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I Don't Want To Be Duke's Adopted Daughter-in-law

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Alt Name - (IDWTBDAD) * This Novel Current Translator is Love Warning Kiss. *Patreon Chapters Only Available On Love Warning Kiss ❤️ Description She had possessed the body of the no. 1 villainess, who was terrible for tormenting the boy who entered the orphanage. ‘I thought I didn’t need to be involved.’ …But it’s annoying to see him keep being beaten by other children, so I took care of him a little. “That kid next to me. That kid is also going to be adopted.” “Am I going to be a foster daughter?” “No. You are going to be my daughter-in-law.” …So, I was adopted with the Male Lead. I can’t just do this? There’s a separate heroine! ***** The Male Lead went to war with his new father as scheduled. When he returns, he will be with the original heroine. I prepared for divorce and dismissal from the family step by step. In the meantime, I have earned a lot of money for myself! “Damian, why are you back here alone? Where are the others?” “Others?” Damian’s eyes, who were always soft at my questions, quickly became sharp. “It’s not right, Ellie. You’re looking for a man other than your husband.” “What?” “No way. I’m so jealous, I might kill him.” I looked at my father-in-law to ask for help. “The same is true of my opinion, Ellie. Cheating on your husband is not allowed.” “…”

Romance / Fantasy
Love Warning Kiss
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Chapter 1

“I adopt a child.”

Proclaimed by the imperial killer, Duke Erhard Schuetz.

The orphanage teachers swallowed their breath.

What the Duke said was clear.

A child who is barely breathing with a face excited by the heat. That the child was the son of the dead Duke of Kleider.

There were two dukes in the empire.

The Duke of Shuetz, the ruler of the battlefield, and the Duke of Kleider, the center of commerce.

Separately, the two huge forces were even close friends.

They didn’t know if the two families were united, they could have as much power as the imperial family.

But about 10 years ago, the Duke of Kleeder and his wife died in an accident.

It was a carriage accident. The carriage fell off the cliff of the monster and swallowed up the Duke and his bloody son.

The Duke of Shuetz, with all his might, scoured the north, and eventually found the duke’s corpse and a piece of clothing believed to have been worn by a child.

The monster fell from a sparse cliff. The child must have died.

However, the Duke of Schuetz has been searching the empire in search of the son of his deceased friend for more than 10 years.

‘By the way, that son must be that boy!’

The orphanage teachers were truly desperate.

To make matters worse, the child was suffering from high fever.

He was just the right timing to misunderstand.

If they knew he would do this, they would treat him well, deep regret came.

While the teachers confess their belated self.

“......... .”

One girl quietly watched their confusion.

‘He finally met him.’

As in the original novel, Duke Shuetz found Damian.

It was the moment when the male protagonist escaped from the abuse he had received for a long time and met a new family.

‘It’s a good thing to find it safely.’

I almost missed the timing.

It was because of the disgrace to the director and because Damian suffered from a high fever that was not in the original novel.

Still, since they met safely, Lee Dae-ro wouldn’t be kicked out of the orphanage because she was a child who harassed the male main lead like the flow of the original.

He paid back on behalf of the male protagonist and even revealed the teacher’s evil deeds.

The most fortunate thing is......

‘I kept my promise to let him meet his family.’

It was when the girl’s mouth was drawing a smooth line.


The duke’s finger pointed at the girl sitting next to Damian.

“That kid next to me. That kid is also adopted.”

The escort knight who was guarding the back of the duke asked.

“Are you want a foster daughter?”

Then the duke’s red eyes touched the girl.

“No. She’s going to be my daughter-in-law.”


At that moment, everyone in the room opened their mouths.

It was the same with the girl.

‘Daughter-in-law? His daughter-in-law?’


Damian’s wife was due to appear in a very distant future.

She was a place where the villain Jo Moo Rae-gi couldn’t lose.

I was just trying to change the future by being driven out to the streets.

‘His daughter-in-law!’

So Ellie, silently despaired with her mouth open.

🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸

I was the 1st student in an orphanage in St. Territory, at the very end of the empire.

My mother was the most famous thief in the empire, and she died after being caught trying to steal the things of a countess.

After my mother died, the director reaped me, who was alone.

However, I didn’t feel particularly grateful to the director.

Because the director pampered the children.

Even a few nursery teachers were distant relatives of the director, so you will know how badly the orphanage was without telling them how much it was.

“The children are in good condition.”

“Our orphanage puts children first.”

So when I heard that, I was a little angry.

The director held a lie in his mouth without blinking an eye.

Because he had to look good to the nobles.

The empire took several victories in wars big and small, putting several lesser nations at its feet.

So, the director brought only moderately smooth orphans, washed them clean, and fed them ‘just enough to look good’.

“That child would be nice.”

The nobleman chooses the child they likes, and it ends.

The adopted child was able to eat and live well under the support of the nobles.

Sponsoring war orphans was the easiest way to show the world the seeds of the nobles’ capital and generous hearts.

‘It’s a formal word.’

Knowing the level of operation of this orphanage, I did not believe it.

It was because of what the director said while bringing me to the orphanage.

“Oh, pretty kid. Why are you crying here?You don’t have Mom?”

“......... .”

Then I didn’t say anything. It was true that there was no mother.

The director brought me to the orphanage.

It was because he liked my appearance, but there was something the director overlooked.

My mother was a famous thief who shook the empire.

‘She was caught stealing stuff from the famous Count, and she was hung from her neck, and She died.’

Who was the one who took the thief’s daughter as a foster daughter?

It was the day when he returned to the orphanage after being destroyed for the third time.

“Well, why are you doing this?”

Suddenly, the wheel of the carriage broke, and I bumped my head.

And at that moment, I realized.

That this is the world in the book.

I lived in a different world than I am now.

It’s a world where objects can be made on their own with just the touch of their hands, and people can easily call them.

In my previous life, I worked to concretely realize such a business and idea.

I think I liked it quite a bit when I saw those scenes come up clearly amidst the hazy memories.

Since I realized my previous life, should I say it was a good accident? It was unknown.

‘But there is one question.’

Of those many books, why is it that I remember only the contents of the novel clearly?

I can’t even remember the title of this novel.

Anyway, it was a good thing for me to know the future.

“Greetings. This is a new friend I’ve been with from today.”

Today, the director brought a new child.

But his expression was infinitely crumpled.

‘I guess I lost the game again.’

I was a gambling lover, but seeing that kind of expression all the time, he seemed to be poor.

‘It would be beneficial to myself not to play games without odds.’

I thought so and looked down.

The child had all of his clothes, where he was lying, and had a body thin enough to see the skeleton.

The short hair that came down to the shoulder was telling me how unmanaged the child was.

Most of the time, in such a place, the children were constricted and noticed.

However, the child in front of his eyes looked unruly or embarrassing.

That’s a little strange, it was time to stare.

“His name is Damian.”

The moment the director said the child’s name, my heart pounded.

“Damian is a weak child, so don’t bother him and get along with him. I don’t allow fights between children’s.”

The director’s voice, adding Moore, went away like a tinnitus.

Damian. I know that kid’s name.

‘You are finally here,’

I clenched my fist.

A child who has never forgotten since when I remembered this place in a book.


That child is the male protagonist who will defeat the emperor in the future, and I was the number 1 villainness Jo Moo Rae-gi , who was expelled from the orphanage to torment male protagonist.

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