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She was so beautiful just starstaring at her.

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Jon's pov

When I stared at her it made me feel like i wanted her to just be mine. She had grown really beautifully than the last time used to see her. She was young and her mom used to work around the center i used to chill with my friends. She was really tiny back then. A sturbborn girl hard to tame. It was hard to approach her she was too young it would be really stupid of me so i waited. Today I decided to walk since i could get any rides to take me to work so i moved slowly passing by her place. She was sitted there, her face looking stunning, you could see her curves smoothly through her tight dress. She was sitted with one of my friends.
I wish i would say hi but well i wouldn't. I respected her and she was sitted outside on her mums shop which she had shifted from the center. I passed by and said hi to my friend and continued my journey.
I couldn't stare at her, i was shy and i couldn't control my little boy under my trousers if I even dared to talk to her and listen to her beautiful voice. She looked tough though i call it being sturbborn. Untamed kitten.
I want to spank her soft ass or just kiss her.
"Stop" i talked to my inner self to shut out the nasty pictures in my head.
I made a decision to check her on Facebook maybe get her number or something. I wanted her in my life. I had to do something about it. I've watched her grow.
I don't think she can even remember because well who would be so jumpy and notice other people hahahah. From tiny to some curvy woman. Small waist, curves, soft ass. She is so beautiful. I got her Facebook account just know I trued she had several it was hard to know which one but i got to text her and waited for her reply. I was a bit nervous but when I saw her message my heart skipped a bit. We talked till I asked for her number and she said,"NO". I didn't know why but it was right for her. You couldn't just give your number away just like that right?
Good girl. You have made the right decision.

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