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Special,the feeling you have been waiting for

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She always dreamed of meeting someone special.She never knew that day would come .As the journey starts for Kiara to get to know what love really is,and how it makes her feel.

Romance / Erotica
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“When life gives you someone very special, you don’t have to dream anymore.”

Chapter 1

I woke up by the slamming of a door,the sun glistening on my face wich made it hard to keep my brown eyes open.After some time i managed to get out of bed and head to the kitchen,the smell of toasted bread filled my lungs as my mom gave me a hug.i looked out of the window admiring the turquoise color of the sea in Panama.We ate breakfast and got ready to go to the beach,when we got there i took out my cover up and slammed myself into the water,I have always love water,it gave me a feeling of comfort and it calmed me down.As my feet touched the sand i looked at my mom and saw her hugging a woman,that might be her friend that lives here.She talked to me about her how they went to school together and where the bestest of friends i always thought she was lying to make her life more interesting,but i guess i was wrong.My mom caught me glancing at her, I turned around quickly but suddenly she was screaming my name “Kiara,Kiara!” I heard her repeat constantly,I got out of the water before she would scream again, as I walked slowly out of the water my feet got covered with sand and my body was dripping wet,I picked up my towel wrapping it around my body and before i knew it my moms friend started talking.“Hi Kiara,Do you remember me i met you as a baby”She said nicely,I shyly shook my head no and walked closer to my mother.My mom and her friend started laughing,I awkwardly looked at my 5 year old sister.She was sitting in the sand doing castles.“Hey Kiara?” I heard my mom talking to me,i looked at her in the eyes as she started talking “This is Veronica,She is the friend i told you about” My mom told me as she poked my arm,I slightly smiled and said “I know” My mom smiled as she looked at Veronica “You know” she continued “veronica has a son,he is about your age” I looked at Veronica as she talked “Yeah he is a really good boy, right now he is in the water”She said pointing at a small figure at the sea,I didn’t really care to be honest i was just enjoying the beach .After about ten minutes of me playing with my sister my mom called me i went and stood next to her “Can you go get Daniel?“She asked,I looked at her a bit confused not knowing who Daniel is but after a while i supposed it was Veronicas son.I was way to vulnerable to say no so i just walked into the water,when i got near Daniel i just stood there not saying anything until he turned around,He had brown hair not light like me but a lot darker,his eyes were heavy and dark,and he was really skinny .“Hi” i heard him say, i was surprised by the way that her mother and him both spoke really fluent english since there native language is spanish but i kept that to myself.“Our moms told me to tell you we are going to get lunch”I said quickly “Oh um ok”He said while he got out of the water,i followed him until we got to our mothers,We ate and had fun.As i slept that night i thought about home,maybe that’s the best part about vacation going back home.At least that’s how i remember that summer.My alarm rang at 6:30 AM.By 6:40 i was already wide awake,i turned my head over and saw that picture my mom took of me when i was eight years old in Panama.I slightly remember that vacation after all i was young but before i could think about it more i got up to get ready for school.

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