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Bella Luis__A 19 year old poor girl ,who lives with her single mother in the deceased father's house. Bella is very attrached to her mother ,Judy , since the death of her father ,Alberto nine years ago.Bella is a very beautiful young lady with neon teal blue eyes with a specks of orange, black long hair afro hair and with a light skinned complexion. Shaquan Emerson___ A 29 years old ruthless businessman.A rich cold-hearted jerk .A beautiful bastard.The only son of Richard and Ella Emerson.He is married to Lina Emerson. Quan Emerson owns hotels, restaurants, bars/clubs, companies and a ranch.The whole city fear and respects him.

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Bella's POV.

It's been two weeks since l lost my job.Life is so unfair,rich people always take advantage of us .

*Flashback*Two weeks ago*
As usual l was at work ,serving these rich people food at Pick and Chew restaurant.I it's one of the best restaurants in the city. I got this job by begging and a lot of effort.
When I heard a female voice from table 4 calling me.

“hey you old hag come and take my order ,I have been waiting for a long time”.

“Sorry ma'am” I quickly said

l quickly took her order with the fear of losing my job. Because I was nervous I accidentally spilled hot chicken soup on her beautiful pink dress.

“You how dare you spill hot chicken soup on me.”she slapped me across my face.

I sincerely apologized “I'm sorry ma'am please forgive me it was a mistake”

“mistake ! It's useless talking to you I want to see your manager right now!”

“I'm sorry mom please.. please don't fire me ,please don't call my manager, please I really need this job”

”I want to talk to your manager right now and don't give me those silly excuses you're nothing but a worthless dog”

“you worthless piece of s*** do you know how much this dress cost?

*End of Flashback*
That's how l ended up losing my job and since that day l have been looking for a job.I have to find a job real fast because we almost running out of supplies in the house and my mother's salary can barely push us through the whole month.

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