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The Light of My Life

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"Miss, are you okay? you look pale". Tiffany 22 years old a culinary student in Kul In Croatia, She is diagnosed with heart disease when she was 10 years old. Her world only evolves to her family. Her family makes sure that she will avoid anything that triggers her disease. Her doctor told her that she only has 2 years left. She already accepted her destiny and decided to make a bucket list and do it before her time come. Will she finish her list before everything goes wrong? Alexander 23 years old a transferred student and has become very popular within the Culinary school in Kul In, Croatia. A very handsome and talented person. No woman can get her attention except to the pale girl she meets in the Bookstore. Can Alexander change the willingness of Tiffany to fight to live and spend the rest of her time with him? Let's find out the roller-coaster emotions of Tiffany and Alexander.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“I’m sorry Tiffany, I have the result of all your tests now and it’s not looking good”. Doctor Mathew said with a comforting voice.

Tiffany just sat there with a calm expression on her face. She knows that the result today will not be different from her previous test. She feels that her condition is getting worst every passing day. She’s starting to get tired of her routine. Every two weeks she visited the hospital for her check-up and every time it was the same thing there was still no cure for her condition. But she doesn’t want to show it to everyone. She is cheerful every day like she is even she is hurting inside. She doesn’t want to show them her weakness but each passing day she becomes empty inside.

“It’s okay doc. You can tell me how long it is? she looked at doctor Mathews with no emotions in her eyes but she is smiling at him. It’s like her question is just normal to ask.

Doctor Mathew got tense for the moment, he is hesitant to tell her the truth. He doesn’t want to be honest with Tiffany. He treated her like his own daughter and the last thing he wants to hear or see from her is a disappointment.

“Doc, it’s okay you can tell me. You can be honest with me, I’m not young anymore trust me it’s okay”. she urges Doctor Mathew to tell her with a smile displayed on her face.

“Okay as for your doctor I will be honest with you but as your father here I’m hoping that you will not make any decisions impulsively that you may regret after. Based on the data we have here I estimated that you only have 2 years”. Doctor Mathew observed what Tiffany’s reaction will be but he saw nothing. She just smiles at him like everything was okay.

Tiffany just only nodded to what Doctor Mathew told her. It likes she’s agreeing to it and she just wants a confirmation for it. It worries Doctor Mathew coz she can’t read what Tiffany thinking right now.

“Don’t worry Tiffany, 2 years is long we will find the cure before your condition worst. Just make sure you will drink your medicine and take your regular check-up. We will not be giving up until we find the cure”. Doctor Mathew said comforting words to Tiffany even though he is not sure as himself if he will find a cure before her time.

“It’s okay, Doc can you not tell to my parents I want to tell them myself. I will be going now, I still have things to do before going back home”. Tiffany said smiling but her eyes still lost of emotions.

“I will respect what you want. See you at your next appointment then. Take care of yourself don’t skip your medicine and call me anytime you feel uncomfortable okay”. Doctor Mathew seriously reminded Tiffany.


Tiffany stopped by the bookstore to check the book she needed for her class tomorrow. One thing that Tiffany is passionate about is her cooking. It becomes her comfort where ever she feels lonely and depressed in her condition. It gives her joy even it is just temporary. Before Tiffany’s diagnosis, with her condition, she is a very cheerful girl. It will lift everyone’s moods. Her eyes will give away every emotion she feels, it’s communicating with its own. Being an only child in the family they dote at her very much. She is the source of their happiness and joy but ever since she feels something wrong with her body her emotion plummeted. Her eyes lost their own life no color and magic on it like they used to be. She just smiles at the cost of others even she feels empty and lost inside.

She is browsing the bookshelves when she realizes that the book she needed is on the top shelves. She’s struggling to get it when someone helps her.

“Here, this is the one you needed right? some stranger handed the book. She will accept the book from the stranger when suddenly she feels light-headed and nauseous. She staggered back and holds to the bookshelves. The stranger approaches her with concern on his face.

“Miss are you okay you look pale”.

Tiffany with her eyes closed just nodded to the stranger. “Thank you”. she accepts the book with a smile but her eyes are still lost emotions. She move to the cashier to pay for her books and went out of the store.

Alexander was left alone with a concerning display on his face. He feels that something is wrong with the girl. She doesn’t have any emotions in her eyes at all even she is smiling at him. He feels that she’s empty inside and lost. But why does he feels concerned about her? She is just a stranger in the bookstore. He let go of the thoughts and grabs the same book he needs for the class and headed to pay also.

Tiffany headed back home after she stop by the bookstore. She knows that her mom and dad will squeeze her with never-ending questions if she gets late. She plastered her smiling face before she enter the house.

“Mom, Dad I’m home”. she announced when she reached home. She heard the sound of her parents in the kitchen.

“Hi, sweetheart, how’s your appointment with Doctor Mathews? her mom and dad walk out from the kitchen and ask her with lingering concern.

“It’s the same, more medicine to drink and never-ending visits to the hospital for checkups. It’s all good,” she said with a comforting tone to her parents.

“Cupcake we know it’s hard for you but we can’t give up, right? her dad emotionally told her, she knows her dad is having a hard time like she is. She wants to be selfish sometimes but when she thinks about her family it breaks her heart.

“hum, don’t worry mom, dad I will be okay. I will take a rest in my room a while.” she headed to her room with deep thoughts.

“Okay, sweetheart we will call you when the dinner’s ready.”

Tiffany went to her bedroom with mixed emotions. She doesn’t want to be honest with her parents regarding the truth from Doctor Mathew. She knows that in a matter of time they will still know all of it but she wants to enjoy and be free for the remaining of her time. She’s tired of fighting. She wanted to be normal even for a short period without thinking about her condition and her parents. Do whatever she wants in a carefree manner. She doesn’t want to regret all the things she avoided when she was gone. She knows that it is a selfish decision on her part but she doesn’t want to spend her time in hospital and home only. She wanted to spend and see the beautiful and amazing world before her time.

“I’m sorry mom, dad but I’m really tired I hope you will understand my decision”, she silently utters with tears in her eyes and she falls asleep.

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