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Forever Yours: The Eternal Love Story

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Love is what you feel within yourself when you are around the person who makes you comfortable in being you...For me, that person was my best friend. Ever fallen in love with your best friend?? I did...When I met my best friend, it felt like I already met my soul mate and the person I can spend a lifetime with... Being in love with your best friend is harder than you think. But once you are in love with each other, everything would be worth it. "A love story that started during the lockdown."

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A Momentous Planning✨✨

Just a regular day with regular classes. It’s almost the end of the session. Let’s do something after the exams.

Umm, I should go to a mall or somewhere fun with my friends.

But where should I go and who will go with me??🤔🤔

I should ask some of my classmates and friends.

First, let me see if Tanisha will come or not.


Ring...Ring...Ring...Ring...Ring...pick up the call yrrr.

After what feels like an eternity-

“Hello, What happened?” she asked.

“Hey, Thanks a lot for picking up my call Miss Busy Malhotra.

“Oh My God!! You are too much. Tell me the reason for your call.”

“Nothing important. I just wanted to ask- Are you free to go to the mall with me, after exams.”

“You know I am always free.”

“Yeah just saw that😒”

“Don’t be such a drama queen yrr. Lemme ask my parents first. If they give me the green light, I’ll come for sure.”

“Okay fine, go and ask your parents, and by any chance, if they don’t agree I will ask my mom to talk to them.”

“Wait a minute.”

After 5 minutes...

“Ho gya aapka 1 minute miss?“(in a sarcastic way: Are you done with your minute miss?)

“Hnn Hnn ho gya😂” (yes yes😂)

“😒😒...Okay, so what did they say?”

“They said....”


“They said...”

“Spill uppp”

“They said YESSSS but on 1 condition ”

“And what is it?”


“Okay, we will not tell them about boys then. Problem solved😂. ”

“Okay fine😂😂.”

“Lemme ask some more friends, then we will discuss when we have to go.”

“Okay, Bye”



After calling half of my class and some of my cousins- Yash ( my classmate since 1st grade), Rohit (Yash's best friend), Tanisha (my best friend since 5th grade), Sahil (Tanisha’s best friend), Jannat (my cousin sister-cum-best friend), and Payal (my close friend since yesteryear) are the ones coming.


So we will go to the mall next weekend and I am very excited about it as it will be the first time when I will be going out with my friends.

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