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Tempting My Professor

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Rose Hyland is twenty-nine years old when she gets a job at White Mountain College. She is not from the town but when her mom arranges for her to stay at one of her friend's places who has a son named Ryder. Ryder is twenty and also attends the same college that Rose got the job at, he is popular and wanted by many girls. When Ryder sees Rose, all he knows is that he is in love with her despite the age gap between them and the fact that she is his professor.

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Chapter 1

Rose sat on the train, she was sad to leave her hometown that she had known her whole life but she was excited for the new journey ahead.

She had gotten a teaching job as a professor at White Mountain College and this was an opportunity that she couldn’t pass on.

Luckily her mom had arranged for her to stay at her friend’s place whom she had known for a long time. She looked out at the scenery.

Rose finally arrived and she got off the train and made her way to the cabs, she had told her mom that is the least she could do, they didn’t need to fetch her as they were giving her a place to stay for free.

She had only one back that she climbed in with, she gave the cab driver the address of the place that she was going to and leaned back.

When they got to the destination, Rose paid and was so surprised at how huge the place was, they were definitely loaded. Not what she was used to, she walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell.

Maybe she was at the wrong place and hoped to meet nice people even if she did and that they would help her with the correct address.

Overthinking was one of the biggest problems that she still faced to this day.

The door opened and Rose saw before her a young man, he had black wavy hair and such green eyes.

He was really handsome, that she could not deny but what stood out the most to her was the fact that he was probably in his late teens or early twenties.

This was not the time for her to be thinking about such and her attention came back to him in the present moment.

He also seemed to be checking her out and wondered what he was thinking.

He tilted his head, “Are you the new tenant my mom was talking about?”

“Yes, I’m Ms. Hyland.” She held out her free hand,

“I’m Ryder.” He took her hand and instead of shaking it, he kissed it.

Was he being a gentleman or was he flirting with her? She chased the thoughts out of her head, these were not appropriate.

Rose drew her hand back, “Is your mother here?”

“No, she went on a business trip but I will show you your room just as she instructed,” said Ryder as he stood aside and she walked in.

They went upstairs and he showed her the room she would be staying in. Rose couldn’t believe it, it looked like a hotel suite.

“Put your bags down and let me give you a quick house tour,” said Ryder taking her out of her thoughts.

“Sure.” Rose placed her bag down and followed Ryland who showed her the whole place, he did it very quickly.

“Anything else?” Ryder asked.

“Nope, thank you for the tour.”

“No problem, if you need anything, let me know. But for now, I’m off and will be back very late. Pass me your phone.”

Rose took out her phone and handed it to him, she saw him punching in some numbers, “I put in my number in case you need anything, you can call me.”

“Okay thank you.”

Ryder went out and Rose went to her room, she unpacked quickly. When she was done, she went to the bathroom to rinse her face. She looked in the mirror and tied up her red hair that contrasted with her dark brown eyes.

When she was done she went downstairs and made some food, when she was done eating she went back to her room to prep for her first day of college.

Nightime hit and Rose saw that Ryder wasn’t back but she didn’t worry as it wasn’t her place to tell him anything. Their house has its rules.

If his mother came unannounced, she was probably fine with him being out and who knows what time he would be back.

She was grateful to live in such a place and with a job, that all was not in her mind and with the hurt that she had.

Rose had reached the end back there and leaving her parents behind, made her sad but also relieved to be out there.

This was a fresh start and when she had saved just about enough, she knew that she would have to leave and get her own place.

Nothing to compare to what she had here, and who knows, if everything went to plan, she might leave here permanently and visit her parents from time to time.

She didn’t want to jinx herself, planning ahead made her nervous, in case the universe hears her plans and deters them.

Even though she knew that everything was set and done and what is meant to happen will happen, that still did not alter her.

By nine, Rose switched off her lights and climbed into bed, and went to sleep.

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