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Kade's Obsession

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His dark brown eyes stared at mine, sending a chill down my spine. My lips quivered while I took a step back from him. Tears rushed to my eyes as I noticed those dark obs moving to my body lustfully. “Come to me, Kitten,” he growled while taking a step towards me, “No,” I whispered, “I promise, I’ll make you feel good,” He smirked, making my heart drop. *** Abigail Barwick, a sweet and soft-hearted girl, plans everything ahead of time but until she meets an arrogant and dangerous man. Her whole life has changed with one encounter with the Devil. *** WARNING 18+ CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT, SMUT AND SEXUAL CONTENT.

Romance / Erotica
S. N. Nina Arthur
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Chapter 1

Ting Tong***

I groaned at the sound of the alarm clock and sat up while pushing my hair back and reached the annoying alarm clock and turned it off. While pushing my hair back, I rushed to the washroom, did my morning routines. I quickly wore my strapless bra and panty, dressed up into my favourite maroon and black dress which reached my thighs.

It was off the shoulders with bishop sleeves, the upper part was in maroon colour and from the waist it had a mini black hem attached to it with six buttons on the waist. I loved this dress when I first saw it. I had to buy it since I’m short and it looked cute on me. The mini length box pleated shirt covered my thighs perfectly, not revealing it much.

I quickly dried my hair and combed my long black hair which almost touched my butt. I recently had these air bangs which look amazing on me. My bestie, Cho, asked me to try them and I’m glad I did it. It made my face look even more babyish and I’m loving this look.

Abigail Barwick is my name. I work as a nurse and caretaker in a psychiatric ward of AY Mental health hospital in Manchester city. My life pretty much revolves around my work, my brother, grandparents, and my friends.

I walked downstairs and went straight to the kitchen, I cleaned it and began preparing breakfast. I turned the music and STAY song by JB and TKL blasted through the speakers. I just love this song. My lips automatically moved and I began singing along while preparing the breakfast.

“Good morning,” My brother greeted me. I turned back and saw him walking down the stairs while yawning.

“Good morning,” I replied and smiled at him,

“What are you doing?” He asked while pulling the chair out,

“Pancakes and coffee,” I replied and saw him laying his head down on the table, I grabbed a tomato and threw it at him.

“Aww!” He groaned as it hit his head,

“Go get ready, you’re getting late to school,” I yelled, he groaned and got up from the chair, headed over to the bathroom. After making breakfast, I placed them over the dining table, meanwhile, my brother, Han, took a shower, dressed up in his high School uniform and walked over to the dining table.

We both prayed first and began our breakfast, “You said you have a test today, did you prepare well?” I asked,

“Yep,” he replied,

“Best of luck, write well,” I said and he smiled,

Since it’s Saturday, I had the day off and I decided to meet my friends after dropping Han off at school. After having breakfast, we both hopped into the car and I drove him to his high school. While I was driving, I noticed him playing with his fingers, he does that when he’s nervous or something running in his mind.

“What is it?” I asked while keeping my eyes on the road,

“Nothing,” He replied,

I sighed, “Don’t be so nervous, you will do it well as usual,”

I stopped the car at his school and turned to him, “Give your best, don’t worry much and stay calm…” I said for which he nodded his head.

“Take a deep breath,” I asked. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and released it slowly.

“Now, best of luck my baby brother,” I teased while messing his hair with my fingers running in his thick dark brown hair,

“Stop it,” He groaned in irritation while pushing my hand away, he set his hair and glared at me for messing his hair. He opened the door and climbed out of it.

I chuckled, “Give your best,” I yelled as he closed the door and made his way into the school. I drove off from there and headed to the café Chole told me.

It’s been three years since Han and I came to Manchester with grandpa from New York. Time flew faster than I thought. I was just 18 when I came here and found it difficult to mingle with other students at my high school. I was good in studies and was quick in learning new things.

As I reached the café, I parked my car and headed over to it. Suddenly my phone began ringing, I pulled my phone out and saw my grandma’s name flashing on the screen. A smile appeared on my lips automatically.

“Good morning, Grandma,” I greeted as soon as I answered the call,

“Good morning,” she greeted back,

“Did he leave for school already?” She asked,

“Yep,” I replied,

“He left?” I could hear grandfather’s voice from behind,

“Yeah,” Grandma replied to him,

“Oh no, I thought to wish him luck for his exam,” he said,

“It’s okay, no problem,” I said while walking towards the stairs,

“I wish him all the luck,” she said,

“Me too,“ My grandpa replied from behind, I chuckled at him as I heard him praying from behind.

“Where are you dear?” Grandma asked,

“I’m outside, Grandma, do you need anything? Shall I bring fruits or something?” I asked,

“No, No, I don’t need anything,” She chuckled,

“Don’t roam outside much, Dear,” she added.

“Okay, I won’t” I replied,

“We were actually waiting for you both, He told me he would visit before going to school,” Grandma said,

“Yeah, he woke up late and we were running late, Grandma,” I replied,

“OH,” she replied,

“Okay bye, I will visit you both in the evening,” I said,

“Then I will make your favourite Bangers and Mash for you both by the time you come,” she said,

“Oh, I can’t wait to eat it, Thank you, grandma!” I said with dripping excitement, she chuckled at my excitement,

“Bye, Darling,” she said and hung up. I moved my phone away from my ears and my eyes landed on my wallpaper which had a pic of our family. My mom, dad, my two years old brother and six years old me, all smiling and looking extremely happy.

I miss you both, I wish you were here today with us! I thought with a sad smile.

As I was climbing the stairs leading to the main door of the café while staring at my phone, I ran into a hard wall. My head hit hard on it and I stumbled back with full force. My leg slipped as I tried to put it on the stairs and my half body was in the air.

I was about to fall down and suddenly a large hand grabbed my wrist in a tight grip, long fingers wrapped around my wrist in an iron-like grip and caught me. The grip was so tight that I hissed in pain and glanced at the hand holding it, my hand was pressed against a large and hard chest.

His fingers were digging into my skin and I couldn’t stop myself from hissing in pain, tears rushed to my eyes and I looked at the person while opening my mouth to tell him to leave my wrist but then the words stuck in my throat as I saw his face.

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