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I'm going to share a bunch about my life and a story I am going to make up, Hope you guys like it😊

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My life

Hi, I am Madison Syre, my work just got deleted so I will have to re-write it, do I have to submit it everytime, probably. Anyway, I am 16 years old and just want to share my stories with you. I am a Junior/11th grader this year in Washington. This story is about e but not everything is true. I am currently in my room feeling sick after eating ice cream, my mom has covid and I might too but I got tested and it came out negative. I have symptoms though. I am also doing engenuity this year because I do not like school and am antisocial, and I basically have no friends. Anyway, hope you enjoy. This story is not completely true by the way, it mostly is, but I did not move to New York, my family is real, and me hating school is real as well as loosing all my friends and the ways I lost them. Bit the other characters like Connor, Nathan, Owen, Wyatt, Devin, Angela, Olivia, Sophie, Tera, Tina, Olan and Lily are not real, I made them all up, anyways, let's continue.

Chapter 1
How it all started
It all started the day I was born in Washington, I was such a happy baby, I have 2 little brothers now and a puppy named Luca, all through elementary school I had friends and I was popular, that was until 7th grade when I lost pretty much all of my friends. Some to drugs, one became popular, ones a social floater, and one of them is still my friend. Anyway, before all my work got deleted this was about a girl named Madison who moved to New York from Washington because she didn't like school in Washington. I have always wanted to go to New York, but have never gotten to. Both of my parents are business people that work in a big company, and they are moving to New York with me and my family of course. Anyway, we packed all our luggage, and took off to the Seattle Airport. Then we flew to New York from Washington, I think it would take 5 hours to get there but I can't Google it because if I Google it I might loose all my work. Anyways, once we got there we moved into a giant apartment because my family is rich. We all settled into our bedrooms and I collapsed onto my bed. My kitty chocolate curled up next to me as I snuggled him to sleep. All I could think about, was hope that this school would be better, even though I'm antisocial. The next day before school I took a shower, got dressed, brushed my hair, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, put on makeup, and put all my stuff in my bag. I really hope this school will be better. I am still working on getting my driver's license because I haven't taken my driver's test yet. (This is true, but the part about me having incredibly rich parents is not completely true). Anyway, my dad took me to school and dropped me off, but I was not ready, I just wanted to crawl back into my shell. But I need to do this, I need confidence. I walk into the school, and it is actually a really nice school, I sit down in a random spot next to the window, I guess it's not a random spot, I just wanted to sit next to the window. I smile as I watch the clouds go by out the window, I love the window seat.
"Hello everyone, today we have a new student name Madison Syre, would you like to introduce yourself?" She asks me.
"N-no thanks" I stammer, I really don't like talking in front of people, especially when there are so many people.
"OK then class, please turn to page 391 in your history book, Connor, can you please help her?" He glares at the teacher and me. He had black hair and blue eyes, if looks could kill I'd be dead. He grabs me a book and turns the page.
"Here" he says with no enthusiasm.
"T-thank you" I stammer.
"Whatever" he sighs as he looks out the window, he sits in front of me, and he seems to not like school like me, I don't think I could be friends with him though, he's too scary.
"Madison" the teacher says to me.
"Hm?" I respond.
"Would you like Angela to help you instead?" She asks.
"Yes please" I whisper. Connor scoffs in front of me as I tall to the blonde girl with blue eyes and long hair beside me.
"Hi, I Angela nice to meet you" she smiles enthusiastically. I smile back.
"Hi, I'm Madison" I sat quietly, andwe both shake hands.
"Aw, you are so cute, I know we are going to be great friends" she smiles. I can't believe I already made a friend. I smile as she helps me with history, Connor growls as he works.
"Um, what's up with him?" I ask Angela as I look at Connor.
"Oh, Connor, he just hates everyone, don't take it personally" Angela tells me.
"Oh" I whisper. Then the bell rings and we walk to our next classes together, I'm so glad I have a friend. I have math next and she has art so we go our separate ways. Apparently Connor is in this class too, I try to avoid him but I alway end up sitting near him because we both want window seats, I guess I can relate, we both want to see the beautiful view from the windows, or Connor just wants to glare at it. It made me really uncomfortable because this time I was sitting in front of Connor, I could feel him glaring at my back, gulp. Right then, a brown haired boy with blue eyes sat next to me and said.
"Hi, I'm Nathan, what's your name?" Is this another new friend? I tried to hide my happiness.
"I'm Madison nice to meet you" I smile at him and shake his hand, this boy seems nice.
"Are you new here?" Nathan asks me.
"Yeah" I say quietly.
"Do you want some help then?" He asks.
"Yes please" I smile excited to be making new friends, that's rare for me, but I'm happier then before, this school is way better, and I have two friends here now.
"Hey Madison?" Nathan asks me suddenly.
"Hm?" I ask.
"What was your old school like?" He asks. I freeze.
"O-oh, my old school? Um.... it kinda sucked" I force a laugh and I can feel Connor staring at me from behind which is also making me uncomfortable.
"Is that why you moved here?" He asks me.
I force a laugh again.
"Haha, sort of, we mostly moved here because of my parents jobs" I say.
"Where do they work?" Nathan asks.
"Syre Indusrties" (this is not a real thing)
"Whoa, really? My parents work there too" he smiles and I smile back.
"Cool" I smile again, gladly, Connor seems to have lost interest and is no longer staring at my back.
"Phew" I sigh out a breath after holding it.
To be continued... I need to take a break to take a shower since I haven't showered in two days, I know it's gross, sorry, I'll be back in a little while to work on this again
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