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The Alpha's Goddess

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¨Bring her to my office in two minutes just give me a minute to get there first.¨ Wow, I can’t believe it. We have waited a long time for this. I get to my office in just enough time to get sat down in my chair. She walks in and my breath catches as she looks up at me, my wolf screaming, ‘MATE!’ we simultaneously breathe out the word. ¨Mate¨

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Alpha Hunter Randall

¨ Yo Hunter, Melly and Izzy got sick and now we are down two members on the kitchen staff, and breakfast may not be ready in time. we need your help!¨

I’m Hunter alpha of the Lunar Light pack, that person who was at the door was my twin sister Leela. We are both twenty-two years old and she is my beta along with her mate, my best friend Jace. I still haven’t found my mate but I am happy for my sister. See we are the biggest pack in the world sitting at over a thousand people, we also happen to be the royal pack.

¨Okay be down in a sec, what are we doing to help?¨ Yes I may be the alpha and a man but I know how to cook and if they don’t get their breakfast there will be chaos.

¨Bridget is having us make the bacon, eggs, and cut up the fruit for the fruit platter.¨ Oh great, our jobs aren’t that bad this time.

‘Hey Hunter, maybe you should get up and get dressed so we can get down to the kitchen and help.’ That was my wolf Reign. He has black fur and a bit of a temper. I get dressed and head to the kitchen, when I get there Bridget is in a tizzy trying to get everything done.

¨Hey Bridge.¨ I greet her so she knows I am here.

¨Alpha, can you go make the bacon I have Leela on the eggs and Jace on the fruit.¨

¨On it¨ I started to make the bacon when my tic (third in command) Tanner barged in looking really worried.

¨Alpha the alpha family from Black Heart pack is here.”

¨Wait what, they are not scheduled to be here for another week!¨ Now I am worried because their reason for being is usually unlucky.

¨Well they are demanding an audience, apparently it has to do with their daughter who just turned.¨ Now I’m really confused. They are here because their daughter shifted like all wolves do on their eighteenth birthday. Heck, I have never even met the girl.

¨Well sir she is uuh... all white and has the blue crescent moon on her forehead.¨ No, that could only mean she is the next moon goddess.

¨Bring her to my office in two minutes just give me a minute to get there first.¨ Wow, I can’t believe it. We have waited a long time for this. I get to my office in just enough time to get sat down in my chair. She walks in and my breath catches as she looks up at me, my wolf screaming, ‘MATE!’ we simultaneously breathe out the word.



The day before

¨Stel get up, come on wake up! It’s your eighteenth birthday momma and papa are waiting. They are setting up your party, Remember. today is the day you find out who mamma and papa picked out for you to mate.?¨ I am Stella, daughter of Alpha Roman and Luna Daisy of the Black Heart pack. I am turning eighteen today and I finally get to shift. It is too bad that I don’t get to find my actual mate though. See I live in a pack where they don’t care if they are your actual mate or not unless you find your true mate before you mate another.

¨Ughhhh, don’t remind me. I feel like mamma and papa are going to pick someone I will never like and hate for the rest of my life.¨

¨You know momma has good taste, it is papa you have to worry about. Now come on and get dressed so we can go eat breakfast.¨ so I went to my walk-in closet and found a cute yellow summer dress, some thigh high stockings and a pair of yellow converse. I went ahead and took a shower because I needed it. I decided to keep it simple with my make up, just some eyeliner mascara and some lip gloss. I tamed my wild curly brown locks then left my hair down. I run down to the kitchen as fast as I can hoping to beat my little brother Leo.

¨Hey momma, hey papa.¨

¨Hey pumpkin.¨ Papa has always used cute nicknames that I never really got into.

¨ Are you excited for tonight sweety, you get to shift and go for a run with the pack.¨ I mean sure I am excited but I am also nervous what if i look ugly or fall, but I suck it up, I put on a smile and tell momma that I am excited. The day blows by before I know it, my mom has me in my party dress with my spanx and tank top in my purse so I can change quickly when midnight hits.

¨Yo Stella, how’s it going? Want to dance?.¨ Ugh it’s Liam. Oh I’m sorry I meant alpha Liam. I dislike him because he is very annoying.

¨No thank you.¨ I said as I side stepped him. I look at my phone and gape, it is eleven fifty. so I head to the bathroom and change. When I get back it is eleven fifty-five so I get up on stage and get prepared to shift. That’s when I felt this searing pain it was like fire all across my body. My bones started to pop and rearrange. The last thing I remember was everyone looking at me and turning pale then I passed out. I woke up about thirty minutes later still in my wolf body but all of my pack members had taken a knee like they were bowing. ‘Why is everyone bowing?’ I mind link with my mom and she just pulls out a mirror. I yelp when I look at my wolf.. ̈́’Hi, I am Eclipse ,your wolf, and you have been chosen to be the next Moon Goddess’ Wait WHAT!

My mom takes me back to the bathroom where I shift back and put on my dress so we could go to the announcement. We went back outside and met my pops on stage so they could announce my soon to be mate. Yaaay! not.

¨It brings me great pleasure to announce my daughters soon to be mate Liam Rhodes!¨ No! This can’t be happening, it just can’t, not him anyone else but him please. Oh of course he would have that cheshire grin. And to conclude the night a run through the forest!¨ OK now that I can get on board with.

The next morning my dad comes in my room waking me up telling me to get dressed because we are going to the Lunar Light pack. I am having a mini breakdown because we are going to meet the royal family and I feel way underdressed. We finally arrive and the TIC takes us to the alpha’s office. When we stepped inside Eclipse started going crazy and then the alpha and I made eye contact.


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