The Dream Job

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Ever wondered what it would be like to work for the villain. More specifically, to be his personal assistant? When everything seemed boring, I came up with this so that the villain will get his girl. ***** Warning: this might contain over-the-top dramatic scenes and a few spicy scenes. ***** These are basically skits and I'm writing this for fun, so, beware.

Romance / Humor
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1: Interviews/ Character profiles for girl MC's

(P.O.V the characters are at an interview where we get to know them)

Grace's P.O.V

"Full name?"

"Oh, Grace Lee Carter."



"Favourite colour?"


"Why? Because of blood?"

"I thought we were just asking brief questions," I tilted my head to the side.

"Put a star by this one," I heard the guy whispering to the cameraman. "What would you say your best traits are?"

"I'm smart, funny, great fighter, amazing, loyal-"

"It says here that you stabbed your best friend in the back and killed her so that you could get money."

"EX-best friend. And if you know that much already, then why are you asking all these questions? Besides, Charlotte was not that loyal."

"I'm listening."

"Well, she slept with my past 2 boyfriends and then she proceeds to sleep with my boyfriend at that time. Then she was stealing money from my bank account. Plus, she didn't like Marvel."

"Put another star by this one," the guy whispered again.


"Dad died 5 years ago, so, it's just me and my mum now."

"She doesn't live with you though."

"No, she doesn't."

"Where does she live then?"

"That's none of your business."

"Touché. Any kind of dark, significant events in your past that might make you cold and distant to the love interest?"

"I get a love interest?"

"Well, yes, you are auditioning for the lead female role in this story."

"In that case, nope," I said popping the 'p'.

"Great. Eye colour?"


"Hair colour?"

"Are you blind? It's dark brown but with red highlights."


At this point, just sniff me.



"Now I'm highly offended."

"Just answer the question."




"Are you part of the LGBT+ community?"

"I'm Bi." Why are they even asking this?

"Relationship status?"


He looked me up and down.

"Oh, hell no. Not even if we were the last people on Earth," I scrunched up my face in disgust. Perv.

"I didn't mean it like that!" he exclaimed and I raised a brow. "Anyways, moving on. W-why did you apply for this job?"



"What do you mean 'Why?'. I need it for living. What? Did you want me to say that I have a passion for being a personal assistant for the No. 1 asshole of the town who also happens to be the villain?"

"No... What do you think of Kai De Luca?"

"My new boss? Rumour has it that he's the most ruthless and arrogant jerk to ever exist. And I just happen to love rumours."

"She's in," the guy said to the cameraman.


Shelby's P.O.V

"Full name?"

"S-S-S-Shelby M-Marcella J-J-J-Jones A-A-A-Adams."



"Favourite colour?"


"Because of sunshine?"

"Yes," I smiled widely. Phew, finally something to calm my anxiety.

"What would you say your best traits are?"

"I'm smart, adorable, extremely vulnerable, loyal like a puppy, too innocent, I can sing and apologises to everyone even when it's not my fault. I'm sorry."

"O... K... Family?"

"All my family died when their plane crashed into Burj Khalifa right when I was born. It's all my fault, I'm a bad sign."

"Huh. Where do you live?"

"Oh, I lived in an orphanage until there was a huge tsunami and the entire place was destroyed. I'm so sorry. It was all my fault. Like I said, I'm a bad sign," I sniffled.

"That's so sad. Do you happen to have any other kind of dark, significant event in your past that would make you cold and distant to the love interest?"

"Yes. The ladies at the orphanage never gave me any food and the other kids at the orphanage used to beat me up just because I was more cute, extremely short and adorable then them. But I don't think this will make me cold and distant. I'm a ray of sunshine and I try my best to make other people's lives better rather than to fix mine."

"Hmm... Eye colour?"

"Electric blue orbs."

"Hair colour."

"10 foot long platinum, silk, blonde hair."

"Are you Rapunzel?"

I giggled cutely. "Oh, no, thanks for the compliment though."

"It wasn't a- Moving on, scent?"

"Cotton candy."


"I'm only 5'1. So, I'm extremely cute and short."

"Huh. Pronouns?"


"Are you part of the LGBT+ community?"

"The nuns at the orphanage taught me not to love anyone but Jesus."

"So you're saying that you're asexual. But you're married to Connor Adams."

"I know. I'm trying to resist him. But he's so tall, handsome and only has a soft spot for me."

"So... you like him?"

"Yes, but I will never admit it because I don't want to get tangled up in his dark, mysterious ways."

"Great. Do you like anyone else?"

"God, no. I need to stay faithful to my husband!"

"But what I meant was, are you attracted to a girl or anyone else?"

"No. Just Connor." I sighed and stared off into the distance as I pictured his oh-so-dreamy eyes.

"So, you're straight."


"Could've just said that at first," he muttered but I didn't say anything back because I'm too kind. "What do you really want?"

"World peace."

"Why did you marry Connor Adams?"

"He said he was watching me from afar and was in love with me ever since so, he kidnapped me and married me."

"So... you didn't really have a reason to marry him? No love? Money?"

"I'm not selfish. Being selfish a bad, bad thing to do. It was either marrying Connor or dying of starvation."

"Noted. What do you think of Connor Adams?"

"I think he really loves me and would die for me. He's very dark and broody but has a soft-spot just for me."

"Hmmm... Just give us a second to discuss."

I nodded with a smile before the cameraman and the other guy turned around, discussing something.

Interviewer's P.O.V

"She's really cringey," I scrunched up my face as I looked at my co-worker.

"I know but she's the only one who signed up for this role. Everything seems so natural for her."

"Yes, but her background story was too over-dramatic."

"Since when is anything 'too' over-dramatic here?"

"Right. The author asked for something over-the-top dramatic. Let's see if she can handle this one."

"Yeah. Let's do it."

I turned around to see the dumb blonde playing with her 10 foot long platinum blonde hair.

"You're in, Mrs Adams," I gave her a fake smile. I fucking hate my job...

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