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His guilt JJK ff (mafia story -2)

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Story about a girl Aiza who is half indian and half Pakistani.Her mother was dead when she was one years old.So, she only knew about islamic rituals.But she also respects her mother's religion.She and her father lives in Iran , she is a music teacher.She is full modesty and manners , with beautiful blue big doe eyes, brown long hair but never show her hair to anyone except her father and she always wore hijab, a little chubby figure. ***************************************** Jeon jungkook,a mafia and billionaire. A name of fear , heartless men , womanizer and rude. Didn't believe in religions. Don't have any friends nor parents. Just his four bodyguard who he is very close to Always get what he wants, and now he want Aiza. Get ready to join the journey of love ,hate and guilt.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

" Kya aapko yeh nikah qubool hai?" The maulvi asked to a girl who was only crying nothing else.

He looked at her , while gritting his teeth and asked his bodyguard what is the old man speaking,

" He is asking " do you accept this marriage", to miss.

He stood up and walked towards her and hold her jaw in his rough and veiny hands.

" What the hell are you thinking?Huh! Why are you not accepting this marriage, you whore?" He said near her ears while breathing heavily,

She looked at towards him , when he called her whore,

" Just accept this marriage, or iam gonna kill ur father, and tell him how your daughter Aiza had sucked the dick of my man and had sex with him"

He said while smirking and she looked down in shame, she was only feeling disgusted for this man who didn't know anything, about her

" Qubool hai" she said these words three times whimpering !!!

After 20 minutes they completed all the rituals of marriage and she hugged her father who was badly beaten by him!!

" Abbu I..I pro..promise I wi..will com...come to mee..meet you" she said holding his father,

She looked at him who can't even speak properly and he just put his hand on her head and told her to be happy always.

Suddenly a strong arms wrapped around her waist while his chin on her shoulders, and he sniff her like a wolf and moaned in satisfaction.

" Hmmmm... finally u r here in my arms.. legally, I have all rights to touch you now, now you can't whore around my men's"
He said smirking,

" I..I wi..will never for.. forgive you " she said and pushed his hands from her waist.

"Huh! As if i Care u bitch, I hate you, I hate you so much"

" Then why did you married to m..me?" She said and turned around,
He looked into her eyes, he saw the innocence in her eyes and hate towards him,
He gritted his teeth and smiled like a psycho,

" Look iam a men , I also have some needs, and for my needs I want a beautiful women with good figure,who can warm my bed, and relax me, and as I can see you have a good figure, you are beautiful , and you also have a big breasts which i love to play an..( he was cut off by a harsh slap on his face, it didn't hurt him , but it hurted his ego)

He looked towards her teary eyes and slapped her, and she feel like her jaw is break, her side of the lips were bleeding,

" Jaanvar" she said in her language which he didn't understand,

" Boss "jungkook"we have to leave now we are getting late!!

Jungkook looked towards his bodyguard and nodded at them,

He bend towards his wife and picked her up like a bridal style, and started to walked towards his private jet,

" Leave me! Leave me you monster you don't have any rights on me!!!

She was yelling like a mad women on him,

" What? We are married you bitch, and I have all rights on you,

She looked towards him ,

" You are not muslim , we can't be a couple , you didn't accepted my religion , yo.....( He cut her by throwing her in his private jet and she yelled in pain),

" I don't want to accept the religion in which women whore around and cheats on men" he said while closing the door of his jet,

She looked towards him sadly,

" How dare you! How dare you to say this!! And you are talking about cheating? We never had any relationship I don't even know you , you just kidnapped me without any reason and be..beated m..my fath..father so cruelly , I will ne...never ever forgive you....yo..you are go..going to regret th..this really soon" she said and curled herself in a warm blanket while crying all night,

He looked towards her and her hair was sprawled on a bed,

He took them in his hands and sniff them ,

" You are a fine piece of art , and Iam gonna destroy this art" he said smirked towards her , and started to search about Islamic religion!!!!

Hey guys here is the first chapter of" his guilt "!!
Please follow me and stay tuned for more stories!!!!!

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