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The Day After Christmas

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Will she finally find the right one? Is she going to fall head over hills in love? As Lilith starts to one of her sisters friends she seems to be... happy? As she is not ready to settle down while owning her own busniess and the time, at such a young age, it all may change.

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Meeting Him

My name is Lilith Bathory and I am twenty-three years old; I own my own bakery called The Deadly Delicious Donuts Bakery. One of my favorite things to do around Christmas is bake treats for the homeless. My parents live in Hawaii while my sister Emma, her husband Alex, and I live in Nebraska. My parents have been waiting for me to settle down and have a family of my own; I love my parents I really do and I one-hundred percent respect their opinion, but I’m not ready to have a family of my own.

“ Hey Lilith,” said Alex, “Do you have a marble cake with chocolate frosting ready or would I have to wait?”

“ It’ll be a fifteen-minute wait, it’s in the oven. Is that okay?” Lilith asks.

“Yeah that’ll be fine, but hurry it’s for your sister.” He says quickly before he sits down in a chair.

“Yes Sir!” says Lilith to Alex. They both giggle.

Fifteen minutes later Lilith walks from the back of the bakery with the cake. It’s in a white box that has a note on top that says,” You can always count on me sis! Love you both!” A strange man comes through the door as she hands Alex the box.She had never seen this man before and she had pretty much seen everyone in town since there were only two bakeries.

“ Thank you Lilith,” Alex says on his way out the door.“You’re welcome Alex,” She replies.

As the strange man walks to the counter she greets him saying,” Hello what can I get for you today!”

“Um.. May I have a Triple Chocolate cake Please?” the man asks

“ Yes sir, what’s your name?” she asked.

“My name is Damien Grayves,” he responded.

Lilith writes his name on the tag that goes on top of the cake box.

“ You have really pretty handwriting,” Damien compliments.

“Thank you! ” ,Lilith giggles,” I will be right back I will go get your cake ready!”

She walks to the back and starts to back the Triple Chocolate Cake. She hears more people come in as she puts the cake in the oven, she walks to the front quickly. As she approaches the counter she sees two people and they both order the same thing. A vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.

“What are your names?” she asks.

“My name is Esma Woods ,” says the lady.

“And mines Zane Martin ,” says the man.

Lilith takes the orders and goes back to get Damien’s cake out of the oven. She puts the other two orders in, as she takes the other one out. While she walks back to the front, Damien approaches her.

“Are you new here?” Lilith asks curiously.

“Yes ,I actually moved here a few weeks ago and everyone told me you are the best baker in town,” he complimented.“Thank you,” She replies.

“Your total is twelve dollars and fifty-three cent,” she says to Damien.

He pulls out twenty dollars and hands it to Lilith. She gets his change and receipt. As she hands them to him the timer goes off in the back.

“Oh No! The Cakes!” she yelps as she starts to run to the back.

When she got to the back, and when they came out they were just right. “Perfect!” she says happily.

When she hands the people their cakes, Damien is still standing there.

Looking nervous and scared.

“Hey Lilith. Um… I was wondering if you might wanna go to the movies with me and your sister Emma and her husband Alex. If you don’t want to you- she interrupts him

“I would love to!” she giggles superiously.

“It starts at seven aclock!”

“I’ll be there!” she replies

She calls Emma as she drives home.

“Emma, I have told you I don’t need help with finding a date. Why would you do that? Sometimes you’re just like mom and dad. I hate it, but I’ll still be there.” Lilith says angrily.

Emma set Lilith to have a date with Damien. Emma had known him from when she went to Harvard, and she knew that he was a good guy.“I thought you would like him and he’s a great guy Lilith so you’re going to the movies with us. You already told him you were and he’s your type.” Emma says while eating cake.

“I know that’s why I’m scared. He is just so… perfect. I’ll make a deal. I’ll try this relationship, if you don’t set me up with anybody else.Deal?”

“Deal!” Emma says excitingly.

Later on that right Emma and Alex are at the movies waiting on Lilith and Damien to arrive. Damien pulled up in a big pickup truck. Five minutes after Damien gets there Lilith pulls up. She gets out of her silver convertible. As she steps out of the car Damien’s jaw drops.

“She looks stunning!” He mumbles as she walks towards him.

“Well thank you Damien! You look handsome yourself if I may add!” Lilith says smiling.

“You’re welcome ma’am!” he exclaimed.

As all four of them enter the theater they buy drinks and get popcorn before heading to the movie room. In the middle of watching Noelle, Lilith’s phone lights up. It was her mom and dad, they were going to be coming to Nebraska for Christmas. They would arrive on the fifteenth of December.Lilith let Emma know that their mom had texted her. After the movie Lilith and Damien hung out together a little longer and Emma and Alex went home.

“Hey wanna go get something to eat?” Damien asks.

“Yes, that would be amazing!” she exclaimed.

They go to O’Charleys and order some food. Damien got a steak, mashed potatoes with bacon bites, macaroni, and a salad. Lilith got the same thing. After they finished eating, Damien took Lilith back to her car.

“Thank you for dinner!” Tonight has been really fun!” Lilith informed.

“ Since it was so fun wanna do it again sometime with just me and you?” he wondered

“I would love to!” she blurted quickly


He shuts the door for Lilith and waves bye as he gets in his truck. He is such a sweet guy. I really like him, he really is a good guy. She thinks to herself. After she gets home she takes a shower, gets dressed and lays down.

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