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Special,the feeling you have been waiting for

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Chapter 2

As soon as i got ready i hoped in the car.The humming of my mom was the only sound around.I felt as the car slowly stopped in front of my school, I quickly got out of my ride saying bye to my mom.I met my friend emily on the way to my class,as we talked we didn’t realized we had already gotten there so we both took our seats.I placed all of my things away and look behind me where i smiled to sophie.“Hi class” the teacher said making us all startle,“Welcome to your second year of high school,as many of you know me i’m Mr.Brown and I hope we all have an amazing year” The teacher said kindly,before he could continue there was a knock on the door.We all turned our head towards the door to find the principal and a boy.“Hello Mr.Brown we have a new student”The principal said slightly smiling,Mr.Brown motioned the kid to present himself “Hi” he said,it felt so familiar, “Im Daniel and i come from Panama ,yeah that’s it”He said rubbing the back of his neck,he looked around the class but stopped when he got to me,we stood there looking at each other for a second,he had brown hair but a lot darker than mine,his eyes were dark but looked a bit shocked.“Ok Daniel you can go sit over there”Mr.Brown said pointing to an empty desk.As the class continued i felt that i was missing something like i knew something or remembered but i let it pass.The rest of the day went on normally,it was the last period of class and i had science.I walked in and sat next to the new boy after all it was my assigned sit.The teacher started explaining something about a project we were gonna do with our partners so we had to talk and plan it out.neither of us spoke so i decided i would start.“Hi so what do you want to do?“I asked awkwardly, “I feel like i know you”he said “Um i don’t think so”I said even though he rings a bell. “Well,have you ever been to Panama”He talked as he turned to look at me “Once,but i was young so i don’t really remember”I responded “Oh you just look familiar like ive seen you before”He said looking back to the front.We didn’t speak again until the class ended,i quietly said bye and runed to my friends.“Kiara you’re so lucky you got the cute guy” sophie whined “What who?“I asked confused “She is talking about the new guy”Emily said “Daniel what no”I laughed,i really haven’t noticed,i didn’t completely take a look at him.That night as me and my sister ate dinner my mom came home,I waved at her and smile “Hey girls,how was school”she happily asked,As my sister talked and talked about her first day i sat there and ate.“Hey kiara talking about school do you remember Veronica my friend?“My mom looked at me,I thought for a while and finally remember Panama,“Well her and her son moved to miami and he is going to your school”She said as she ate i bite “Wait DANIEL” I accidentally screamed “Yeah you remember”my mom smiled.As my mom and sister continue eating all of the memories of Panama came flooding back,he has the same eyes i thought to myself as i turned off the lights and went to sleep.

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