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Ep.2 Earlier that week

--- And this is going to be your room, Carla, it’s on the beautiful side, with a great view of the marina. Please keep the windows shut at all times, seagulls are a nuisance and they’ll try to steal any food you leave unattended.

--- Oh, wow, that’s a lovely view indeed. This is simply marvellous!

--- Ethan, let me show you your room, it’s down the hall. I’m afraid your windows are on the street side, but you have the largest bed in the house. There are 3 more rooms to choose from if this one’s not to your liking.

--- Oh, no worries, I’m not very picky.

--- Keep in mind it’s up to you to keep this apartment clean, there’s no cleaning service included. Other than that, Amex covered all the expenses and they even budgeted for a starter kit with some food and drinks to make you feel welcome. Let me show you the rest of the house…

The nice landlady showed us the rest of the apartment. It’s huge and easy to get lost in. It even has access to a common garden for tenants to enjoy the 5 o’clock tea or read a book.

Later that evening we went to the garden to chill out and we met the happy bunch I told you about earlier. The girls were renting an apartment two floors below us in that same building, and the guys were just squatting. We had a lively chit-chat and enjoyed a glass of wine together.

Monday morning we headed to the office. We work for Amex, American Express that is. What does it do, you ask? It’s a soulless corporation that specializes in turning people into drones. It’s good business, the world needs drones. They throw a ton of money at us though, so who am I to complain.

The day went by pretty fast, the local team gave us a ‘warm’ welcome - the kind of welcome you give to auditors - and a crapload of documents to sift through, your pretty standard day at the office.

Come to think of it, the whole week was pretty boring. Except for Wednesday evening, when I couldn’t really sleep well. Come 2 am I was still turning around in my bed like a broken fan. So, I decided to get a bit of fresh air in the garden, armed with warm milk tea.

While I was scrolling through pointless posts on my phone, I heard some muffled noise coming from the bushes behind the patio. Must be a squirrel or something, I say to myself. And yes, I had to poke my nose, right?

I approached the squirrel’s turf slowly and, much to my surprise, there was not one but two of them, only they weren’t squirrels. ’Twas but Erika and Joel, on a nice romantic nude picnic, blanket, candles and all. Joel was chilling on his back, watching the stars, while Erika was lazily licking the biggest cock I’ve seen in real life. I stood there in shock, slowly getting turned on by Erika’s naked butt. I must’ve made some noise, because Joel raised his head, looked at me and said:

--- Hey dude, do you mind grabbing another beer for me? It’s right there next to that tree, in the blue ice-box.

--- Aaaa, sure, ok...

--- Thanks, bruh!

I looked around and grabbed a beer. As I handed it to him, Erika gazed at me but didn’t for a second stop licking that long shaft. She was slurping on it from the balls up - full tongue, and looking me straight in the eyes. It was hypnotizing, I couldn’t stop staring. She licked his shlong methodically, then moved to the balls, licking and sucking them one by one, then back to the shaft, not even for a moment breaking eye contact with me. I could feel my cock getting hard and I simply froze there. She swirled her tongue around the tip and then unexpectedly took a dive on that dick and sucked it like there’s no tomorrow. After several up and down movements, she grabbed his cock firmly with one hand and started going down on it slowly, inch by inch. It looked like she was using her lips to advance on it and push it deeper down her throat. I don’t know how she managed to do that, but after a while, his whole dick disappeared into her mouth. She eventually took it out and resumed sucking the tip and looking straight at me as I was watching her.

I stood there a bit longer observing them, but the awkwardness of it got to me and I went back to my room to take care of my blue balls.

We all met a few more times that week in the garden, but Erika and Joel acted as if nothing ever happened, to the point I was asking myself whether I was hallucinating that night.

The whole group was very friendly and fun to be with, we even invited them over to our place for dinner on Thursday. That’s how we got an invite to a pub crawl the next day. Carla took a bit of convincing, she’s not one to go partying or drinking, but in the name of intercultural exchanges and expanding one’s horizons, she eventually gave in, on condition we don’t pressure her to drink and that we come back early.

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