Will You Be My Endgame?

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The hot headed, troublemaker Kai finds himself in a confusing situation when he gets himself in a relationship out of nowhere but decides to be loyal and play a good, caring boyfriend. Things change when a stranger enters his life, capturing his attention instantly and he finds himself in a dilemma of figuring out whom his heart really belongs to.

Romance / Drama
Ayushi Jain
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1) New Beginnings

“Mum! Hurry up!” Kai’s screams echo throughout the house as he waits in the bathroom for his mother to bring him a towel which is hanging outside to dry. He is getting irritated standing naked and grumbles about getting late.

He’s shifting to the dormitory today. He is super excited for college or was excited for college until today. Everything is going wrong since the morning and Kai hates every bit of it.

He slept through three of his alarms and no one in the damn house woke him up and he sulked for the entire thirty minutes while his parents giggled. It took every ounce of his patience to not throw around the stuff in his room. He’s afraid of his mum, okay!

He then settled down to have a glass of warm milk and just then his stupid phone which he left in his room started ringing and he went to pick it up, accidentally stumbling on his packed suitcase and the milk spilled all over it. He had to unpack everything and put it all in a different one. Thankfully all the stuff inside was safe.

Then his shower stopped running in the middle of his bath and it took five minutes for the water to come back and now he forgot his dumb towel. This all seems like bad omen and he’s getting scared about college.

Will he fail his classes or something? What if he made no friends? Holy shit! That will be bad. He loves making friends!

He wipes himself down hurriedly after getting the towel and gets ready. He sits at the dining table where his food is already waiting for him. He takes a long whiff and nearly moans at the aroma of the freshly prepared omelet.

“I love it!” he compliments after having a piece and his mother smiles at him, patting his cheek lightly.

“Eat fast. Your father and I have to discuss something with you after that.” Kai groans and his mother laughs. He knows what the talk is about.

He hurriedly finishes eating everything and goes to the sofa where his parents are already sitting, waiting to give him 'the talk'.

“Come sit, son.” His dad pats the space next to him. Kai wants to roll his eyes so hard but he controls himself. His dad has a smirk on his face, knowing full well how much Kai hates getting lectured.

He plops down and starts speaking before his parents can get a word in.

“I know what you both are gonna say. I promise I will control myself and will think before I act. I will not punch anyone no matter how much of a douchebag they are. You don’t need to tell me about focusing on my studies because I already do that all the time.”

His parents sigh and exchange a look.

“We are not saying you shouldn’t stand up for yourself if that’s what you’re thinking.” His father says and then his mother continues.

“There are other ways you can handle it. You can always report to the college authorities.” Kai holds down a scoff. Complaining to teachers like a kindergartner. Yeah, right.

“Son, we really can’t go to your college every time you decide to smack someone and your principal calls us like it happened in school. Your college is way too far for that.”

Kai pouts at his father’s words. He knows he has been a troublemaker in school and his parents were often called because he talked back to the teachers or got into fights. He never did this just for creating trouble. He talked back only when the teachers were being unfair and they decided it’s disrespectful to call them out on their BS.

He got into a lot of fights with the school bullies. The rich brats who think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Kai’s fists are always ready to connect with their faces. It’s as if they have a mind of their own.

He has tried to stop himself from reacting so recklessly but he just can’t seem to do that.

“We don’t want you in any kind of trouble, son. We don’t want you to get hurt. This is a fresh start. You should just go there, study well, make friends and enjoy your life. No need to go around fighting other people’s battles for them and putting yourself in danger.”

He feels bad when he looks at the worried face of his mum. He doesn’t like making her feel this way.

“Mum, Dad, I promise I won’t get in trouble. I will be the best student All Elite University has ever had.” His parents chuckle at that and his dad pulls him in for a hug.

“We know you’ll make us proud. If you somehow do get in trouble, don’t ever hesitate before calling us. Your old man will always have your back.”

His mum also joins the hug and after a few seconds they pull away when they hear the honking of the trucks outside their house. One is a mini truck in which his clothes and other accessories are loaded and in the big truck, his bike is loaded which he calls Storm.

They all load Kai’s stuff in the truck and after 1 hour, he is all set to leave as his cab also arrives.

“Take care of yourself, son.” His mother hugs him, her eyes getting teary.

“Don’t worry, mum. I’ll be alright and Noah will be there too. You can ask him whether I broke some bones there or nah.” His mum chuckles at his words. Noah Edwards is his childhood best friend who also got selected to attend AEU though in a different department. He’s the sane one in the duo and sometimes succeeds in calming Kai down.

“Yeah, we will definitely spy on you.” His father jokes and Kai winks at him, knowing full well that Noah will never rat him out to his parents.

He hugs both his parents together one final time and then leaves, embarking a new chapter in this journey called life. With a broad smile on his face as he waves crazily at his parents until they disappear from his view as the cab takes him away.

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