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Everything Changes: Book 1

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20 year old Sabrina Miller, who is from the Queens, New York, was walking home one cold Christmas Eve winter night. Sabrina discovers that something was going on down an alley. Once she has seen more than she supposed to, Sabrina is kidnapped. The guy who kidnaps her, 24 year old Gabriel Renzo (Who is in the Mafia), keeps her at his house for a week, and then let her go. Once she is free, she is beaten by her sister's boyfriend.... Until Gabe saves her from him and take care of Sabrina Once Sabrina is better, Gabe let's Sabrina stay with him for a while. So she an start over her life. What happens when Sabrina and Gabriel changes one other. You never know what happens next, unless you read the book.

Romance / Mystery
Regyn’s Stories
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Sabrina never thought she would love her life like this after she graduated high school; especially on Christmas Eve, a day where you’re supposed to be with your family and supposed to be thankful for everything. But Sabrina just wanted to die right now. The only person that was keeping her alive was her nine year old sister Dakota.

Sabrina was supposed to be attending her second term at NYU (New York University), majoring in Journalism, enjoying her college years. But two years ago Sabrina’s mom died from cancer two months after she graduated high school. Her mom saved and inheritance for Sabrina and Dakota. When they turned 18, they could take their portion of the money and start school or start their life. But Sabrina’s older sister, Keisha, and her boyfriend, Dre, had other plans with their money. Keisha and Dre used the money for drugs and their personal needs, meaning Sabrina would never go to school and/or get her and Dakota out of this house of Hell.

Finally getting out of the small and crowded house, Sabrina walks to the neighborhood corner store to get something to eat for dinner with only five dollars to her name. Besides Sabrina, Dakota, Dre and Keisha, Dre’s six kids stay their; one of them my sister birth, and the others his flings birth and just didn’t want to deal with them. Since Dre and Keshia are always gone, Sabrina is always the main person who has to take care of them and feed them, some nights she would go to bed hungry because there would only be enough food for the kids. Before Keshia was on drugs, Sabrina and her used to be so closed before Dre was in the picture. But now they only thing she cares about is herself, Dre, and her daily fix.

Good thing she caught Dre laying in bed, before he could go back out. Sabrina snuck out to get something to eat since she hasn’t eating in two days. Walking into the store, Sabrina greets herself to the cashier up front. “Hey Nick,” She smiles . He looks up at her and smile. “Yo Sabrina! How you doing?” He ask. “I’ve been better. How bout you?” She answers

“I’m good. So what are getting today?”

Sabrina shrugs, “Just something to eat.”

“There are some TV dinners in the back.”

Sabrina walks to the back of the store grabbing a Hot Pocket, a Pepsi, and a bag of chips; it wasn’t much but she needed something to kill her hungry pains. She place the Hot Pocket in the store microwave and let it cook for a while. After the Hot Pocket was done, Sabrina paid for her things. Nick put her food in a bag, “I’ll see you later Nick.”

“Alright, have a good night.” He smiles and waves me off, while I walk out of the store.

Walking back home, it was dark and cold. To make it even better, it starts to rain. Fuck my life. She thought to herself. Sabrina continues to finish her food as she was quickly walking home, before Dre woke and noticed she wasn’t there.

As Sabrina walks down the alley, which is a shortcut back home, and throws away her trash, she hears hear a loud clang down an alley. Sabrina stops her tracks and quickly presses her back against the building brick wall.

She slightly turn her head around, peeking to see what’s happening. It was two men in the middle of the alley fighting. Well not really fighting persay, more like one guy was whooping the other guy’s ass. She tiptoes into the alley, not trying to draw attention to herself. She hid behind a dumpster to get a closer look.

Now just a few minutes while Sabrina was walking home, before the fight even happened, a man by the name of Gabriel Renzo was already annoyed by the man who he sat across the table from; none other than Jason Mills. He was one of the new members of his father’s Mafia crew. Gabriel never liked when his father brought in new people in his crew, so Gabriel would always keep an close eye on the newcomers and try to see if they have any dirty work on them. But oh what he found out about Mr. Mills will have him swimming with the fishes.

As the men were at his father’s restaurant, talking and laughing. Gabriel couldn’t help but to overhear how Jason was talking shit about him. “Do you care to repeat what you just said Mills?” Gabe says out of the blue, grabbing everyone’s attention.

Jason rolls his, “I don’t have a problem. But you seem to have a problem with me. Considering that you’ve been staring me down ever since I became apart of this family.” He speaks up.

“Okay fellas lets just calm down. It’s not the serious.” Gabriel’s father, Andrew, spoke.

“FAMILY?!” Gabriel ignores his father and yells. He stands up from his seat and walk around the table “You really want to talk about family right now. You just walked your ass in here and you think we claim you as family.” I stand in front of Jason, who so happens to get up from seat and walks in front of me. Jason scoffs, “You’re just jealous of me because I’m a better and work harder than you.” He chuckles, “Are you just so threatened by me that you want to throw a fit right now. How pathetic and shallow are you.” He continues to chuckle.

I began to chuckle with him. “You know what maybe you are right. But of course and cop will always be good at doing dirty work.” Jason stops laughing and the entire restaurant becomes quiet. “Tanner if you please.” My best friend Tanner hands Gabriel a manilla envelope. Gabe opens it and place the files and photos on the table for everyone. He turn to look at his father, who is looking at the files. “Father as you see Mr. Mills is actually working with the NYPD undercover department. Even though you are close with them, I guess certain people in the department wanted to bring you down. Him and about five other investigators wanted to bring you and the mafia down.” I smirk, “Also what Tanner and I both found out was that he’s also under another mafia in Staten Island, and his planned was also to get the both of us killed Dad.” I finish.

Dad looks over at Jason, “Is there anything you would like to say Mills?!” Andrew yells at Jason. Andrew was never an angry. He was the most respected man in the state of New York ever since he was in his 20s. So for someone to go undercover and try to bring him and his hard work down, that what took Andrew from zero to one hundred.

Jason couldn’t say anything. He just stood there dumbfound, stuttering. “You know what?” Andrew say, “This is your last day living. Gabe take Mr. Investigator outside and get him out of my sight.”

Gabriel bring out his evil smirk and grab Jason’s shirt. “My pleasure.” Gabriel punch him in the jaw and drags to the back and take him outside and throws to a dumpster. Gabriel walks over to Jason and clinch onto his shirt, continuing to punch him. “So you want to play dirty cop huh? You want to bug out me and my family.” Gabriel reaches to his waist and pulls out his gun, “Well, I got something for snitches. You fucking snake.” He aims the gun to his head. “Please Gabriel don’t-”


Before Jason could even finish, Gabriel shot him dead in the head; causing Jason to fall to the cold wet ground. Gabriel place to gun back into his waist, throws Jason’s body into the dumpster and walks back inside the restaurant. Before Gabriel could walk back inside he hears something hits the trash cans from the alley. Gabriel close the door and walk the alley to see someone trying to walk away. Before the person could leave he grabs their arms and roughly pin them against the brick wall. Out of nowhere a light hit the person Gabriel was pinning, to reveal it was Sabrina. She couldn’t see the guy because for one the light and the rain wasn’t giving her a clear view of, and his wet hair was covering his eyes. But Gabriel say her and for the first time in a while his heart skips a beat. Minus the fear on her face, Gabriel was staring at her beautiful long brown natural hair, pretty brown eyes, beautiful brown skin and her nice big pink lips. ”Non posso lasciar perdere questo. (I can't let this one go.)" He whispers.

He snaps back into reality and ask Sabrina. “What did you see?”

“I didn’t see nothing sir, swear.” Sabrina pleads. Gabriel anger became to take control over him. “YOU’RE LYING!” He punches the wall next to Sabrina, causing her to flinch. Gabriel chuckles and he stares directly at Sabrina. She could feel his eyes on him, as she began to cry; she knew that she was going to die. Sabrina’s mother always told her “Curiosity killed the cat.” Sabrina stares at the man’s hands, that were clinching on her hoodie, and arms. Veins were popping out of his white hands and arms.

Gabriel slowly takes his hands off and takes off his tie. “Put your wrist together.” He demands Sabrina.

Sabrina wanted to run, but her body felt heavy and her feet felt like cement; so she did as she was told and put her wrist together. Sabrina cried while Gabriel tied her wrist together and walk down the alley. When finally reach the end of the alley, I see a pitch black sports car parked. Gabriel walk over to the passenger side and open the door. “Sir, what are you-” Sabrina tries to negotiate but Gabriel cuts her off. “Shut the fuck up and get in the fucking car.” He push her in the car and shut the door.

He walks over to the driver’s side and gets in the car. Gabriel starts the car and drives out of the alley, and away from where Sabrina was trying to go... Home. “Sir please, let me go. I promise I won’t tell anyone anything.” Sabrina cries out.

“Oh I know you won’t tell anyone anything.” Gabriel smirks. “Also not until I find out who you are working for.” He stops at a red light. He pulls out his gun, and aims at her face. “Tonight might be your last night.” The light turn back green, and he began to drive. “So, what’s your name?”

“S-Sabrina Miller?” Sabrina stutters.

He pulls out his phone and scroll through his contacts. He began to speak in Italian, his native language, over the phone. Sabrina hears Gabriel says her name multiple time over the phone. Moments later, he hung up the phone. The rest of the car ride was silent. He drives to the other side of New York. Sabrina never left Queens except only one time when she to NYU for a college tour. He finally stop and parks the car in front of his house.

Gabriel got out of the car, walks to the passenger side, and got Sabrina out of the car. They walk inside the house and Sabrina was in awed of huge and beautiful the house was. He took me upstairs and into a bedroom and she was even more amazed by the beautiful bedroom. The entire room was white, there was a big king size bed, and a grey couch set a fireplace, with a flat screen TV on top, beautiful cream curtains, and a white marble bathroom.

As much as Sabrina was loving the view of the bedroom, she also had the realization come back into her head that she was kidnapped and she might die. Gabriel unties her wrist. Not looking at him, Sabrina tries to explain herself yet again. “Please mister, just let me go home. I-”

“Just stay here, and DON’T LEAVE THIS ROOM!” He slams the door behind him, and locks it.

Sabrina looks outside at the view, it’s so beautiful. She didn’t think about my family. She knew that Keisha and her boyfriend were going to kill me for not being home. She looks over at the clock on the wall and saw that it was a little after midnight meaning it was Christmas Day. Sabrina look back out of the window, thinking to myself, and asking God: Why is this happening to me? What do have planned for me?

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