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Tempting My Professor

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Chapter 2

Rose woke up the next morning, showered, and got dressed, she went downstairs and made some food. When she was done, she made her way to the college.

She reported to the principal’s office, she met with her. She was assigned to her lecture room. She signed every single document, and when she was done handed it back to the principal.

“I’m sure you have gone through the rules, Ms. Hyland.”

“Yes, I have thoroughly.”

“That’s good to hear, I like your enthusiasm.”

“Thank you.”

“Remember the most important rule is the: no students and professor relationships. That’s off the table as it puts so many things in jeopardy for the authenticity of the college.” The principal replied sternly.

“Copy that!”

“You are running late already, enjoy your first day Ms. Hyland and I expect good results from your class.”

“You can count on me.” With that Rose got up and went to her lecture room assigned to her. She was a bit nervous as she was taking over from a very old staff who had been there for a while and had decided to retire.

She took a deep breath as the students were already in she squared her shoulders and walked. There was a silence as she made her way to her desk.

“She is hot.”


“Can I have her number?”

Rose refrained from rolling her eyes when she heard the remarks from the students, they were very inappropriate and she would need to sort that out very soon.

She faced the students, “Morning all, I’m the new professor Ms. Hyland. I hope we can all work together so you can achieve the results you want and you don’t have to see me again when you pass.”

“Awwww, but I want to see you forever Ms. Hyland.” one of the students responded.

Everyone laughed and Rose waited for the commotion to die down when it had she resumed giving out the basic rules and they began work.

After three lectures and repeating the same opening speech to the different students that came, Rose was glad that it was time for a break. She could use one, standing for a long time was something she would have to get used to.

She went out to the cafeteria, got a sandwich, and when the break was over she went back to the lecture room. The hours went by and she was glad it was her last lesson.

All the students came in, “Afternoon my name is Ms.......”

The door opened and Rose turned only to find Ryder walking in, he looked at her and smiled slightly. He sat down at the back and Rose carried on her speech.

When the lecture finished, she said goodbyes and was glad that the day was a success. She packed up her table, prepped, and printed a few things for tomorrow.

She saw that three hours had passed since college was dismissed, she decided to head back. She was tired and when she had locked up her lecture room.

When she had made it back and walked in through the front door she saw Ryder seated in the living room on his phone. As she was walking past,

“How was your first day?” Ryder asked.

Rose stopped walking and turned to him, “It went better than I thought.”

“Really?” Ryder answered.

Rose noticed that he looked really harsh, “You look rough.”

“Are you worried about me Ms. Hyland?”

“It’s an observation.” With that Rose went and change clothes. She decided to take a nap as she was tired. When she opened her eyes, she saw it was dark out.

Rose got up, and her stomach grumbled, she decided to go get some food. She went down the stairs and found the lights on. She went to the kitchen and found Ryder setting up the table.

When he saw her, he smiled. “Finally you are awake, took you long enough and I hope you are craving pasta.”

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