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...there is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable. "Does he know his sister is in love with him. " she sneered '' He's not by brother.'' i said through gritted teeth. '' Keep telling yourself that till you believe it.''

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One.

When I was a kid, my mom passed away leaving me, a four year old girl with no idea who my dad was to fend for herself. Fortunately, I didn't last long before someone to pick interest in me, or better yet pity me. Miss Ava Walker my mom's best friend and workmate took me in.

When I first got there, i wasn't much of a talker so I always locked myself way in my bedroom scribbling my thoughts in a garnet notebook which belonged to my mum. She died before she could write anything in it but her name.

Becky Kremer.

I wrote about what I felt but couldn't say. I wrote down all the moments I could possibly remember with my mum.I knew as time dragged on, they'd slowly be erased and I didn't want to live my life like she was never there.

I also wrote about the situation I was going through, how difficult everything was, the transition oh and yeah, my feelings for Kharis Stone Walker.

"Aella, get down or we're going to be late for school." yelled Kalen Walker from the living room.

"Coming" i grabbed my bag rushed out the door only to hit an obstacle. I looked up at it and regretted it immediately.

"Can't you look where you're going. "hissed an angry Kharis. He definetly wasn't a morning person or any time person for that matter.

"I'm sorry" I whispered. Eish!

He headed downstairs and I followed. I watched him go through his daily routine of sitting at the table, eating his breakfast and leaving without so much as a word not that there was much to talk about anyway.

Just like me, he kept to himself, if he wasn't in his room or by the pool then sometimes he'd go out. He looked sorta agitated all the time and he rarely spoke to me if he didn't have to. When I first got here, he was displeased and didn't bother to hide it.

He always condemned me for messing the tiniest things up and no matter how hard I tried to please him, he still saw me as a threat. When we got to school, I watched girls drool over him and dare I say it, it was pathetic because he never even noticed them or me. We were practically strangers at school and I hated it but later on I just kinda grew used to it.

As I sat through my boring classes, I lost track of time and before I knew it, it was lunch time. I packed up my stuff threw it in my locker and went to the cafeteria where I caught a glimpse of Kharis sitted in his usual spot all by himself .

He wasn't a loner he just preferred to keep to himself at times even though he had lots of friends.

"Hey" I heard someone say. I turned to see who it was, it was Travis my best friend.

"What's up?" I was happy to see him.

We filled our trays and walked around looking for a free table. As my eyes scanned the cafeteria, I found Kharis staring at me, I almost dropped my tray. Luckily, Travis found us a table and I was able to get out of Kharis' line of sight.

"So are you going to Mike's party tonight?" asked Travis

"You know parties aren't my scene. "

"C'mon, just this one party?" He was so persistent.

Drunk teens making out everywhere with insanely loud tasteless music piercing into my ears, yeah definitely not my scene. But I knew if i declined he would just bring it up later.

"Fine" I said.

Lunch time ended really fast so we had to head back to class and as usual the lessons were boring so I spent most of my time updating my notebook.

Later rather than sooner the final bell rang and classroom doors burst open as students rushed to their lockers all of them excited to leave school. Who wouldn't be!

Travis met me on my way out. He wanted to make sure l hadn't forgotten about the party which honestly I wish I had.

"Just call me later, you know Kharis gets mad when I delay." I really had to get going.

"He needs to chill. " he suggested.

"You wanna go tell him yourself . " I asked.

"I would, if he wasn't glaring at us right now, you better go. " He walked away to his car.

Travis knew Kharis just as well as I did...well he knew that he didn't really like me that much.

I knew Kharis was already mad I had kept him waiting so as I walked to the car, I didn't dare to make eye contact.

"You're late. " he growled

"Sorry, I just needed to..." I had started to explain.

"I don't care, get in" he cut me off. Total ass!

I got in as instructed and then we went to pick up Kalen who as usual was waiting at the entrance with his best friend, Blake who was coincidentally Travis's young brother.

We got home and I went up to my room to get the perfect outfit for my first party in a long time. Travis kept calling me because he thought I would change my mind which I had thought about doing. It'd been long since I'd been to party so I was kinda nervous.

"May I come in" I was outside Miss Ava's study.

"Sure" She was surprised to see who it was. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to a party tonight." I hesitated.

"Okay just don't be back late oh, do you want me to tell Kharis to drive you" She asked

"No, it's fine Travis will pick me up" I rushed out the room before she could think of another insane idea.

When I was all ready, Travis picked me up. He was super thrilled I hadn't changed my mind and secretly so was I. We get to the party and it was just what I expected.

Music banging, booze everywhere and people making out in every corner. It had been so long that I had actually forgotten what goes on at parties. Travis introduced me to a few people he knew probably because I was following him every where like a lost puppy.

"Aella, just go have fun and when you're ready to go, I'll be by the pool."
He was sick of me and so was I. Why did I agree to come to this party anyway?
I finally decided that I was feed up of drinking with a bunch of strangers who kept trying to make out with me, I meet up with Travis by the pool and asked him to take me home before I got completely wasted and did something I'd regret.

He was in the middle of a beer pong game so it a while. Though I wasn't completely sober, I still felt a little uncomfortable letting a wasted Travis drive me home but I had no other choice.

"Before we go there is something I need to do. " he slurred

"Ok, just don't..." I was cut off by his lips that were suddenly smashed against mine.

I'd always known that he had a thing for me but I never thought he'd build up the courage to do anything about it. Nevertheless I kissed him back, I didn't want to but the alcohol was in control.

He dropped me off a little later than I'd hoped, a lot later but I couldn't complain because we needed some time to sober up. When we got there all the lights were off and that was a huge relief because I didn't want to explain to Miss Ava why I reeked of alcohol.

I opened the door as silently as I could and started to tiptoe upstairs.

"You know Mum was really worried when you weren't here by 1am" I wasn't sure whose voice it was since my brain was still a little fuzzy.

"Sorry, I just lost track of time" I replied heading to the kitchen and hoping it was anyone but Kharis.

"It doesn't matter now, your here so now I can go to bed. " it was Kalen and he was already dressed up in his pajamas.

"Goodnight" i said as he walked past me. I really needed some sleep.

"How much did you drink, you reek. " He screwed up his face. "Lucky for you Kharis didn't agree to stay up otherwise this wouldn't have ended well. " he said rubbing his nose.

"Didn't agree to stay up?" Obviously I was confused and it wasn't because of the alcohol.

"Mum told him to either go get you or to stay up and wait for you but he declined both so I offered." Did Miss Ava really expect Kharis to care about me, he doesn't even bother to hide his disdain.

Kalen went to his room and I went to mine. As much as I wanted to fall onto my bed and just shut the world out, I just couldn't seem to shake off the fact that Kharis didn't give a fuck about me. I had tried so hard to get him to realize that I wasn't a threat to his family, I was just someone seeking what I'd lost to early and I expected him to understand that, he knew the pain of losing a parent.

Honestly sometimes I just wished I could hit some fucking emotion into his thick skull with an even thicker mallet.

Losing my mum was a world changer for me especially at such a tender age. I could barely even hold onto the memories I had of her. The only way to hold onto all of them was to write down whatever it is I could remember no matter how faint the memory.

He'd lost his dad at a tender age too so I'd expect him to kinda relate to me or at least lay back a little. He had his mum, his brother all who loved him so dearly. I had no idea who my dad was...honestly I didn't care enough to find out but back to the point I was all alone in this world.

Wouldn't hurt him to just act like a fucking human being!

Sick of the shitty feeling growing inside of me because of Kharis, I changed into my pajamas scribbled grouchily into my notebook before calling it a day.

Ass or not, Kharis was still super hot
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