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the flame behind fame (bwwm)

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two different worlds collide in the most unexpected ways find love but the fight for trust and old flames may breake them apart can zara and jakob over come this

Romance / Erotica
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Prologue: a night of passion came to an end when the phone rang.

“Hello” I answered the call while I played with Zara's curly hair as she slept on my chest. I wasn’t even paying attention until I heard the news and I quickly sat up and began to get dressed hurriedly but froze when I heard her voice “your leaving again” her voice sounded hard, devoid of any emotions, I turned and saw her face with tears but her eyes were cold and this time I knew it was serious “I have to, something came up” I said sincerely, but she began to laugh “ something is always up with you, jakob when are you going to trust me enough to talk to me, let me be there for you!” she screamed at me. I felt like a bastard, seeing her shed tears broke my heart but I can’t tell her “I can’t tell you, I’m sorry” I said as my eyes began to well with tears “then its best you leave and never come back because I’m done with the lies and secrecy maybe it’s time for goodbye” she said as she wiped her tears and my ears began to ring, she can’t end us “you can’t end us like this, can’t you see I love you, I can’t be without you’’ “no you don’t love me if you did you wouldn’t be telling Celia about everything” I stared at her , guilt filled me, Celia has been my confidant for a while now “but I’m tired so its best we end th-“I cut her off by kissing her, the kiss was passionate like two desperate lovers trying to express their feelings , I wrapped my hands around her and pulled her close I needed to feel her close because I can’t bear losing her, it seemed like forever but the trance I was in broke when she pulled away “no … not this I don’t

Want to be hurt anymore’’ “just leave… go I don’t need you go” she screamed as she hit me and I let her because she’s tired of fighting for us and I just couldn’t put that on her so its best I let her go

I held her cheek and told her one last time that I loved her and I kissed her fore head and walked out the door but immediately I closed the door I heard a crash and her heartbreaking cry and I slumped against the door and cried my heart out I lost her this time I’m not sure I’m gonna get her back...

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