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The Precious Sister of the Villainous Grand Duke

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Alt Name- (Duke's Lovely Sister) * This Novel Current Translator is Love Warning Kiss. *Patreon Chapters Only Available On Love Warning Kiss ❤️ Description Reborn as a sister of a villain with no blood or tears in a war-fiction novel. Anyway, that guy, who plays ‘my brother’ role, is a villain who will be sealed by the Main Lead after losing the war. So I just need to pretend to be his little sister until he disappears. No, at least that’s how I think … ‘Something in your right hand, is that the main lead’s head?’ My brother won the war. *** “What’s with the suitcase?” “Yes?” At the tip of Dietrich’s long finger, there was a package that I had wrapped up as soon as he left for the battlefield. “I asked what it is.” “It’s, It’s a travel bag, brother.” “Travel? Alone?” Dietrich’s dark eyes glistened. The man who had just returned from victory had a strange smell of blood from murder. “Will you leave me?”

Romance / Fantasy
Love Warning Kiss
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Chapter 1

I was used to being ignored by my family.

In the previous life, there was nothing better than my brothers, so my parents treated me like a family shame.

Now I am ‘Anissa LaGrange’, a character who was abandoned because she doesn’t have the power of the sun, so I cannot happily say that I have the greatest luck.

‘The family of my previous life at least bothered to raise me.’

I inhaled shortly and then opened up my mouth to exhale.

“Why is the baby sighing and frantic?”

He was the youngest at the moment, and he took care of me, who had no connection, and he didn’t like what I did.

“Why, why should I care if this young girl seems troubled?”

He knows that I can’t understand, so he continues his rant.

What’s wrong with a child who can’t even speak! Am I reincarnated or reborn?

Yes. I was born as a character in a novel, so I’m going to be alright.

Anyways, the world I live in now is very similar to the world of the war fantasy novel called ‘The Rose Wars of the Men’ that I read in my previous life.

‘No, this is not the same at all.’

I eagerly turned around my head and looked around my new environment.

The Euclid family I was born in shared a very long history of war with the Grand Duke of LaGrange.

If Euclid is the sun, LaGrange is a shadow. If you happen to hear that Euclid may be more powerful, it’s not exactly true.

“Poor Camille, why are you dying?”

Lancel grumbled while changing the diaper which moistened overnight, frowning with arrogance.

“Oh my God, if only Camille lived!”

That woman’s name, Camille.

Camille is one of the countless wives of the Grand Duke of LaGrange, whom Lanselle served. She is a character of ‘The Rose Wars of the Men’ and also the mother of the vicious villain who is against the main character.

“When will I escape this miserable situation? Why did you die after giving birth to this ugly baby?”

‘Why does that child look like her from the beginning?’

I muttered in my mind and started running over the contents that I had remembered from this novel. On the surface, Camille was said to have died while giving birth to me, but in fact, I wasn’t her birth child.

Camille kidnapped me, the daughter of an enemy Euclid family, from the Duke of Euclid, in order to strengthen her position in LaGrange.

‘Is this baby Euclid’s child?’

I still vividly remember the face of Camille, who watched me in the air, when I was still a newborn baby.

She was a rare beauty. At that time, even though the memories were flimsy like watercolors soaked in water, the beauty seemed to be tens of times more beautiful than that of Anissa’s.

‘That must be why your son Dietrich will grow to be very beautiful.’

She was nearing the end of her life, but she was caught in the midst of kidnapping me, and was killed by Euclid’s knights.

‘Kill all!’

‘What about the babies?’

‘Kill it. The existence of a Euclid, who has no use, shouldn’t live.’

The funny thing is, Euclid’s knights weren’t tracking her to rescue me. They want to find Camille in order to get rid of us both. Unfortunately, the baby she had been pregnant with had died as a result .

I don’t know why I’m the only one alive and being raised as Camille’s daughter in the LaGrange family.

There was no such thing in the book, and I was shocked the moment the knights killed Camille.

Anissa’s biological mother was insane, unlike any other insane human being. She tried to suffocate a baby with a pillow pressed to the face! Still, the situation in LaGrange wasn’t exactly great either.

“Urgh, such an ugly baby!”

For example, Lancel, who is currently scratching my forearm with his nails, didn’t seem like a normal person as well.

“Aw ah ah ah ah!”

A baby’s skin is so soft that it looks like dough. Even with a little bit of pressure, it was enough to make it red. If you scratch yourself with your nails, wouldn’t it also hurt you?

“Eishh! Cry more! Cry more!”

Whether I cried or not, Lancel pinched my forearm.

As a matter of fact, I have never done anything improper to him, yet why does Lancel hate me so much?

I stared at the black smoke spread over Lancel’s heart.

The black aura that fills the chest tells of his ‘hatred’.

‘Why do you hate me so much?’

I was able to read people’s feelings with aura.

It was also the moment when I realized that the misty aura was a character of the world in the book.

The first aura I saw was when I was born and it belonged to my biological mother, and her aura was much darker than Lancel’s.

The hatred was too intense for a baby to take on.

‘You hate your baby that much because she doesn’t have the power of the sun.’

Although I had become Anissa, I felt a little compassion for her.

At least my indifferent parents didn’t ‘hate’ me …

No, actually they hated me a lot, but it might have been something I didn’t know because I didn’t see their auras.

‘Oh, no. Let’s think differently, think differently.’

I didn’t want to think of my miserable situation right before my death, so I shouted.

‘The Rose Wars of The Men’ that I read the last time before I died was a novel from an observer’s point of view.

She wasn’t the main character, but the owner of the voice that unfolded the story was ‘Anissa Euclid’. Instead of the sun’s instinct, she had the power of the Almighty Euradia, who can read people’s auras and predict the future.

‘Is it not almighty? It was a role only played by Dietrich.’

Anissa knew every character and the main character’s mind one after another, but she was a weak person who didn’t have the power to defend anyone.

Knowing that she was Herman Euclid’s younger sister, Dietrich killed her with the shadow, made her behave like a slave, and used her to attack Hermann.

‘It was one of the reasons Herman didn’t forgive Dietrich.’

I thought she was a kind of device used to emphasize Dietrich’s wickedness, who was called the Demon Granduke in the novel.

Even I-who had no expectation for my family-read it as a horrible description of a villain who uses and throws away a person who grows up as his sister.

‘I’m scared. This family is so scary!’

If only I could move my body, I would run away immediately. I tried to look up at Lancel, struggling with my inner thoughts.

‘Eh. It wasn’t black at all. Lancel’s aura was shaking in front of me.’

Each person has a unique aura, but the emotional auras are easy to read because they have similar colors.

“Hhh, huh! Camille. Why did you die?”

Lancel’s aura began to turn blue. Blue was sadness.

‘I guess he really loved Camille.’

Even though I couldn’t shed tears, I was able to feel his sorrow with Lancel’s anguish.

I think I’m the reason she died, so he hates me because of it.

‘But that’s not my fault.’

I never told Camille to kidnap me.

Lancel, who shed tears in front of me, quickly left the room and closed the door.

‘No, give me rice!’

I’m hungry!

There weren’t many workers going in and out of my room because my palace was completely neglected by the Grand Duke.

I was starving for ages and ages until Lancel came back.

In this world, the infant mortality rate is not that low. I wonder if I could die of starvation.

Even if you properly look around, you will not find anyone willing to bring you food.

Lancel implemented the bare minimal care needed to keep me alive. Although it was resentful, it was not something I couldn’t understand.

I was a princess, but LaGrange was overflowing with many princes and princesses.

Derreck LaGrange, who is now the Grand Duke of LaGrange was an overexpressed human being who even had over twenty children.

‘If you are considered a woman who will give birth to a great successor, you brought it right away and used it as a ticket to become a concubine.’

Eventhough Dietrich LaGrange was the best villain in the world, I think the real garbage is Derreck LaGrange.

Dietrich was a bad guy, but he was a romantic guy loyal to the heroine, Charlotte.

In any case, there are so many children, even children who are ignored by society are prepared.

‘Crazy bastard.’

However, Derreck is a human who doesn’t care for his children in the slightest. Only the children filtered through the test were recognized as ‘succession candidates’ and looked after.

However, the harsh test was not just a fitness test or study. As it was beyond what a commoner could have imagined, it was a very dangerous situation for me.

Like right now. “This one right? Baby, can I kill you? ”

LaGrange’s countless tests included murder between siblings!

‘To ensure that cruelty will lead the north or something.’

So, no matter how many babies Derreck LaGrange’s wife has, less than half survive. Newborns are an excellent target for murder.1

“Nobody. Quickly kill.”

The child staring at me exhales coldly. I stretched out my hand and opened my mouth to persuade the child.


However, only a strange babble comes out. It seemed like tears would come out of the stuffiness.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. You have a position.”

The cold blade touches my neck. I haven’t touched the texture of the cool metal yet, but I’ve got goosebumps all over my body.

No, guys. First of all, why don’t you listen to a baby?

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