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Whiskey on the rocks

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She wanted nobody in her life, too exhausted to invest in relationships. Ambition, career and money were all she had in her mind. He was tired of living for others and not living for himself. One wild night, he met someone who brought him peace. But she doesn’t want him. One incident in the past had intertwined their fates with each other for life. Will Natalie be able to love and trust Aiden? Will Aiden be able to live for himself and truly love himself enough to love her?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Natalie’s POV

Natalie: REPEAT!

She yelled as she put the glass back on the counter after chugging the whole drink. There was always something about the way she talked, be it any mood, happy, sad, or even nothing in general, she always spoke in a proud, stern voice. As if one is bound to listen to her.

But well, she had charm too. With her glistening, wicked wide smile, round eyes, chubby cheeks, and sass to get things done her way, one would hardly deny it. Tonight was no different, or maybe it was!? The bartender, Josh, who was busy flirting with two girls, came along with an agitated face and poured a shot of whiskey and a few more ice cubes.

Josh: Gosh Nat!! You are never going to let me score, are you?! You know, you have already ruined my resume!

He pushes the glass towards her with frustration but with ease.

Natalie: You are always welcome bro!!

She chuckles while raising a toast to him.

Josh: Drink safely, girl.

Natalie: I will! Stop worrying about me. Now, go, go make me proud.

He gives one of his wide smiles, walking back to the girls.

She glanced at him and let out a heavy sigh, going back to her thoughts again. Josh was indeed one of her first friends in the city, although not with a good start.

Natalie Anderson, from Seattle, an Interior Designer and Decorator, moved into the city 10 months ago. She was all alone in the city, no friends, no acquaintances. She hadn’t even visited her new office yet and was too awkward to contact her coordinator for anything being just a mere intern. Stepping into a new city all by herself to start off with her freelancing was one of the biggest moves of her life. With nowhere to go on the 2nd night, which happened to be Saturday night, her party day, she reached for the closest club nearby. There was a desperate requirement of a break, more like a drink or two, or yeah, maybe just get drunk. Though she has never been to a club alone ever. Hell, she hadn’t ever been alone and now was all by herself in a new city.

Entering the club all by herself, the girl earned a few glances. A woman like her alone was indeed startling. Although people were judging her, she felt like a badass for walking into that noisy club. Wearing a red lace short dress that hugged her body well, with a sweetheart cut and meshes long sleeves, she let her hair loose and put on some studs, minimal makeup. She was already 5’7 and those heels literally gave the men some competition. She ordered a whiskey on the rocks, sat on the empty seat in the corner, and specifically chose the one that didn’t have a seat to accompany her. Her aura definitely drew some attention. A guy was even approaching her, but she gave him an angry glance that hardly let him take another step. Josh could not keep control but to make a move. Josh was confident in lightening it up though.

Josh: Enter a club alone. That’s what you get, girl. But why refuse?

Natalie: (looking right into his eyes) Who else would you be talking to then?

Josh: What? Ouch. (They both laughed out loud at it)

He immediately struck up a conversation. He was a jester. He could tell she was not the usual flirtatious one who would melt with compliments. She, too, thought a little gibber-jabber was no harm.

Natalie: Natalie Anderson.

Josh: Josh Brown, glad to meet you.

Natalie: Is it your usual to accompany single ones? (She gulped a bit of her drink)

Josh: Well, mostly I observe. I approached them accordingly. And I know I need to safeguard myself from your glances coz don’t want you to mentally murder me just like you did to that guy.

Natalie: Bwahahahaha, dang you’re good. Call me Nat boi.

Josh: Pheww, I am safe. So, new in this city?

Natalie- Is it that obvious? New York is alien to me, yes. I am from Seattle. I moved here, literally, like yesterday, all by myself.

Josh: Woah, isn’t it scary?

Natalie: Of course, it is. But I wanted this, and I needed this.

Josh: Needed?

Natalie: I mean, I got a job here, so I had to.

Josh could sense some unease but chose to ignore it. They continued to jam and actually spoke a lot; about drinks, about the city, about each other’s preferences. Josh told her about himself. He was from Atlanta and came to the city about 2 years ago to become a model, but had bad luck since he refused to sell himself for work or do anything that felt wrong or unethical. Soon enough, started to work as a bartender and it has been the same ever since, with just a few auditions in between.

They continued to do something they both found fascinating: observing people. Both just sat and looked around, commenting on someone’s presence, whether they got stood up, or someone was checking someone else out and giggled if someone had really bad dance moves. They spoke for a while until it was past midnight. He was done with his shift and offered to walk her back home. Apparently, he lived just two blocks away from her apartment. On the way back home, Nat just could not stop making fun of his silly jokes and humour. They reached her place and stood at the gate in silence. After a second of silence, Josh was about to make a move when she just burst out laughing at his face. It was immensely humiliating for him that he just wanted to walk off. That’s when she pulled him into a hug and kissed his cheek.

Natalie: Listen, I don’t want to be rude or anything, but I want to be as straightforward as possible about this. I did not feel any sexual tension between us, just pure amusement and comfort. Besides, I am not mentally prepared for anything as such. You seem like the pal I need in this alien city. Think we can be friends?? (insert Nat’s puppy eyes face)

She said, giving her widest and brightest smile. At first, he was blank and zoned off, but soon realized that it was what it was. Since then, they have been inseparable. He helped her with her apartment, and well, she became his interior designer for the messed up, an unorganized apartment he lived in. Natalie used her passion not only in her own house, which she turned into a home but also in his. They hung out every now and then and used to laugh at their unsuccessful encounter all the time.

She recalled this flashback again and again. The day she found a true friend. Now again, it is this bar. He is still trying to find himself a date and she is still making it hard for him. She meshed into her thoughts.

Natalie: (hhmpphh) If only I could find this hopeless romantic a good date.

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