Sweethearts from Inferno

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AGE GAP ROMANCE (MXB) The spin-off of Sweethearts From Hell Raising his brother was never suppose to be an easy task, Dylan knew that. But he did not know the sacrifices he would have to take- the jobs and illegal things he would have to do to provide for them, to keep a roof over there head. Kyler catching on, he's watching all the slip ups and trying to put the pieces together. On the other hand, there's a guy- and angel of a sort who is fluttering around but never seen by Dylan no matter how hard he looks. He only knows one thing- Kyler knows his angel. His angel is Kylers age- 17 while he is 21. This can't be right. Not now, not when he's stuck with do much already, Dylan cannot he pining after a 17 year old- except that's exactly what he's doing. BOOK 2 OF THE SWEETHEARTS FROM THE UNDERWORLD SERIES

Romance / Erotica
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C H A P T E R | O N E

Laughter was bouncing all over the house, and sneaking under Dylan's door as he sat aggravated by the noise. He was never one much meant for loud laughs and play dates.

Kyler was bouncing around in his room, his friends traipsing every inch of his house with little care for anyone else living here. Almost ready to storm out and demand them all to leave this instant, Dylan had to take a deep breath.

He knew his brother, and the second he tried to command every to leave, Kyler would look guilty for inviting them over. And that god awful boyfriend of his would give him a look worthy of a bitch slap.

Not much he could do in the moment other then lay down, grab the Tylenol beside him for the incoming headache and knock them back, swallowing without water. It was originally a nice day, the sun was shining, and the weather was perfect that he could turn it the A.C and heat and open up all the windows to get some air flow through the cramped house.

He hadn't expected for his entire driveway ti be polluted with cars- cars blocking his own. Dylan just prayed that come tonight they would be gone and he would be able to get to his job without any looks.

Nobody knew the truth about his job, Kyler had found out little things that made him suspicious, but never found any proof.

Dylan was only 21 there should be no way he would be able to hold a roof over their heads a feed them. He'd lied to his brother to keep him from the truth snd said their parents had a trust fund for them, a total lie but it was enough to stop the nagging about money.

A couple years ago Dylan had learned from a friend that if you were able to land a role as a porn model it was good money- so what did he do when looking at his brother all worried about what would happen to them. He allowed photos of him to be taken, wearing underwear and sometimes completely naked.

Dylan was almost positive they were somewhere on the internet but didn't have enough balls to check, but one thing led to another and the organizer of the shoots offered him a job which he couldn't turn down- the pay was incredibly great.

What he didn't realize that he would be getting fuck in the ass more ways then one.

Now almost every three nights he would leave the house, drive two towns away and sleep with some dude who would get his rocks off- and then a hefty pay check would come Dylans way. Then he would drive all the back before his brother awoke, and slept the one hour before getting up and doing everything in a days work.

A loud crashing came from down stairs, and against better judgment Dylan went flying out of his room and down the staircase, ignoring as his name was shouted by his younger brother. He pinpointed where the crash came from and went towards the kitchen, slamming the swinging door back, until he laid eyes on what broke.

The matching plates he and his brother made after his parents past, it was the first thing that made them both smile. And they were shattered into small fragments on the floor.

Kyler came up behind him and stopped short, following where Dylan's gaze was and let out a gasp "look man" a man with in brushed hair said, holding his arms up with apology. But the smirk on his face did not seem like an apology at all.

Seeing only red, Dylan shot forward, his fist already raised in the air and heading directly for the boys nose. He let out a girlish scream and ducked, hitting the floor with a bang at the same time, two hands wrapped around Dylan's shoulders and tossed him against the counter.

He felt his back collide and winced st the pain, his gaze looking up and narrowing on Ryan- his brothers boyfriend "get off of me" Dylan snarled, straightened his shoulders and trying to seem taller.

Ryan was preoccupied with making sure his friend wasn't in the middle of a heart attack, while Kyler began apologizing profusely.

Somewhere in the middle of the haze of red, he noticed the guys all left, leaving the plates still scattered into tiny pieces along the floor.

"What the fuck Dylan" Ryan shouted, catching his attention, his hands where removed and he was back standing next to Kyler who looked worried.

Scoffing at the sight, he brushed them both off, his eyes slightly watering as he bent down and scooped up the shards of glass, ignoring as they sunk into his hand and started bleeding.

Behind him, Kyler cursed and started forward, laying a hand on his shoulder to try and stop him.

Dylan wouldn't, leaving even the tiniest piece of glass on the floor could end up with him having a piece of glass in his foot. Besides better his hands he cut him then his feet.

He didn't stop bunching the plate in his hand until he felt a much rougher hand, hoist him up by the caller and thrust a broom into Kylers hand. Almost automatically, Dylan started reaching for it, the broken shards in his hands falling against the ground with a clattering noise, save for the few pieces still stuck in his hand.

Ryan reached forward, but caught Dylan's eye and seemed to retreat, his hands pulled back to his sides and he stood there as straight as a pole.

Trying to keep his composure, he strolled by his brothers boyfriend and fled up the stairs, finally feeling the sting of so many sharp cuts in his palm.

Another voice rang after him, this one sweeter and almost pulled him out of his trance. But by the time he realized the man was screaming Kylers name- he was already gone and the blood form his palms had began to stain the carpet.
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