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His Light

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°After an almost life defining mistake, Kair gets sent to juvie where she's to spend the Academic year and earn her freedom. It's like the universe is against her because she turns out to be the bad boy's roommate. At least that's what everyone calls him... Proudly brought to you by ME📍

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1


A bucket of cold water is spilled on me

"Wake your lazy ass up" Kiven laughs at my expression

"What was that for?!" I squeal angrily

"Mum has yelled your name like 50 times!"

"You are soo dead!" I jolt up from the bed and run after him downstairs while he keeps laughing

"Moooom! she's up now!" He runs and stands behind my mom laughing

"Why are you soaked?" my mum groans

She's probably tired of us. If I had kids like us, I would just send them to their grandma on the daily. Just to get some rest

BUT HEY! she wanted us sooo deal with it

"He did this!" I try getting to him but mom steps in the way

"OMG I can't with you two, just go get ready please." She chuckles while I shoot Kiven a glare and he sticks his tongue out

"Fine but I will get you back for this" I say to him before making my way to the stairs

"What was that for?" I hear my mom smacking his head

heheheeee. Good

I drag myself upstairs and do the essential you know; rinse, scrub, rinse condition hair, exfoliate, rinse hair, brush teeth blah blah blah. Today I choose to dress in my black why always me t-shirt and denim high waisted jeans, jacket on top and two cornrows for my hair.

When I get downstairs my family is trying to get settled for breakfast.

Kayden's busy answering a phone call from his girlfriend I know because I read his lips and they are talking dirty.

What a way to start the day

Meanwhile Kiven is helping mom set up and dad is watching a match in the living room. He apparently wants to say goodbye to me before he leaves to attend to his very busy schedule.

If only he knew I was only in this position because of him. Well, sort of.

I greet everyone and we all take our seats.The meal is full of mom and dad trying to advice me to stay out of trouble and my brothers telling me to take care of myself.

I guess the reason why mom never really got mad at me was because she understood why I did what I did

We finally get done and everyone except my dad take their seats in our family car after carrying in all my luggage.

It is an excruciatingly long 4 hour drive the twins won't stop debating on who had the most carved abs or got more girls. I've always envied their bond and wish I had a twin, or a sister of my own, with whom I could do 'girly gossip'.

You must know by now that being the only girl means my brothers don't even want to hear me talk about a guy and tend to get very protective each time I do so much as 'drool' over one as they would put it so I just avoid the whole idea.

When we get there, I can't even walk properly cos of my wobbly legs from sitting for soo long but truth be told, I'm sort of impressed at how big the school is. Honestly I didn't expect to see students lying around, listening to music, and stuff. I expected them to be in straight lines being directed to the canteen or something, wearing white clothes. They do wear uniforms which isn't a problem for me because it I did so too in my old school.

We get out of the car and are helped by some guards to carry my luggage in. After that, a woman walks towards us smiling.

There's something weird about her and that fake smile she's carrying on even makes her look like more of a freak than she already does

She greets us saying "I am guessing this is our new student."

She then introduces herself as Principal Mary-Anne. I do my best to fake a smile, after Kayden nudges me then she proceeds to walk ahead with my parents. I follow not far behind with my brothers, while girls keep bating their lashes at them.


Yeah I forgot to mention they are hot yeah I mean with all the abs and jawlines and shit. If only these girls knew what nasty humans they are.

There's a particular crowd of girls gathered towards a corner in the field not too far from us and of course, there's a guy in the center of the crowd he just looks irritated with their bullshit to be honest. Suddenly he looks away and meets my eyes but I quickly look away. I don't wanna be the weird bitch staring on the first day.

Urrggh! Everyone seems to know each other here what the hell?! I don't wanna be that weird loner.

You should be use to it by now

Fuck off creepy inner thoughts

Come to think of it, I don't really have a lot of friends, well my only friend Stacy had to switch schools and we only talk on phone from time to time. When she left I was practically by myself not that it really mattered because I've been changing schools a lot lately.

Yeah, cos you can't hold it together

When I look back after a while, the crowd is dispersed and the boy gone

We then go into the principal's office where my mum signs some final documents and talk with the principal for a while. We walk back to the school gates, where I'm left with my family for our goodbyes.

My mum hugs me and cries a little. Kiven ruffles my hair saying

"I was kinda curios to find out what my payback was gonna be" He holds back his laugh

"Oh you're gonna get it!" I laugh and he joins in

"It won't be the same without you" he gets serious

"Don't miss me too much. I know I'm pretty much the life of the party" I flip my hair

"As if" He chuckles pulling me in for a hug

Then Kayden comes toward me and taps my shoulder and then whispers

"If ever you need us just call."

He also hugs me. Then I watch as the car drives off leaving me standing there in an unfamiliar environment... all by myself...

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