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The Bad Luna (ON HOLD)

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Luka Adrik Vladimir is your typical Alpha, leading the most ruthless and largest pack ever known. He is 35 and still hasn't found his mate. He was getting restless in finding his luna but when he finally finds her, he wishes he hadn't! Venus Mabel Gracia is the exact opposite of anything a Luna should be known as. No, she isn't weak, unwanted and the trash of the town. She is haughty, conceited, and a full-blown feminist human! Born out of old money her only ambiance was to seize the reins of her father's company and she would stop at nothing in this misogynist world to prove her worth. Together they could ruin empires or could lead them to novel peaks but one thing was for sure, together they were explosive!

Romance / Fantasy
Elena Feathers
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Luka Adrik Vladimir

Beta Xander Storm strode past the hallways in quick strides with the fortitude to reach his destination. With his lycan speed, he reached the intended mark fast.

His hand reached for the dork knob of the Rosewood door then stilled when his Lycan picked scandalously appalling sounds from the other end despite their Pack House being soundproof. He scoffed then knocked loudly instead.

Rolling his eyes, he fished out his phone and started going through his notification as he knew his recipient past the door was going to take his time.

About a five minute later the door opened by two women holding dresses on their chests, or barely what was left of what was once dresses, and ran stumbling and giggling past the corridor avoiding his eyes.

He snorted at their antics. He could vividly point out these women; both unmated: one beta, the other of gamma blood, and were exploiting, boon venturous because of the fact. They were here visiting the pack to look for their chosen mates. When they didn’t find them they stumbled upon the unmated Alpha’s door.

Werewolves and lycans were very social and primal creatures and their instincts, urges, strength and intelligence exceeded an average human. Because of these heightened emotions, senses, and needs not many wolves waited for their chosen with virtue.

Though he wouldn’t explicitly call them wh*res, it was exclusively frowned upon to not have waited for your mate but these women were past their late thirties with no anticipation of finding a mate, not that they were longing anyway. These females had heightened urges due to the approaching Eclipse but Beta Storm doubted the unmated Alpha satiated anyone of these females.

Alphas’ were selfish like that and it would be a disregard to the Luna, though she wasn’t here but who knew. In any case, for the same reason Alphas rarely hooked up and even for a head the pack females were strictly forbidden.

Usually, their Alpha was the definition of professionalism and dominance crammed in a package but these days their Alpha had been on edge, losing his composure on anything that moves. Not to mention the over-sexual drive.

He opened the guest room with caution, as he entered, he scrunched his nose at the scent of sex lingering in the air. Only the scent that was prominent was that of his Alpha which was a clear sign that it was only oral that took place… like always.

Sex was particularly what his Alpha had saved up for his Luna, as Lycan Luna’s were naturally aggressive and possessive when it came to their mate. The stronger the bond, the stronger her instincts and mates never took kindly to these past flings or flames.

The shower was running and the Guest room was left in shambles. The bed was broken and the other half of the room was in similar standing. Beta Xander knew it wasn’t because of activities that took place but it was his Alpha venting his aggression. He grimaced then sighed.

At least it wasn’t people on the receiving end of the atrocity.

Minutes later, his Alpha came out of the shower with only a towel hanging low on his hips, in all his half-naked glory. He was what a leader was supposed to be, brawny strong, domineering, and though austere harsh but flaxen in judgment. He was the strongest Lycan to have ever been born because of the pure royal bloodlines of Lycan blood of two different origins that ran in his veins.

Luka Adrik Vladimir was 35, well past the age of finding a mate, and had been Alpha for a better half of his life. Though the situation called for an acting Luna but the Law forbade it and rationality didn’t succumb to it. It wasn’t naturally possible as every wolf or Lycan submitted to their true Alpha pair only. Beside the Alpha, Lycan or wolf never treated a replacement mate with equality which raised imbalance.

The position will always be hers. When she isn’t present, it will be void but there can’t be replacements. Even if she appeared when she is old and haggard the position and Alpha will be hers. Besides, only a chosen could have your heir.

Though the Alpha could get himself a Mistress, give her a secondary mark, spend his life of vanity but the catch was once the Luna appeared, they usually tend to reject an already engaged mate or tear the throat of the inconvenience. Therefore most Lycan Alpha's got lovers and mistress after mating their chosen.

But who could blame the women for trying, his Alpha was an Adonis in his self. With jet black hairs and piercing electric blue eyes, he was a panty-dropper despite his dauntingly threatening aura women were attracted to him like a moth to a flame, even when they were drawn to their demise...

“What?” His Alpha clipped-tone resonated through the walls, bringing his attention to the pressing matter he had rushed here for.

Beta Xander cleared his throat and averted his eyes from his Alpha who was putting on spare clothes that he usually stocked up in the guest room, “The Crescent Moon Alpha requested a meeting regarding the south land ownership.”

The Alpha of Eclipse Pack cursed and quickened his movements; this matter needed quick attention as it was long overdue. Their private property was rather in the deep forestry away from urban chaos but being the largest Pack had its perks and quirks. They needed more lands as the population had doubled over the decade.

But no one in their Pack was faulting the leader they had looked up to all these years that too without a mate. Beta Xander had found his when he was twenty and couldn’t envision a day devoid of her.

“Where?” He demanded coldly after having dressed completely.

Beta Xander rubbed the back of his neck and coughed gawkily a little dreaded “Otel’ Lunnyy svet.”

Foe or friend, the territory and packhouses were very personalized and not many were welcoming to strangers that weren’t their own. Their Wolves and Lycan never tolerated others especially other Alphas infiltrating their home, inviting a foreigner to their home meant utter trust.

So for such Business ordeals, they always had business and pacts debates in this particular Hotel owned by the Alpha’s family which was right out of their territory.

He contemplated hesitantly then added, “He along with his Luna and protocol has been waiting for half an hour now.”

At his admission, his Alpha face snapped to him and a threatening growl left him, “Why am I only hearing it now?!”

The Beta took a step back when his Alpha let out yet another growl of warning and he froze. It was never wise to back away from an enraged Alpha but in his defense, he couldn’t barge in when his Alpha was having ‘his’ time.

Beta Xander cleared his throat and strut a little forward, holding his solid stance, “They just arrived an hour ago because of the weather in the region they proposed a postpone but your schedule is otherwise booked with no opening slot for weeks.”

His explanation did little to console his Alpha but now he was unruffled enough to not tear his throat out. He grunted and buttoned the cufflinks of his suit before heading past him to the driveway where their vehicle was already geared up.

Beta Xander was ahead on the shotgun with Gamma Jude Adams driving the vehicle, they could feel the ominous menace that left their Alpha in waves. He was too tense making both their Lycans uneasy.

From the rear-view mirror, he could see the clenched fist on his Alpha’s knees and an occasional deep breath he would take doubtless to calm his erratic Lycan. Their Alpha was far from unstable or wavering. Usually, he was always poised and composed but recently he had been too erratic, his Lycan was thirsting for blood and the threat hung heavy in the air. It could be because of the Eclipse that was impending or because of their Luna whose arrival wasn’t impending at all.

During the different cycles of moons, wolves and Lycanthrope had different reactions; the blood moon usually caused them to rely completely on their animalistic, primal elevation. The human would be rendered weak thus making it easy for their counterpart to take over, the strongest the counterpart the fiercer the takeover. Werewolves usually are conscious in the back of their wolves’ minds during the transformations but Lycans are dismantled from the control. Mated Lycan spent their nights with their mates engaging in coitus but unmated Lycans were dangerous thus they were restrained in chains as the time grew closer. Most of them hardly even bear in mind the event of the night the next morning.

Which is something to be wary of: Think of a man left on his primitive advice alone, with no consciousness of his own. Therefore, Lycans looked for their mates. Mated Lycans were civilized in most aspects of their lives than an unmated Lycan in power.

The disturbing discontentment of their Alpha could be a result of this influence that was thickening the tension in the air. Their Lycan Alpha was emanating his dominance and would take anything partially insolent as a challenge.

They reached their private parking lot and headed to the elevator. The path was mostly quiet with his Alpha trying to calm his officious aura that was suffocating his subordinates.

They entered the elevator and something fading invaded Alpha Vladimir’s senses, something intoxicating and feminine. He felt himself clasping onto his control tighter to not trail the scent and claim it. It was a female human, sweet, awfully fertile and unsoiled. Some women usually emanated more pheromones than the other unknowingly drawing the call for the unmated.

He took a deep breath through his mouth trying to leash his instinct to answer her mating call. Some Human females were just more fertile than others and unlike she-wolves and she-lycans, they can’t control their hormones. The blood moon was messing with his control and he was rendered more beast than man.

At this moment his being unmated made him responding to every horny or aroused, willing female. His Lycan demanded they saw to the needy female who was yelling for their notice.

Beta Storm and Gamma Adams shared a look. They both had found their chosen when they were freshly past twenty but had seen the desperation of affection for a Lycan.

‘The Alpha sure is about to combust.’ Gamma Adams observed through mind link making sure to keep out of his Alpha’s head.

Beta Storm gave him a deadpanned look, and remarked sarcastically, ‘What was your first clue?’

‘Aren’t you such a delight to converse with?’ Gamma Adams retorted unamused. ‘This meeting shouldn’t even be taking place when he is as edgy as he is now.’

Beta Storm quietened then sighed irked and threw back his head observing the ceiling, ‘It would be the same ten weeks from now. Maybe not the Blood moon influence but all the same unless if…’ If their Luna comes in the picture.

Gamma Adam pursed his lips and shook his head. Even the thought of a Luna was just a nuisance to them now. They had all hoped and heaved every time their hope has relinquished.

She was just so a wistful thinking. Some even believed she was dead long ago while other preferred believing it was nature’s way of preserving and balancing power by keeping the strongest predator consort-less so the genes aren’t passed down.

The elevator dinged as they reached the topmost exclusive floor they had specifically reserved for the day.

Their Alpha shot out of the vicinity as the door shot open. Beta Storm and Gamma Adams grimaced looking at each other. They used to be brothers in arms but now they were nothing but pillars, their Alpha was drifting apart and it wouldn’t be long before he lost touch with his sanity…

The ripping menace was a sign enough, their Alpha was trying to control his rejoinder against them. They were no fight over him and the whole Pack could feel the suppressed annoyance and aggravation of their Alpha making them all just as uneasy.

The Werewolf Alpha Collin, his Luna, and the protocol containing their Beta and Gamma were present but what was out of the ordinary was the stunning, delicate curvy blonde of about 19 years who was in attendance, already standing to greet the regal Alpha of the Lands. By the aura oozing off her she was an Alpha blood, so their daughter.

Gamma Adams held back a groan at what this was; another Alpha Blood ready to jump their Alpha’s bones. The disappointment on their faces was a visible giveaway of their discontent as their Alpha didn’t recognize her as his mate.

The sadness that crossed the delicate features of the beauty was almost painful to swallow. She had the softness about her that melted the rigid-hard of hearts to feel protective of her. Her soft glow forced everyone to console her with compassionate smiles but her stare only rested on the burly monstrosity who was unmoved by her charm. The Alpha didn’t even spare her a glance.

But the Werewolf Alpha pair kept their demeanor steady and saved their faltering smiles. The werewolf Alpha took the reins and cleared his throat “Alpha Vladimir, we are glad to make your acquaintance; this is my daughter, Stephanie…”

Alpha Vladimir raised a hand stopping his introduction mid-sentence and sat on the throne-like chair on the Head of the table; a clear sign he wasn’t interested. The Werewolf Alpha shut his mouth. Alpha Vladimir flickered his index finger indicating everyone to be seated, which they abruptly did.

Alpha Vladimir was piqued by the conference already. His only motive to give the Alpha enough face and hear his rambling otherwise he would end up doing something which wouldn’t be good for the alliance and the Werewolf Alpha’s head.

He heard the negotiation, where they negotiated nothing at all. His Beta kept the conditions and required land demands on the table and the puny Alpha stated his price. To him, it was just a ludicrous assembly to begin with, and the only purpose that was achieved was his daughter eye-raping him and taking seductive glances at him.

He could smell her from where he sat; she was a second away from panting with her tongue hanging. The arousal of women never seized to repulse him which wasn’t a surprise as only his chosen was supposed to appeal to him. She-wolves weren’t this easily aroused but this woman was deliberately goading him, knowing very well it was the time of the Blood Moon and by the looks of males uncomfortably shifting on the plush seats, it was obvious he wasn’t the only one to notice.

He fisted his hands till his knuckles turned white but his expression gave nothing away. He leaned back in his seat, relaxed to the eyes of beholders but he was a second away from snapping the swan neck of the pretty temptress and by the tension in everyone’s body he could tell they all knew it but only the woman didn’t acknowledge it.

He could see what they were trying to insinuate and it was boiling his blood. Initially, they anticipated the wench to be his mate but when that didn’t occur, they expected the dolled-up bimbo to seduce him so he will take her as his secret Mistress which wasn’t unheard of for Lycan Alphas’ even after they were mated.

He had it all as well versed as a theory: It had been like this for years, just different Alphas and different pretty faces.

The strategy was marvelous at its best. He wouldn’t find his mate and the Bimbo wench although wouldn’t be the acting Luna, she would be above the other in kind, earning her original pack an instant boost in wealth and alliances who will be looking for bootlicking his Pack. And in return to be his wh*re she will be regarded as the most prized woman alive. A real classy Gold Digger move...

After drilling the conditions in the Werewolf Alpha’s head, his Beta made them sign the contract. The Alpha stood up to shake his hand when his Beta wisely took the extended hand with a tight smile, least their Alpha broke the arm before they even reached the first silver jubilee of their alliance.

The Alpha looked displeased but was quick to recover and took his seat back, leaning forward to propose, “Alpha Vladimir, as we are now allies. My daughter Stephanie wishes to stopover by your pack. She may even find her mate…”

Alpha Vladimir’s eyes turned gold, asserting the lineage of his Lycan and the tip of his canines pierced his lower lip. He snapped his head to him, and growled, “My Pack is no Central Park for juveniles!”

Alpha Collin was baffled and bewilderedly stammered in dread, “No! Alp…Alpha-”

“Enough!” He roared, chilling the air in the room that had everyone frozen to their spots. He took a step in the direction of the Alpha who seemed to think he could have a word in a placement. He was already giving him a leap more than his worth by letting him sit on the table to ‘discuss’.

The Alpha trembled and sputtered out a feeble attempt at an apology which was no consolation to the enraged beast temper at all. He was about to end his misery when his head snapped to the door, his Lycan sensed something alluring enough to divert his attention.

It was suspended in the air, familiarly light yet it was seducing, and then it grew fainter enough to have him hurdle at the prey-giving chase.

He was by the door in a snap and tore the door off its hinges. He dived at the waves of the descending scent away from him. He was desperate and needed the source of the enthralling scent. Footsteps followed him but a single growl from him was enough to obstruct whoever dared to reach him.

His chase brought him to the elevator he stepped in but the scent was still faint but it was nearing him and getting stronger. Leaning back on the elevator wall he kept his hands behind his back so he wouldn’t tear open the elevator to reach it, he took a deep breath of the scent that instantly hardened him, it was nearing. The custodian of the scent was close and then he heard the most melodic of tunes ever played.

“...I don’t eff*ng care! I want everything on that skank in an hour and in a week I want her to crawl back in that sewer of the public bath she climbed out of…”

That’s when the door to the elevator dinged open, revealing the most beautiful creature he had ever beheld, rolling her cat-like alluring eyes in attitude with the most endearingly adorable scowl on her face...

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