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Matrimonio Rotto

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Broken Marriage There are two important things Italians hold on to, at least for the both of them. 1. Trust 2. Love Jamee's trust was not just broken into pieces, but they were gone like dust got blown by the wind. Her pride was stepped on and crushed like a piece of nut. She never knew her husband would betray her like that and embarrassed her in front of his parents. Then, what happens when his parents told him that they had arranged an engagement for him? She thought love was enough for him. But she knew, for a man like him and his family, she was just nothing.

Romance / Drama
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Jamee’s P.O.V

Today, Diane was going to bring me to her workplace and ask if there was an available spot for me. After a week staying with her, I had told her everything from the beginning until how she found me passed out in the dark alley behind a small diner.

She told me that the employer was a bachelor and a son of some important people in Misilly and throughout the whole of Italy.

It was around dinnertime when the owner of the house, the bachelor of Misilly came home. Even though Diane told me to sit still and just wait, I helped her made dinner for her employer.

I couldn’t hear anything after the front door was opened. He probably goes straight to his room.

I felt nervous now that he was home. Would he wanted me to work for him? Diane told me that he kept only a few people in his house. He doesn’t like being invaded and respected his privacy very much. It was a top priority in the household.

Heavy footsteps coming towards the kitchen which was attached to the dining table. I turned to Diane and looked at her asking for help. She was definitely nervous. But, she smiled at me in a comforting way.

“Sir, welcome home.” Diane bowed a little to him as a greeting out of respect. “Your dinner is ready.” She pointed out towards the table full of foods he would want to eat.

He stopped and greeted her back. And then, his eyes averted to me. His brown eyes seemed dull, more like it doesn’t have a life in there, but he was living. He analyzed me from head to toe which made my feet squirmed.

“Who’s this, Diane?” He asked Diane, but his eyes never leaving mine. We held our gaze without even blinking for a few seconds straight. It looked like he’s staring into my soul and it made my heart beats faster. His baritone but airy voice made me fluttered.

“Sir, this is my long-lost niece, Jamee Eilena. She has no one else, so she came to me and I brought her here.” Diane started to explain and he moved his gaze to her to wait for her to continue. “If I could ask for a favor, can she work here with me? You know my house is small and crowded. She only needs a roof above her head. She can do the cleaning.”

“We have a cleaning lady who comes once a week.” He replied to her straight away and I felt slightly disappointed. Of course, I didn’t expect him to accept me right away.

“Well, she can be here at night or whenever you need some help.” Diane kept on coaxing him and I needed to do something to help her since she helped me this much.

“I can do anything you ask me, sir.” I spoke and he threw me a gaze, but he looked tempted. His eyes twitched like something in him finally moved.

“She can move into the maid quarter since I left and it’s been empty for too long. Someone needs to use it.” Diane made an excuse as if it was. “I’ll be her guardian, sir. You can trust me.”

“Well then, she can start working tomorrow. Make sure you told her everything without missing a thing.” He sighed, finally giving in to her pledge.

“Of course, sir. I’ll be sure to tell her everything about the rules of the house. You don’t have to worry about that. She will be good and take care of you with all of her heart.” Diane said.

“She better.” He glanced at me, looking at me for one last time. I gulped down, feeling weird that he suddenly felt so close after accepting my presence.

Hello, fellow readers.
Thank you for giving my story a chance, it's good to be back here again.
Without further said, I hope you like my new story and stay until the end.
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