Alpha Asher

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Chapter Two: Arriving

A loud slam makes me jump up from the seat and frantically look around. The man who had just drugged me slammed the car door with what seemed to be anger.

Probably trying to take me up on purpose, the bastard. As if making me inhale chloroform wasn't bad enough, he wants to make sure I hate him. That's all I can think of for a reason as to why he's being rude.

My eyes follow him as he walks up to the door that's holding my back swinging it open making me screech and fall backward with the upper half of my body hanging out of the car now.

"Dude, you can't be serious. What is your problem? If anything I should be the one angry right now," I say loudly but he just ignores me making his way to the trunk and swinging it open.

Bloods rushing to my head quickly and Nausea starts to creep into my stomach.

"C'mon, you could at least help me out. This is fucking ridiculous. I don't know what in my life I did to deserve everything that's happening to me right now."

I swear I can hear him snickering while getting my bags out. When I get out of this car, he's going to wish he hadn't.

He finally helps me out and sits me on my two feet but I immediately slip, falling on my ass. Now, I can fully hear him laughing which makes me even more mad.

"This is your fucking fault! I don't see what's so funny. The only reason my legs aren't working is because you drugged me and took me away without my permission," I state pointing a finger at him.

His chuckles finally start to cease and he shakes his head pulling me up from under my arms like a child. Starting to walk off I grumble about his behavior and follow behind him.

"Do you even talk macho man? Or are you the rugged silent type with a jaw that looks like a fucking Dorito chip?" I ask as he starts to look annoyed at me.

"Just be quiet until we get to the house, please," He says in a deep voice that makes me shiver.

Of course, I knew this guy would have a voice like that. He's probably used to all of the girls falling at his feet.

A few minutes after walking up the small path a large mansion comes into view of my more sensitive eyes. Immediately I start to actually take in my surroundings.

I've been so lost in my thoughts that I didn't think about the way everything smelled and the things around me.

The man in front of me smelled of masculine energy for sure. Sweat, which personally I wasn't that much of a fan of, and wood.

Bringing me out of my thoughts he starts to open the door to the black painted palace. It might actually be one, it's larger than a mansion and I have a feeling it's been around for years, decades even.

When we enter a crystal chandelier hangs from the high ceilings, with two staircases wrapping around each other. So, this place is kind of trippy.

There's artwork lining the walls, it seems to be pretty old. Werewolves howl at the moon as a beautiful woman comes down with blue tinted skin and glimmering white hair.

The next one is a mural of a little girl being taken away to another land as her parents weep over the loss of their child.

Something about this seems familiar, although I can't really put my finger on it.

The man walks us through the French doors leading into a sitting room. He points his finger at me, gesturing for me to stay.

My brows scrunch up and I flip him off. He looks away and walks through the door. I seriously don't like this guy. Who in the hell taught him manners? Whoever did, didn't do it right, that's for sure.

My heightened ears catch small voices coming from behind the door and footsteps start to walk towards me, making me look up.

My gaze catches on an older woman now standing before me. Her grey hair falls down her back in natural waves, her features are much like mine. More than my mothers ever was.

She takes my hand in hers, and I almost think about pulling it away even though she seems to be giving me a kind gesture.

"You look so much like your mother," she says making me confused.

My brows furrow as I search her features. I never looked like my mother. I have no clue as to why, but I didn't look like either of my parents.

My skin was always paler and my blue eyes were lighter. My mother had dark brown hair, almost black. And her eyes were almost a hazel. I looked nothing like them.

She seems to see my confusion, dropping the subject.

"My name's Celeste. I'm your grandmother and you'll be staying here indefinitely. I know you must have questions and tomorrow I will explain everything. I know what's happening to you. But for now, you should get some sleep. Xander will show you to your rooms."

I look over at the man and smirk as if I've won. I finally have his name and I plan on using it to annoy the life out of him.

"Thank you, Celeste. Is there any way I can borrow a phone so I can contact my father?" I question her as she moves away from me.

Xander looks between the both of us, waiting on an answer from Celeste. Finally, she starts to speak. "I'm sure you were informed. You can't keep in contact with your father. This is for your safety. And I promise I will explain later."

My lips start to tip down in a frown because I know nothing will sway her. I can tell already she's an authoritative figure, and she won't give me a lot of leeway.

So, I let it go as she gestures for Xander to show me my rooms.

I don't speak at all on the way up the stairs and even when he opens my bedroom doors and shows me around.

He doesn't say anything either, he just walks around as I follow him like a shadow. After awhile he sees that I'm upset and have no questions so he leaves me to wallow with my bags at the end of my bed.

Tears finally start to stream down my face as I angrily open my suitcases getting my clothes out and shoving them into drawers.

These past two days, I think have been the worst of my life. First, I was up in the forest with barley any collection of what happened.

Then, my father basically kicks me out of the house and says my mother lied to him about who she was. If that's even true I have no idea.

Finally, I get shoved into a car and drugged and then put here. I seriously can't believe my bad luck.

I wish I would've had friends back home, but if I couldn't keep in contact with my father I doubt I could with them.

I'm already lonely. Me and dad were pretty close. I was almost never alone, also because I was homeschooled.

Oh my god, I can't believe I forgot. The other day was my birthday. I literally sat drugged in the car on my fucking eighteenth birthday.

Of course, my birthday started at 12, but that night, I don't remember. This is even worse.

After getting all of my clothes in and unpacking my things I throw myself onto the bed and scream into one of the fluffy pillows.

What the hell, really? I can't think of anything worse than living in a cold ass mansion with a grandmother I never even knew I had.

Soon enough, my eyes start to shut and I drift into nothingness.

A/N- hey guys! I hope you liked chapter two. She'll meet Asher soon but I just want to set everything up as good as possible. Thank you so much for reading! Please vote and comment! Until next time :))
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