Alpha Asher

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Chapter One: The Day After

My head swims as I open my eyes slowly and look around. What the fuck is happening?

Green fills my sense and I gaze to gouge my surroundings seeing the forest and feeling the blistering sun glimmering down on my back. Okay, why the hell am I naked?

I have no idea what happened last night. Pain was radiating through my whole body, like hellfire. I had never felt anguish like that.

I remember that my father took me outside but after that, things have came up blank.

My legs feel like jelly when I stand up almost toppling over. Did I take drugs or something last night without my knowledge?

My fathers shirt hangs on a tree branch near my head. I snatch it up and throw it over my bare body moving through the woods back home.

My senses feel more than heightened. I can smell everything, animals that have been through here the past couple of hours. The rain that must've came some time during the night, and the morning dew coating the grass.

My eyes are clearer than they ever have been. I've always had to wear glasses but now I can see perfectly. Somethings very wrong here.

I finally see my house in view and jog over quickly. My father opens the door as if he can hear me coming and motions me over to sit in the living room with him. I can tell he's anxious about it, and that doesn't sit right with me. He's never been like this before.

"Dad, what happened? I woke up in the woods with nothing on. And all I can bring up is that you took me out there. Other than that, I don't have a lot of memory. Things are coming back in pieces." I say looking at him waiting on him to answer.

His gaze is concentrated on the carpeted floor, not sparing me a look at all, I can see a fearful expression painting his features.

"You're just like your mother. I never wanted this life for you. I was hoping you weren't the one, but she lied to me about who she was."

I grimace, my lips tipping down with millions of questions running through my head, I can barley keep up. This is all was too much, and way too confusing with him speaking in riddles.

"What are you talking about? I need to know what down last night. And what you were saying about mom. Tell me all of it, please. I feel like I'm losing my mind." I plead with him, and he finally looks up at me.

I can see the tears about to spill out of his eyes and it makes me even more fearful. "You have to leave now, I can't protect you, not after tonight. It's started."

What is going on? I've never seen him so out of sorts and it's scaring the shit out of me. "Where am I supposed to go, Dad? I don't understand!" My yelling echoes off the walls and bounces back to me.

I can see my bags already packed at the bottom of the stairs. Neatly sitting by the front door. He's abandoning me, for what?

"I'm sending you to your grandmother's. She can take care of you and teach you things I never can and will never be able to. Trust me on this. You can't be here, not now, never again," He replies chocking up and on the verge of sobbing.

I am too. I have no idea what's running through his head as if I haven't said that enough times already. I'm starting to panic and shake, trying to keep an anxiety attack at bay. This is not the time, Mia. Keep it together.

"You said all our living relatives were dead. You lied to me. And now you're making me leave, and I don't even know what for!" I scream as he shrinks back lower.

The gravel around our pavement rolls as a car pulls up the drive, making us both look out the glass paned window.

"The cars here for you, Mia. It's time for you to go. Just know that I loved you with everything in me. After your mother died you were the only one I had left. I'm so sorry that I've failed you. I love you, please be safe." He says, making my wounds even deeper.

I can't believe any of this. It's all to crazy to even feel real to me. Now, he's just making me leave and talking about my mother after not hearing a word about her for years.

I stand there blinking slowly, trying to take everything in but he shoves me out the door with my bags in his hand. "You'll be safe with her. I love you."

He kisses my forehead and pulls me into the car shutting the black door in front of him.

I start to wail and scream trying to fight my way out but the driver locked the doors as soon as I got in.

I whip my head over to him as sobs come out of me. "Let me out! I have to go back in there! This is kidnapping! I'll call the police!"

He turns swiftly with a rag in his hand and covers my mouth with it. I fight, scratching and clawing at his arms but it's no use. His cussing gets even louder as blood starts to ooze from the wounds I created on his wrists and forearms.

It does nothing to stop him though and he keeps going, pushing the rag to my face.

I try to hold my breath but soon enough I have to inhale again, the fumes entering my nose turning my brain and eyes fuzzy.

"Sleep now, I won't hurt you." He says through my muffled ears as I give up the fight and drift off into nothingness.

A/N- Hey guys! I hope you liked the first chapter. I didn't really know how to write it good lol. First chapters are definitely hard. I hope you could bare through it at least. There are grammar mistakes. My laptop is broken so I have to write on my iPhone until the foreseeable future when I can get it fixed. Please, vote and comment. Thank you! Until next time. :))
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