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The third installment of the Distorted Windows Trilogy. Please read The Devil's Looking Glass and Angel's Silhouette first. Excerpt: This woman. She managed to give me a fucking heart attack while simultaneously making my dick so fucking hard the blood flow to my brain had been cut off. I stalked towards her, slowly undoing the zipper to the bottom of her ass, then grabbed the material and yanked with all my might, effectively ripping it straight down the middle. Geni gasped as she spun around, glaring at me. She really should know better by now. Ripping the dress from her arms, I then grabbed her and spun her back around, taking the tie that was flung over my shoulder and weaving it around her wrists, finishing in a secure knot. Leaning down, I nipped at her ear, tugging it with my teeth. "Someone was a very fucking naughty girl tonight." The shudder that ran through her body instantly had my dick straining against my slacks, ready to burst through the zipper. I walked her forward, pressing her against the cold glass of the large window at the front of the house, my knee nudging her thighs apart. "Damien!" She cried out, turning her head to look at me over her shoulder. "Someone will see us!" "Lucky them." I growled in response as my teeth nipped at her earlobe.

Romance / Erotica
Zondra Allison
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One Month Later (1)

Please make sure you hit that heart and don't be afraid to comment! I love reading your comments!! This is the third book in the Distorted Windows Trilogy and the other two need to be read first. The Devil's Looking Glass then Angel's Silhouette.


“Good morning, Collette! How is he today?” I plastered my best smile on my face as I approached the woman at the nurse’s station.

She avoided eye contact, fiddling with her pen as she cleared her throat. “Good morning, Geni.”

Frowning at her, my brows knitted, I placed my hands on the top of the counter. “Is everything okay? What’s wrong?”

“He’s... uh... he’s being a little difficult today.” Just as the words left her lips, I could hear crashing down the hall. I looked up to see a young woman running from room 617.

I removed my hands from the countertop and began to walk towards the room, which now had a uniformed man standing next to it, his hands clasped in front of his waist.


I spun around, the nurse’s hand on my forearm, pulling me back.

My eyes narrowed into thin slits and my mouth formed a taut straight line. “What is going on?”

“Geni, he removed you from the visitor’s list.” Her sad eyes blinked as she stared at me with pity.

“That’s impossible.” I told her, tugging my arm free from her. “I’m his wife.”

I walked briskly to Damien’s hospital room door but just as I reached for the door handle, the man reached out and grabbed it before me. “No visitor’s ma’am.”

Taking a step back, I crossed my arms over my chest, glaring at the man. “You’re mistaken. I am Genevieve Vanderbrooke, Damien’s wife.”

The guard shook his head, his large meaty hand still tight on the door handle. “No visitors.”

Moving to push his hand away, the man released the door, moving directly in front of it, crossing his enormous muscular arms over his big burly chest.

“Move. Now.” I gritted out through clenched teeth, trying to push past him.

He reached out, grabbed my tiny frame in his large hands, lifted my body and set me to the side.

What the fuck?

I turned to see Dr. Willis approaching and I rushed over to him. “Anthony! What is going on?”

He sighed, taking in a deep breath through his nose and out through his mouth and hooked my arm in his. “Come Geni, we need to talk.”

He led me through the corridor, to an office at the end of the hall. Opening the door, he stepped aside, motioning me to go through.

After stepping inside, he shut the door behind him and sat down at the desk in front of me. “Sit. Please.”

I sat down, observing the aging man. I had known him my entire life. He had been a friend of my parents, coming to all our family gatherings. After they passed, we didn’t talk much, up until a month ago that is.

Now I saw the man every day.

“Why is there a guard in front of his room? And why is he refusing to see me?” I asked, confused, my hands resting in my lap, beginning to fidget.

“That part I don’t know, Geni. I truly don’t. When there are patients like him, his wealth and stature, they can get away with damn near anything. That isn’t what I wanted to talk to you about. Damien is being released. Even though his memories haven’t come back, all tests have indicated that he is perfectly fine.

“His head injury is fully healed. All scans are clean. There is no longer any reason for us to keep him here. In fact, the hospital wants him out. He has become verbally abusive towards the staff. The cleaning ladies refuse to go into his room. We had one of our food service workers quit last night, after taking him dinner.

“It’s time for him to go. Here’s the problem. He will need someone with him, helping him to transition back to life at home. As his wife, that responsibility lands on you, even if he is refusing to see you.”

I took a deep breath, taking in all the information. I placed my head in my hands, trying to fight the tears that threaten to spill into them.

“Take some time this morning. Think about it. Try to form a plan. But unfortunately, he is being released tomorrow.” He sighed, leaning over his desk and placing his hand in front of me. “I am here for you, as your friend, if you need it.”

I nodded my head, standing up and straightening my shoulders. I forced a smile towards him. “Thank you, Anthony.”

I turned and walked out of his office, heading in the opposite direction of Damien’s room. I needed fresh air.

Walking out of the hospital doors and down the long cement path, I headed straight to the bench that I had now claimed as my own. This place had begun to feel like home, more than home did, I was here so much.

Taking a seat, I crossed my legs under me, tilted my head up and stared at the blue sky above.


Why were we here?

When Damien had woken up five days after the incident, I was the happiest woman in the world. We were getting another chance. Our love story was too great.

A tear fell from my cheek, onto my bare leg as I shook my head.

Only it wasn’t.

It had been erased. Completely.

For him anyway. Every single beautiful moment was still seared directly into my brain.

He had what the doctors classified as retrograde amnesia with selective impairment. He remembered all the basics of life, all skills that he had learnt however he had completely forgotten the past two years, the people who had come and gone.

When he had woken up and asked who I was, my heart had shattered into a million pieces. Anthony had told me to give him time, not to push him. I spent every single day here.

Some days, I sat in the chair next to his bed, completely in silence as he ignored me. Others, I wandered around the hospital and the surrounding area, going back in every hour or so to check on him.

The more time that passed, the more my presence seemed to annoy him. In the beginning, I would try to bring up memories of us, to help jog his memory. One time, I had handed my phone to him, to show him a wedding photo of us and he had thrown it against the wall, shattering it.

I stopped trying to remind him.

Instead, I sat next to him and tried not to cry in front of him.

It didn’t always work. Somedays the tears were harder to fight than others.

I felt the familiar tingles as goosebumps broke across my skin. Looking up, I saw him in the distance, standing at the window of his room, his arms crossed, watching me.

He refused to talk to me, but he always watched me when I would walk outside.

I lifted a hand and waved but then grimaced as he pulled the curtains shut in front of him.

What the fuck was I going to do?


I could hear her voice on the other side of the door. She was trying to fight her way in. Good luck with that one.

Grabbing the TV remote, I switched it on and flipped through the channels. A retro movie station was playing an old horror movie on it, and I paused.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and watched the scene play out. The graphics were terrible, but I found myself laughing. I knew who the main villain was. I recognized him as Freddy, but I had never seen any of the movies.

I continued to watch for several moments, when I suddenly felt my heart thud hard in chest.

What the fuck was that?

I turned the TV off and rubbed my hand over my heart, walking over to the window. Sure enough, there was my ‘wife’. She walked over to the bench she always sat on and folded her legs under her.

She leaned her head back, staring up into the sky.

Then, just like every time, as if she could feel the presence of my eyes on her, she turned to look directly at me. When she waved her hand, I stepped back, quickly shutting the curtains.

Huffing, I walked into the bathroom, turning the shower on.

I needed to get out of this god forsaken place. I needed to get home.

Except home wasn’t what it was supposed to be. Apparently, home was here in the hell hole of a shit town I had long since left behind.

Fuck me.

I knew the woman who claimed to be my wife would be upset when she realized I was refusing her visits. I didn’t care.

I couldn’t watch her cry anymore. That was all she did.

How could I have married a woman who was so weak?

Why would I marry anyone at all?

She had to have something on me. Holding something over my head.

Tommy had told me a little bit when he was here last. I had finally decided to start asking questions. He only answered them, never giving away anything more.

Apparently, I was in love with her.

I must have kept it a secret from Tommy, not telling him everything that was going on. That was the only thing that made sense.

I still couldn’t understand fully why Aiden had done this. I had been friends with the guy since high school. Geni didn’t like talking about it, it was one of the few things I had asked her about. No one else seemed to know the actual details.

He had been obsessed with her, so he tried to kill me. That was the basic understanding that I had gotten, anyway.

I turned the water off as I finished in the shower, drying myself off then wrapping the towel around my waist.

As I walked out of the bathroom, Dr. Willis was just entering.

“Good morning.” I didn’t even bother to try to smile. The man hated me. He tried to hide it, but I could tell. I was pretty good at reading people.

“Good morning, Damien. How are you feeling today?” He asked, flipping through the chart in his hands.

“Same as the last time I saw you, doc.” I moved towards the bed, sitting on the edge. I hated this fucking bed. I couldn’t wait to be at home in my soft plush king-sized bed.

Shit. Did I still have that bed? I had no clue.

He set several pieces of paper down on the table next to the bed, shuffling through them, before looking up at me. “We are preparing to discharge you, Damien. However, with that being said, you will be released over to Geni’s care.”

I groaned and my head tilted back, my eyes squeezing shut. “Is that necessary? Can’t I just go home?”

Dr. Willis shook his head, a frown forming on his face. “Unfortunately for the time being this is a necessity. There may be many challenges that you face in the weeks and months to come, and it is important that there is someone with you during this time. Unless you have an alternative person in mind?”

Shit. No, I did not have a fucking alternative person.

Apparently, my parents were now dead. That little bit of news had hit me like a freight train, when Geni had told me, after I kept repeatedly asking where my mother was.

My silence was all he needed. “Alright. I have left several pages of information here that you may find useful. Different agencies and supports in the community that could help with your transition as well. Once the arrangements have been made for your departure, I will have the release documents drawn up and come back to see you.”

He nodded and flashed me an all too fake smile before walking out of the room.

As the door opened, I could hear the commotion outside of the room. I walked over to the door, holding it open a crack, to see what was going on.

“Get the fuck out of my way now. Don’t be stupid. I’m serious buddy. I am giving you a fair warning, here.” Her stern, menacing and demanding tone caught my attention. This was new.

Bobby grunted at her and didn’t respond.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” Without hesitation, her fist connected squarely to his nose, causing it to snap sideways.

“Fuck!” He screamed as the blood began to spurt out. He cupped his face in his hands. “What the fuck?”

She shook her hand out in front of her and winced, then patted him on the shoulder with her other hand, before pointing down the hall. “There is a nurse’s station right down there, I’m sure one of them can help you!”

She hip-checked him hard, sending him stumbling in the direction that she had pointed, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

I moved quickly away from the door and looked around the room. I was still in my God damned towel. Fuck.

I hopped into the bed and pulled the blankets up past my waist, just as she entered.

I furrowed my brow, scowling at her. “What the hell was that?”

“Shut the fuck up, Damien.” She said as she stomped toward the bed, stopping right next to it. She cocked her hips to one side and placed her hands on them. I saw her wince once more as her right hand landed there. It was already swollen.

“I am fucking done with this shit. You can’t treat people like shit! Did you know that a woman quit because of you and your piss poor fucking attitude?” She glared down hard at me, her lips in a sneer.

Her left hand flew from her hip and poked me hard in the chest.

What the hell?

I started to speak but she cut me off. “I have tried to be patient. I have tried to be kind, but your attitude has become too much. I’m done with it. We are leaving this place tomorrow and going home. To the home that we both live in together. You are going to stop fucking ignoring me.”

She poked my chest again, even harder this time. I reached up and rubbed it softly, glaring back at her.

Her eyes were ablaze with a fire in them like nothing I had ever seen before. “No more fucking pity parties. No more feeling sorry for yourself. You want to be a fucking asshole, then I will treat you like one. Do you understand the words that I am saying?”

I stared at her blankly. This was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

“Damien.” She poked my chest. “Fucking.” Again. “Vanderbrooke!” Her final jab was enough to nearly take my breath away. “Do you hear me?”

My eyes widened as I glanced down.

Her fiery gaze followed the trail that mine had blazed, down to the bed sheet over my lap.

I had a fucking erection.

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