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Arrogance Marrying Innocence

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Akash Mehrotra - 29 year old hottest bachelor in business world . Ruthless ,cruel , arrogant, cold hearted , short tempered to the world. Loves his family a lot. Akrithi Deshpande - 25 year old cute bubbly beautiful doctor. Single child who loves her family a lot. She also loves to talk ,always smiling. They are arranged to get married. What happens when she faces a man who hardly speaks? What happens when he faces a girl who halrdy shuts her mouth? Will love blossom between them ? To know this you have to read this book

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Brinda mehrotra - single mother who raised her three sons. She lost her husband when akash and darsh are 20 years old.

Akash mehrotra--- 29 year old business man
bachelor because he is not ready to love someone so he agreed to get married to the girl his mother chooses.

Akrithi(riti) 25 year old doctor

Ishaan 29 year old loves his family a lot and married ishita 2 years back he is reserved sometimes and naughty sometimes.

Ishita (ishu) 28 year old interior designer who has a dark past and she feels blessed to have a man as ishaan in her life and also his famliy who helped her to come out of her past.she lost her parents in her childhood she lived with her uncles family all these years and their family treated her as a slave.

Darsh 28 year old married man loves his brothers and his mother
Married to his college love drishti.
He is naughty in those 3 men and talkative.

Drishti (rishi) 28 year old school teacher she teaches social and maths as she love those subjects.
She fell in love with darsh when they were in college and got married a year back. She is an orphan.

Arunima is a cook who is been working for mehrotras when she is 20 years old
She also helped brinda in bringing up the three sons.

Prisha is a grandchild of arunima.
Who lost her parents and living with her grandparents.


Akarshan deshpande

Loves his family a lot
Hid daughter is his life
Own a textile industry

Aditi deshapande

Housewife. lovable, caring mother.

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