

Michael was relaxed, not at all embarrassed to stand like that in front of her, clearly at ease with his body, making sure she looked at him just as he had told her to. Kate felt extremely uncomfortable, as if the half-naked adult in front of her was herself; despite the certainty that he knew how she felt, she could not help but enjoy that vision. He looked like one of those underwear models whose beauty seems foreign to mankind. She couldn't help but observe him, noticing every detail of his body and he knew she liked what she saw...

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