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Five x yn

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Yn has a horrible life but when five enters it she feels like she’s in a whole other world but when something bad happens she doesn’t know what she’s going to do and how she’s going to go on. What happened? Is she ok? Keep reading to figure out

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

3rd reader POV

Yn was crying in an alleyway when five found you “Hey are you ok” five comes up to ask while looking scared. “Yea it’s just stupid boy drama”. “We’ll do u need a ride home?” He asks while looking anxious. “No it’s ok I will sleep here tonight” you says while looking down cause you can’t look at him. He answers looking a little upset “ there’s no way I’m letting a you sleep outside by yourself come stay with me”. “O-okay I g-guess I will” you says looking at him with a scared smile. *they call a taxi and when they get there*. “You have to be very quiet because every else is sleeping” he says while setting up the couch for you. “Ok thank you” you say while smiling at him. “Btw my name is five it’s very nice to meet you” he says while smiling back at you.” I’m yn nice to meet you too”. “Well I’m going to go to bed see you tomorrow” he says while walking upstairs quietly. Yn lays down and covers herself and as you closes you eyes a tear drop falls down your cheek and another follows then a whole bunch just come down. *the next morning* “ who are you” a voice makes yn jump out of ur sleep. “I-I’m yn five let m-me sleep here” you say backing away a little. “Another voice screams “five get down here right now” and yn jumps and moves back farther until you hit a wall behind you. Five appears in front of the two people “ what Diego “ he says a little annoyed. “What’s with the girl” he says while pointing at you. You stutter saying “I-I can just l-leave”. Five says “no you can stay” he says while glaring at Diego. Diego says “ well I think they should leave” glaring back. “Just be nice for once they didn’t have anywhere to go” five answers getting angry. “Well that’s not my problem” Diego says. “What’s going on guys” another voice answers making yn whimper. “Five let a stranger in our house” the girl answered. “It’s o-ok I can r-really just l-leave” yn says while getting really scared. “Why can’t she just go to their house” Diego answered glaring at yn. “Because it’s all in ashes” you answer looking scared and sad. They all look at you in pity and the girl answers “ oh I’m so sorry to hear that”. “Why does everyone keep saying that, it’s not ur fault”. “Who’s yelling” another voice says coming down the stairs. “God how many siblings do you have” yn asks looking at them astonished. “Guys can we just agree to let them stay tonight “ five says completely ignoring your questions. “Fine but she can’t sleep on the couch” Diego says looking at five then you. “It’s ok they can sleep in my,bed,ok?” He says looking at them. “Fine” the taller guy says. “You can change in some of my clothes come one” the girl says. “O-ok thx” you responds. “I need coffee” five says and goes in the kitchen. “Hi my name is Allison, sorry about Diego he is a bit of a jackass but you will get used to him but let’s get you dressed. *back downstairs with the boys* “you can’t just let strays in our house five”Diego says following five to the kitchen. “I don’t need this right now Diego” five answers. “Well-“ Allison interrupts Diego saying “ may I present to you...YN!!!!” As you walks downstairs in a really pretty dress. “Wow” five says while staring at you. “Hey” you say while blushing. “I’m out everyone” Diego says while walking away rolling his eyes. Everyone says bye including you. Allison asks “wanna go upstairs and talk more about you”. “Sure” you answer. *later at night* “yn you will sleep here tonight” while he points to a bed. “Thanks five” you say while smiling. Five lays on the sleeping bag on the floor. “I feel bad for making you sleep there come up here” you say while pouting. “What about you” he says while standing up.........

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