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No Hesitation*Book 3*

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After six wonderful years together, Bentley and Jenny's marriage will be tested. Will the childhood sweethearts be able to overcome this, come out stronger than before? Or will all be lost between them?

Romance / Drama
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It felt like an eternity had passed since I had called Bently at work, confirming he would be home for dinner tonight.

I tapped my nails impatiently on the table top, that and the ticking of the clock were the only things you could hear right now. Oh, yeah, and my sighs every ten minutes that goes by.

I felt the urge to cry. I had called him around four this afternoon. He said only about an hour. Brandon went for a camping trip with my parents, so I made us a nice candle lit dinner. It has been so long since we were able to just sit and enjoy each other.

The candles were now long snuffed out by me, seeing as it was now almost nine at night. Our dinner long put away in containers. It was just me, sipping my wine, dressed up for no reason.

I almost picked my phone up to call him again. If he would even answer.

Just as I was about borderline worried when it ten, my phone chimed. A new text message, I scoffed. He couldn't even call?

I felt the anger rise when it wasn't even a message from Bently, but from Allie my best friend.

Sorry for the late text. B is here too drunk too drive. thought u might be worried maybe. Love u!

I didn't bother texting her back. Instead I left my phone on the table and quietly fought the tears as I climbed into bed, still dressed.


"Hey bossman, losing daylight! Ready to call it?" Rod asked me over the power tools. I looked at my watch. Shit. It's almost seven. I nodded to him as he informed everyone else as well.

Fucking shit.

"You good boss?" Rod asked me. He probably saw the worry I felt. Rod has worked for me for too many years now, he knows me maybe just as well as my best friend Josh.

"Yeah, Jenny is going to kill me. I told her i would be home by five." I cringe as he makes a your dead comment. Heading briskly to my truck, trusting Rod to make sure everything was good before the whole crew left.

I contemplated going home, I can't lie. Although an angry Jenny was never pleasant. After a long day like today, the last thing I want is a fight, so I turn right instead, away from home and Jenny and right to my favorite bar.

All I need is a couple drinks, then I will face her wrath.

I walk in and immediately, Louie the bartender greets me by name. Kind of lame when I think about it now. I shake my thoughts and sit at my empty stool. This was the same bar i have always came to. Ever since i was a teenager. It was always dark and drafty inside, smelling of peanuts and stale beer.

"The usual?" Louie asks and I nod as I sigh. "Tough one today huh?" Louie asks me as I just stare into my whiskey.

"Was kind of good, until I fucked up my wife's plans by being at work two hours later." I huffed and downed the whiskey quickly, loving the fast burn it left behind. Louie wordlessly refilled my glass.

"You know you're only digging deeper right?" Louie asked me as I pushed my empty again glass his way. He elaborated with my confusion. "Into the hole. You are only digging your way deeper down. Should be at home man, not going to lie." Louie said before being called away by another customer.

What does he know. I scoffed. I know I didn't feel like going home just to argue. I'm honestly getting so tired of arguing. I slammed my glass back down.

Just then a beautiful burnette walked in and as soon as she locked eyes on me I felt like a target.

She sauntered her way over to me, and I won't lie I let my eyes drink in her curves, which were being hugged tight in some jeans and tight tshirt. Honestly it was probably about two sizes too small, which made her breasts appear bigger and fuller. She was smiling as I finally found her face, sliding onto the stool closest to me, turning so our legs brushed. Keeping her confidence she batted her hazel eyes at me.

"I'm Carla." She introduced herself as she licked her lips. She was so tempting, sitting there looking so luscious and more importantly wanting me. It was so tempting. I felt my hand lift and raise towards her face, reaching for a stray wild curl when it hit me. Louie came over just as I lowered my hand. Refilling my cup, eyeing Carla before leaving us. I quickly downed this whiskey as well.

"I'm married." Is all I say to her as I wiggle my fingers for her to see the ring. I catch her blushing, but yet she still doesn't move away. "What do you want? It doesn't really matter to be honest. I could be hammered and i still won't leave here to go anywhere besides home to my wife." I realise the woman had already left long before my speech was finished. Moving onto her next prey. I watch as she leaned over a table to get the next ones attention.

I chuckled. Then sighed. I remember when i would rush home every day and just still not believe i was married to Jenny. That we were raising our son together. I sighed harder thinking of our hushed stolen moments, grabbing on her as soon as we were alone. We were just unable to keep our hands to ourselves.

Louie sighed as he just walked over and handed me the bottle seeing as it was getting too busy for him to check on me every few minutes.

When did things change? Honestly I'm still trying to figure that one out myself.

Theres only one thing, one bad thing that has happened to us these last six years. It was a big thing though. Too big for either of us. Maybe it still is.

I slammed back almost the whole bottle before Louie gently tugged it from me.

"Wheres your phone?" I almost didn't make out his words over all the chatter now present in the bar. I shook my head no.

"You cant call Jenny man." I slurred out. My wife would be more than irate if she came to pick me up. Without thinking further though I trusted Louie to make the right call as I handed over my phone and laid my head down on the bar.

I didn't remember anything else. I'm not sure who Louie called. All I know is I'm in a bed now and the world is spinning. Just keeps spinning. I slam my eyes shut willing it stop.

I threw up a good three times before settling on my side and passing out. No dreams, only sleep.

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