Alpha Asher

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Mia Evans was normal, until her eighteenth birthday. She had no idea werewolves existed for centuries right under the human nose. After her first shift, her father ships her off to live with her only living other relative, her grandmother Celeste in a mansion fit for a queen. She knows there's secrets of the supernatural in hollow hills. Someone's watching her from outside and a man she meets on the first day is unexpected. Celeste tells her not to venture from the narrowed path, but she decides to ignore the rules and do it anyway. She was too curious for her own good. Little did the girl know, secrets of her own had to be kept. Alpha Asher Lee was callous and wrathful. He wanted vengeance for his family. At any cost, he would pay it. He would slaughter and wreak havoc until he got what he wanted. A mate was never in his plans. And he wants to drive her away as soon as possible. Will he give in, or will she burn like others before her?

Romance / Fantasy
Midnight Words
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My mother read to me with her thin arms wrapped around my body, tucking me into bed.

"There was once a girl, born of great power. She was meant to be queen, and rule over her whole land. Blessed by the goddess, and tied to the moon. She would vanquish all evil in the form of a king who ruled his subjects with slavery. Only the girl could free the people.

I squeal and sit up, my arms flailing about. "Wow, This is good so far."

Mother smiles and shakes her head gently pushing me back down, shushing me. "Let me finish my story please. It gets even better."

I nod while she smirks at me and starts the story again right where she left off.

"But when she was one, they sent her away, because there were beings who wanted to hurt her, for she could bring peace and all they wanted was chaos. Now, the girl awaits her destiny only when she comes of age will she take the throne."

My eyes start to droop shut as I shift in the bed, meeting my eyes with hers. "Did your mom tell you that story too?"

She grins with a sadness lingering on her face. "Yes, she did. Enough of the talking, go to bed, Mia. Goodnight, I love you."

"I love you too."

The light dims as she closes the door and I drift off to sleep.

Later on that night I was woken by a horrid screeching and growls that surrounded the house.

My father yelled with torture in his voice. "Stay in the room, Mia! Don't come out for anything!"

My body starts to shake as I move to hide under the bed trying to keep my breath light in case someone breaks in.

The growling and everything stops after a few moments and my door opens with father walking in and searching the room with vigor.

"Mia! Where are you?"

I slide out from underneath the bed, seeing his brown eyes glistening with tears.

"What's going on, dad? Where's Mom?" I ask and he just shakes his head, bringing me close and putting my head on his shoulder.

I could feel him quivering with sobs and I knew something wasn't right.

That morning, they took mom in a body bag. I didn't get to see her, not even at the funeral because the casket was closed.

Father didn't want me to. So, I knew that whatever happened it must've been bad.

I never thought I would lose my mother. At fifteen, I was just starting highschool and becoming older without her.

The funeral was beautiful though. No one except me and my father were there. We didn't have any other living relatives, at least that's what he said.

Music flooded the graveyard as the preacher said his last words and I kissed her casket before it was lowered to the ground.

I knew from then on that life would never be the same.

A/N- This chapter is short because it's a prologue. The rest will be longer. I hope you liked this chapter. Vote and comment, please! Thank you so much. Until next time. :))
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